Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Changes to blog

I found my blog a fantastic motivational tool with my running so I have decided to use it as a motivational tool for exercising while pregnant. As great as it would be to still be running the fact is that I'm not and it doesn't look like I will be anytime soon cos I don't think I am fit enough to do so and keep my HR under the recommended I could give up completely and sit on my ever so quickly growing arse but I have decided to make a positive out of not running and concentrate on just doing any kind of general exersice I can manage.

You see I didn't do much other than the odd walk when I was pregnant with Poppy, I was always so damn tired after work and early starts that I just couldn't be bothered but then I had complications carrying her and an extremly long & difficult labour that I feel I could have handeled better if I was much fitter. So this time I am determined to maintain some sort of level of fitness and strength.

SO far I have been using my bike quite alot but have been a little relaxed for the last few weeks due to a bit of a scare with the baby's health. I was also using my resistance band but certainly not often enough.

I am planning on keeping up the bike as much as I can, I just love using it and I manage to easily keep my HR to a safe level. Infact I found out today I can go a little harder than I have been and still be safe WHOO HOOOOO. I am also aiming to do a pregnancy fitball workout that will hopefully aid in maintaining my leg strength and strenthen my abs, I had Ab separation with Pop and if this baby is as big or bigger than her I will definately get it again......damn I will prob get it no matter what but I am not gonna go down without a fight. There are so many reasons to keep up core strength while pregnant, I have to keep reminding myself that whenever I am feeling lazy.

Hopefully when the weather gets hot hubby & I will be able to take the kayaks out a couple of times and will spend some time at the beach so I can do some walking in the water, cardio & resistance all in one LOL.

I think the main thing is that I just try to keep moving and watch the crap I put in my mouth. I don't want to put on as much weight as I did last time. So far I am 1kg lighter than I was at the same stage in my last pregnancy and I must be a bit smaller cos the jeans that I couldn't wear at 6 weeks last time still fit me....not for long though I am sure....belly is popping. Still I am alot bigger than I was when I was running consistantly.

Right, so that's it. I think I really need to do this with my blog to stay motivated.

I will add that while I was on the bike today I found a blissfull rythem that reminded me of that rythem you find when running. It's never happened on the bike before. I can never decide what to do with my arms so today I pumped tham as I do when i jog, keeping my shoulders back & dropped to open up my airways. Must have look a right tool but I was in heaven. Made me really miss that feeling you get when you are running and everything is working properly and you seem to just glise smoothly along the track *sigh*.

On that note I am off. Time to serve up Poppy's dinner.

Monday, December 25, 2006

What do two lines mean?

Yes, we have a little something extra to celebrate this Xmas. We are 12 weeks today and due on July 9th. I was not going to announce it untill after our scan but I just can't wait any longer. I have been feeling pretty good except for the extreme bloody exhaustion LOL, up untill this week that is when I decided now would be a great time to add morning sickness to the mix.

A very merry Xmas to all you fellow bloggers and here's to a fantastic new year.

Now just to touch on the running, it has been non existant. I have been keeping up my fitness on the bike however untill a bit of a scare over a week ago....since I have been taking it easy but I recon I am ready to get back into the bike now.

A few factors have contributed to me losing interest in running but I wont go into them now as I am FREEZING and dying to have a hot shower then climb into bed to read my book.

Merry Xmas again everyone XXXXX

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Yeah yeah....I know!

I must be the laziest person ALIVE. I will just come right out with it and say I have done NO RUNNING at all. I am in a bit of a rut and I can't even really talk about it LOL.

On a high note though I have been trying to keep up my fitness & muscle tone using that amazing exercise bike of mine. Maybe I am relying on it too much and I have become too reliant on being able to exercise in the cool of the house. I HATE running in the heat and can't for health reasons anyway so I suppose i am just taking the safe & easy way out.

So this is why I have been absent form my blog for sooo long. I can't com in here and talk about my bike session like I used to talk about my running cos they are the same all the time and you guys will find it bloody boring. O.K so I mix up the programs on it but the scenery is always the same. Therefore you wont be seeing much here for a little while. These next few weeks are just gonna be CRAZY for everyone I am sure. I might pop back in for a quick post in a few weeks but it's more than likely I won't be back in here till after New Years........Of course that is unless I get off my bum and manage a jog in which case my blog will be the first to know.

Ausrunners, I am still stalking yas on the forum.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Plenty of peddeling!

Is that even a word....Peddeling that is? Anyway still no running but I am loving my bike. I went for a small walk on Sunday then had a 40min session on the bike yesterday and again tonight. It was hot today but the beauty of the bike is I can have the fan going on me while I use it.

I am trying so hard to watch what I eat. I have been filling up on plenty of fruit and water. I sooooo wanted some chocolate pudding tonight and I just happen to have a portion in the freezer but decided to jump on the bike instead and it worked.....craving gone. I love that bike LOL.

I HATE running in the heat....I would much rather run in a cold wind and rain than the heat! As summer approaches I think the only way I am gonna get back out there is really early in the morning. Why don't I wanna run anymore? I know I love it but I just would rather lock myself in the house and use my bike than go out in public and make a fool of myself.

Crissy I think I need you to come & jog with me!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

John Mayers new Album!

Don't listen to the bad reviews, I am telling yas all that John Mayers new album is a peach. I absolutely love it and listen to it several times a day. Last night I uploaded it to my Ipod so now I have some wonderful more mellow music to jog to. While I was there I removed some old stuff I don;t listen to anymore.

No jogging this week due to the wet weather and me not feeling the best, however there have been a few mothers group events and even a girls night here at my place Friday night and I have been shoveling the naughty food in and when I went to put my fav pants on yesterday they were way too tight.......un-wearable so I have to pull my head in and get back out there. Last night I did a nice 40min session on the bike, was very enjoyable till the idod went flat. I can run without music but I can't sit on a startionary bike without music. This morning Poppy & I are going to go for a nice long walk to the park maybe then to the shop. I bloody forgot to stretch after the bike last night and my legs a a tad tight and need to be stretched out. It's meant to get hot today so I would like to go soon before it gets too hot.

So that's it, this lazy fat cow has nothing much to report. Hubby has a couple of days off during the week so maybe ill be able to get out for a jog Tuesday morning. I wonder if my running gear still fits my fat arse LOL.

WOuld still like to do the SIS #3 but I think pride will stop me from entering.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Nuns Walk - 30min jog.

Well, miss Poppy has been waking us up at 5:30am on the dot for the last few mornings AGAIN.....this morning I decided I would get up at 6:30 and head out for a jog. We had plans this morning then Hubby would be off to golf so it was my only chance and I was takign it. The weather was perfect this morning.......No wind at all. I parked at my usual spot but almost missed out on a park cos there were so many boats trailers in the car park....awesome morning for fishing.

I LOVED this mornings "Jog". I managed to stay at a consistant pace for most of it and fould it a little easier to pull myself back when I started to get faster. I decided to go for 30mins today cos I was enjoying it so much. At the pace I was going I could have gone all day LOL.

A very very enjoyable jog! Left me wanting more!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A change in strategy!

As the title suggests I have had a change in strategy. Due to personal reasons I have not been running for a few weeks so again I have copped a blow to my fitness. I have been hanging to get out for a jog but I have had alot of trouble motivating myself. I had NO excuses this morning as hubby was home from his meeting early, so I got my gear on before he got home and pumped myself up.

I decided that I am going to leave the GPS at home for a while and not concentrate on distances at all anymore. I need to just get out and have fun and not worry about timing my distances. I have also decided to not go as hard anymore. So pretty much I am not just jogging. I did wear my watch this morning and decided to head out for 12mins then turn around and come back. Ordinarily my goal would be to come back much faster than I went out but this time I wanted to try to come back in the same time. I did end up coming back faster but on the way out has a fair amount on inclines so that is understandable.

I would also usually sprint at the end of my runs but have decided to stop that for a while was really hard for me and I can see it's a habit that will be hard to break. Slowing down in general was tricky and I had to keep pulling myself back but this is what i want to do for a while. I figure that maybe if I keep it really easy and pressure free for a while then I wont lose my motivation as often. It's worth a try anyway.

Anyway my wonderful spunk of a hubby was nice enought to take Anna & I to the Arthurs seat challenge last SUnday. It was the first time he has been to one of these events and I don't think it overly excited him but the poor bugger gave up his ritual SUnday bacon & egg breaky to be there with that is LOVE! Unfortunelatey I missed Crissy crossing the line. She proib got lost amongst all the other runners who had already finished who were lining up for their goodie bag. It was a debarcle and if I were actually running I would have been really cranky at killing myself to get up that hill only to have to line up to actually cross the finishing line. Me thinks the organisation of the event could certainly be improved. Since I started running I have wanted to have a go at this event but I am not wondering if I really do want it bad enough......I don;t like hills and this is the mother of hills.

Well that is is from me for now. YOu Ausrunners can see why I have been so quiet on the forum lately.....If I don't run, I don't post.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Finally....New wheels for MEEEEEEE!

I took em for a qucik spin this morning, was my first time running on the concrete paths around the streets here. The shoes were great but I will try to stick to my trusty track in the furture, it's just that I had to sneak out for a real quick one before hubby had to leave for work this morning. I only did 3km but that was enough on the concrete for me.

I hit my knee really hard on the kitchen table last night and it is KILLING me. It throbbed through the night & I didn;t sleep well. ANyway it didn;t hurt at all while I was running but it's bloody sore now.

Well that's about it for now. I just wanted to join the "post pics of ya wheels" club.......I can't part with my old ones. I started running in those babies so they have sentimental value to them.

Right boys & girls. I have mums group in 25mins and I still havn't had a shower so TOODLES XX

Monday, October 16, 2006

Lucky Me!!

I consider myself extremly lucky that I live in such a beautiful part of Australia. I think too many people take places like Mornington & Mt Martha for Granted. How many people get to go for a run on a trail with a view of the beach & Bay? How many people get the pleasure of stretching on the beach while watching thier Hubby & Daughter play? I am certainly one of those who enjoys the simple pleasures in life and this morning I enjoyed a fantastic short 4km run finishing in my best time yet then stretched on the beach. Had to share some pics. Will post about runs later cos I am going on an even shorter 2.2km this arvo with Crissy.

O.K, it's not much later in the arvo and I'm just popping back to post about todays runs. This is the first time I have ever run twice in one day. Infact I have only ever run two days in a row once so I prob had no business doing this today but what's done is done. I didn't think it would be all that bad cos I made this mornings run 4km and was only meant to do 2.2km this arvo but Crissy was feeling great while running and wanted to do an extra lap and I couldn;t resist so I did 4.4km this arvo making todays total 8.4km. My legs were killing during the second lap of that last 4km LOL, and I mean KILLING. They are feeling quite fatigued now.

Anyway this mornings run was a ripper, my best 4km training time yet, have a look!

1st km: Time=6.16.40.....Pace=6.02
2nd km: Time=5.40.07.....Pace=5.49 (11.56.47)
3rd km: Time=5.49.82.....Pace=5.47 (17.46.29)
4th km: Time=5.20.90.....Pace=5.21 (23.07.19)

I am pretty happy with that, can't help but wonder what sort of 5km time I would have got if I kept on going, yes Vicki I am obsessed with time & distances.....i just can't realx on it but you will be happy to know that when I ran this arvo I took nothing. No GPS and no watch. Ok I took my watch but I didn;t use it. Crissy recons it took about 27mins.

Chris, I have commented on your blog about the 28th. How exciting. I will have to drop Pop around to my parents of course so I will try to get her there as early as possible. I know my partner in crime will be pretty excited.

Well done today Crissy. An excellent run in general, but an exceptional one considering it was your first post Op. Good to have you back, now you can get my arse into gear.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Sunday 15th October - Bike session 60mins

Hello, Hello! I am missing runs left right & center but am trying to make them up with bike sessions. My excuse for not running Friday was that a few really bad nights sleep had me KNACKERED like you wouldn't believe and I ended up with a nasty sore throat. I was going to head out today but decided to jump on the bike instead and run tomorrow.

I did 50mins of the endurance setting then a 10min basic pedal. I always feel fantastic after being on the bike and today was no exception but I was very dizzy afterwards. These dizzy spells are giving me the shits I tell you! I have not had any while or after running yet but a couple after being on the bike. I am drinking enough water and even drink 1lt everytime I am on the bike.

Now tomorrows run, Crissy is thinking of an easy 2km at Pelican park. It will be her first run after her OP and I imagine quite daunting for her. I would love to join her and was thinking that instead of doing that 2km with her then continuing on to do one or two more laps I thought I might have a short run in the morning, say 4km then have the 2km plod with Crissy. Yes I think that sounds like a super idea, now I just have to come though & actually do it.

Well that's all for me today. Oh yeah that's right. Today was SIS #2. I decided not to enter this time. My running has not been great and it's a lot of money once you consider petrol just to do a crap run. I need all the money I can get cos my runners are STUFFED and I mean STUFFED. I am expecting some nasty blisters soon as the inside of the heals are almost bare, stripped of padding.

O.K now I really am going, Crissy will be here soon and I am about to start chopping vegies for dinner....Toodles XX

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Wednesday 11th October - Nuns Walk 5km

Our baby girl is 18months old TODAY!!!!

Seeing how it's daylight so early these days and Poppy has decided that 5am is wake-up time I decided to get up at 6am and got for a run. I have never actually run this early in the morning and was looking forward to getting it out of the way so early. I did a 5min warm up on the bike and gave my legs a light stretch then took off. I had some trouble finding a spot to actually start the run cos my usual car park was chockers due to a Boot Camp running at Fishies Beach BUGGER!!!!! After driving up & down the esplanade a few times I managed to find a spot to park that would allow me to run in the direction I wanted to and still get 2.5km in each way.

I have not run since last Wednesday but have been trying to keep fitness up & build leg strength on the bike, I had a rest day yesterday though. Todays run didn;t feel too crash hot. I felt un fit and felt like I was PLODDING. The way I have my watch set up I can not tell how long I have been running for in total, only how many mins into a km I am so I had no idea how bad I was actually going but was guessing I would be lucky to make it back to the car in 33mins. I kept hitting the lap button too late and missing the kms so my stats are quite out of whack but here they are.

1st km: Time=6.52.74....Pace=6.22....Dist=1.07
2nd km: Time=5.44.36....Pace=6.00....Dist= .95 (12.37.10)
3rd km: Time=6.23.42....Pace=5.55....Dist= 1.07 (19.00.52)
4th km: Time=5.15.30....Pace=5.48....Dist= .90 (24.15.82)
5th km: Time=5.38.80..................................(29.54.62)

The 5th km is stuffed cos when I got home I was trying to show Hubby my finishing time in the recall setting but accidentally went into the Chrono setting and hit the lap button whick started the timer again, I stupidly did this twice (forehead slap) so my finshing time was actually a couple of seconds faster than that. I managed to loose the stats for that km too.

I put the distance in so you could see why the times were so up the creek. Otherwise Crissy would get a bit excited about the 4th km LOL and wonder what happened in the first LOL.

I can't tell you how shocked I was to see my finishing time. I was in no hurry to check it but caved while I was stretching on the side of the road and let out a little "Whooo hooooooooooo". I think the builders across the road were quite amused.

Anyway so there it is, what felt like a shocker of a run with surprising results. Have to go as I have Poppy booked in to see a doctor AGAIN.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Monday 9th October - Bike session again.

Another bike session today, I did 40mins on the vigorous program again then 20mins of basic peddling. I really worked up a sweat today and my legs were burning.....felt great.

Looks like hubby may not have to go to his meeting on Wednesday so I will be able to get out for a run in the morning before he has to go to bed to rpe[are for nightshift. I can't wait. I am keen to see if the bike is helping my running yet.

I was going to walk to the shops when Poppy wakes up but my shopping list is getting to big to get everything home. Plus she doesn't seem in a hurry to wake up. I put her down just after 11am and it's now 2:43pm. I heard her stir about an hour ago but she has been quiet since. Maybe it's time I went in and gently woke her LOL. I'd say she needs the sleep cos she decided that she wanted to party all night last night. My guess is it had something to do with all the sugar pumping through her veins from all the junk party food! So Hubby & i got stuff all sleep AGAIN last night. I am lucky I am able to stay home and exercise which helps me when i am tired but he has to work through a 12 hour shift Poor bastard!

Just a little footnote: I have been suffering terrible dizzy spells for about 3 weeks now. I have not actually fainted yet but come pretty close a few times, once in a sports shop in frankston which was nice & embarrasing. I got my blood pressure checked and it's perfect, she recons that maybe when it's happening it's caused by a normal drop but it doesn't come back up as quick as it should and told me to just lie doqn when I am feeling light headed. It's a pain in the arse and a bit of a worry, esp when i am holding the baby and I feel like I am gonna go!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Sunday 8th October - Bike session x2

Well I mentioned in this mornings post that I wanted to get on the bike today, well I did....straight after posting on my blog. I managed 45 mins. I did 40mins on the hiking setting then a 5 min cool down. Then I did some ab work and that was all I had time for before I had to get ready to go to the first party for the day.

I didn;t have time to eat before we left and all they had at the party was BAD food so I nibbled at some BAD food but didn't eat much of it. The second party was a joint party for our Niece and her Grandmother. I was STARVING by this stage and had a small pasta salad type dish with some white bread (I am paying for that I think but more on that soon). Then we had this awesome berry flan. I scraped the cream off mine cos I hate the stuff but the actual flan was HEAVEN. When we stood up to leave I copped a shocking pain in the guts. I get this pain every now & then and it's obviously a reaction to a particular food but I am not 100% certain what. My guess is white bread. AT first i said to my hubby "it's as if I have eaten white bread but I havn't" forgetting about the bread at be honest I only just remembered it while typing this post.

So feeling guilty about the food I had eaten today I decided to do another bike workout, I thought it may also help my tummy pain. I managed another 45mins but this time I did 25mins on the peak setting where it starts off really easy and gradually builds intensity untill your peddling on the hardest tension....I love it LOL. then I decided to do 20mins of basic peddling. All up for the day I did 22km on that bike.

My guts are still killing.

I am not able to run tomorrow cos Hubbby is working, can't wait till daylight savings so I can run after 7pm when he gets home. I may just end up on the bike again LOL, I should also go for a walk.

Anyway that's it for me again. I feel good about my work today, hopefully every bike workout will help my leg strength so when I do get out & run it will be better than it has been.

Lazy Lazy Lazy, someone kick me up the bum!

I am as lazy with my blogging as I am with exercise at the moment. I missed Fridays run because I hosted lunch for one of my mums groups, I kept tellingmyself it's OK and to just get on the bike. I find the bike fantastic for building leg strength and I feel I am really lacking leg strength at the moment so I don't mind missing a run so much as long as I replace it with a bike session but that doesn't always happen. Anyway it didn't happen. I then missed mondays run....can't remember why but again promiced myself I would get on the bike but due to a FERAL baby I didn't make it again. I did make it out for Wednesdays run though. Hubby got home at 7am and to get out for a run I had to ask him to stay up to watch Poppy, this is a huge ask but the only way I would have been able to run. I only did 4km for two reasons, 1) I have been struggeling and 2) cos as I mentioned I had to hurry home so hubby could get to bed after a 12 hour nightshift. I think that was the first time I have ever done a 4km training run. It was nice and just what I needed. I think i may do a couple more untill I get my confidence back.

Stats :
1st km: Time=6.20.13.......Pace=6.13
2nd km: Time=6.14.40.......Pace=6.11 (12.34.53)
3rd km: Time=6.12.25......Pace=5.52 (18.46.78)
4th km: Time=5.16.59.......Pace=5.35 (24.03.37)

My legs are definately out of condition, they even look different, not as much muscle definition and flabby. I have made alot of improvements to my diet but still seem to be stacking on weight. I don't know what is going on. I wasn't expecting to be losing weight but I certainly wasn't expecting to be gaining it. I am having trouble fitting into my fav pants and had a bit of a sook yesterday about it.

Oh speaking of yesterday, I was meant to go for a run Friday but didn't for girly reasons, I decided to go Saturday instead but as I was hanging my washing out in the morning I realised all my running socks were on the line. That is enough of an excuse for me these days to not run so I decided to bike it instead, but then I thought that cos we were having friends over I would trade my "bike time" for house cleaning time and asked hubby to keep the baby out of my way till I got that done. However, Poppy went down for a nap at lunchtime. She usually has 2 hours do I decided to use that time "working out" SO I did 40mins on the bike (30mins on the vigorous program and 10mins easy cool down) then i did some upper body work and ab work. Felt great. I had INXS pumping through my IPOD and didn;t want to get off that bike.

Today I was going to go for a run but we had friends over last night and I may have had a couple of alcoholic beverages and may have only had 4 hours sleep last night and may be feeling a tad de-hydrated. Not only that but we have two B'day parties to go to today and I straightened my hair yesterday and it still looks awesome so I don't want to ruin it. I really really want to get on the bike though, Hubby is having a nap as is Poppy so I have a chance to get on, I might just have an easy session then do some upper body work & abs. Have to be careful not to sweat too much so I don;t stuff the hair...what's the point then you ask? Well it's a mental thing, I will feel much better within myself if I made an effort no matter how small that effort is.

Can't wait to read the race reports from the Melb Mara today, Crissy & I were going to go watch the start and try to wish Michelle good luck but I woke up still a bit tanked and didn;t want to risk driving, plus Crissy just had an operation and is not feeling too crash hot.

Well I have crapped on long enough, I am going to hop on that bike. My thighs are getting bigger by the minute and I have to put a stop to it.

Stu: Thanks for your comment, so very true. Maybe I need to read back over my blog to remember how happy running was making me.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Wednesdays 27th September - Nuns Walk 5km

Will try my hardest to keep this short cos I am snowed under here.

Todays run was not the best. My GPS dropped out again I have no idea what is going on with it. I am getting a battery system on my watch but the reciever thingy should last a year without needing a battery change. We will change it and see if it helps anyway. So anyway it was a crap day for running again, I am sure we are all copping th crappy wind conditions and I should be thankfull that at least my running track is a little protected. I decided to start where I used to start today cos I did have a feeling the GPS may play up again and at least this way I know where the 2.5 turn around point is and I would still be able to time the run properly. BUT for some reason when the GPS dropped out the stop watch stopped aswell, maybe I het a button without meaning it....I don;t know. So here I am running quite hard for me cos I wanted a good time for this 5km but I wasn't even timing it. Once I realised that I backed off a fair bit.

The wind was making it quite hard at times, I had to jump a fallen tree, there were two really old people on bikes on the track and they were barely peddeling.....they kept tilting to one side and almost falling off. There are actually no bikes allowed on this track and I was really pissed at them. On the way back I copped them again and I had to stop and climb around them. THEN not too far from my finish there was a car blocking the track, I run through two very small car parks before I get to the one I park in and some dickhead had parked right across the park. Crissy may be able to picture this. Judging by the hat on the front seat it was a Nana. SO I had to half climb up the side of the car to get aorund it.

Anyway it was a bad run, it didn;t feel great while I was running but I finished strong and I know the next one will be better. Another positive is that I really wanted to give up a few times but I didn;t so when I finished I had that to be thankful for.

Now I have Mums group here tomorrow and have alot of food prep to get on with, then I have another lunch on here on Friday with the girls I was in hospital with, yes how awesome is that I am still in contact with the women I was in labour with.

Just one last exciting snippet, my little girl is cutting her thirt tooth FINALLY. She is just about 18months old and only has her two bottom teeth, most other babies her age have a full set LOL. So the next ones we were expecting were the top two but NOOOOOOOOO, not our little Text Book rebel, she has to go and cut a Molar for her third tooth.

ANyway this is much longer than I expected and I am rushing so much so I better go. Toodles.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Monday 25th September - Nuns Walk 5km

This morning I went for a quick 3km walk to drop an invitation around to a girlfriends place. Hubby has just come off nightshift so I had to wait for him to wake this arvo before I could go for a run.

After a few probs with the armband to my GPS reciever I finally got to head off at about 3ish. I did jokingly say to hubby before I left something about knowing my luck the battery will run out and all our efforts would have been for nothing......About 600m into the run I copped a weak GPS signal and it dropped out, maybe cos of a low battery. I have run the whole track with it before with no problem, anyway I started to panic a little. I did not start from where I usually do my 5km runs from so I didn;t know where to turn around.....I even contimplated turning back and giving up for the day. I had a bad afternoon, I dont; wish to discuss it but lets just say I had a little "moment" before my run and really needed to be out there. Anyway I decided to harden up and keep going and change my plan. I thought I would just run out for 16mins then try to come back faster. 16mins was certain to get me over the 2.5km mark, I felt like I was going a good pace today and was spewing I wouldn't have the data to look at afterwards. I was a little worried I was heading out a little fast and would end up taking longer to come back but on the way back I just kept getting faster. With about 700m to go I found this amazing rythym, my breathing was fantastic and I felt like I was flying, I was hoping I could keep it up till the end.....I did and I only managed to get faster LOL. I was breathing in through my nose every second breath and developed a fantastic rythym with it, I felt my breathing slow down heaps after was an awesome feeling and I was grinning from ear to ear.

I ran for 16mins out and it took 14.32.22 to get back.....not bad. It was alot of fun and nice to do something different for a change. I have really come to rely on the GPS and hate not knowing exact distances now but these things happen. Anyone who knows me well knows I don;t cope to well with change and I am extremly set in my ways.

So overall a fantastic run, what makes a run fantastic? The feeling you have afterwards, no dissapointment about my effort, satified that I gave it pretty much my all and didn;t feel like dying in the process.

Also happy to report that my mood was much much better when I got back. I recon I stretched for twice as long as I ran for. I am having trouble finding an ITB stretch that works for me.

The Weight Battle............

I have been batteling with my weight for the last month. I have put on 3kg and feel TERRIBLE. It dawned on me last night that it isn;t so much what I am eating but how much of it I am eating. My portions are terrible.....embarrasing even. This stopps today. I started with my usual MASSIVE bowl of cereal and served myself half of what i usually have. Yes I wanted more but I didn;t need more and was over it 20mins after eating it.

I am also trying to cut out the poor choices in snacks. I use full fat cheese for Poppy and have been a little naughty by sneaking bits when I am cutting it up for her. This stops today, mind you while I was cutting her a slice for afternoon tea I so wanted to hoe into it myself LOL. I have joined a weight loss support thread in a Forum I use. We all have stated our weight and how much we need to lose and are giving each other diet & exercise tips, we are also reporting our daily exercise to motivate each other.

That's about it really, I plan on losing that 3kg and think I just have to make some healthier choices in my diet and keep up the running. Poppy is on one day nap now so I am finding I have much less time to crosstrain, now it is warming up a little I will get out with the stroller more often for some nice walks. I think todays walk loosened up my legs for my run.

Well again I have crapped on long enough. Crissy, I hope you have updated your blog by now.....if not then hurry up and do so.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Friday 22nd September - nuns walk 6km

Well I suppose I can't expect to come back form 3 weeks break and not have a crap run........I struggeled a tad today. Crissy picked me up at 7:30am and we headed to Nuns walk, we were going to run somewhere that I have never un before today but seeing how it was blowing a gale this morning we thought better of it and decided to take advantage of the bit of preotection that Nuns Walk offers. Thank goodness for that too cos we found the wind bad enough there.

Anyway I was finding the run generally harder than the last two, we were tossing up whether to do 5 or 6 km. At the 2.5km mark a spunky fella passed us and I said to Crissy "we are at 2.5 if ya wanna turn around" her answer "nah we have something to run towards now" or something like that. It was true, this guy had a nice bum but we didn;t get to see it for long as he sped off infront of us. So we turned around at 3km. At the 4km mark my outer thighs were hurting, I have never had a pain like this while running I don't think, anyway I was finding it a real struggle form then on and didn;t think I was gonna make it but kept telling myself that once we make it to 5km we are pretty much there (the last km is always a pisser).

All this time Crissy is really enjoying the run, once we finished she raved about how much she enjoyed it which was really good cos she seemed to struggle a tad on Wednesday and I was worried her confidence was shattered. Today she breezed it.

We braved some stretching in the wind, then Crissy dropped me home where I stretched a heap more then iced the sore spots on my legs. I am really dissapointed in todays are the stats.

1st km: Time=6.27.79...Pace=6.25
2nd km: Time=6.35.68...Pace=6.20 (13.03.47)
3rd km: Time=5.55.33...Pace=6.09 (18.58.80)
4th km: Time=6.28.73...Pace=6.27 (25.28.53)
5th km: Time=6.16.32...Pace=6.13 (31.43.85)
6th km: Time=5.44.20...Pace=5.47 (37.28.05)

That finishing time is over 2 mins slower than my best for a 6km training run.

So now I am listening to INXS having a glass of red, I am about to catch up on one of the forums I use, It's massive and I havn't been able to use it for about a week and you have no idea how much I have missed since then.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Wednesday 20th September - Pelican Park 5km

Well, our internet has been slowed down to the slowest of slow dial-up connections cos we used all our broardband usage for the month and someone has sent us a massive massive email and I don’t know how to stop it and I can’t open up blogger cos the connection is so SLOWWWWWWWWWWWW. So I am typing out my blog in word so it will be ready to copy & paste if this email ever finished coming in.

Another nice run today. I met Crissy at the foreshore at about 2:30pm, havn’t seen her in ages so it was great to catch up and do what we both love. We started of very very slow and didn’t seem to pick up any pace till the run was almost over LOL. It was very enjoyable though. I was only going to do 5km which meant 2 laps then a little extra then turning around and coming back. Wasn’t sure what Crissy was gonna do, she mentioned 6km this morning but I thought she would stop with me at the 5….she actually piked it at 4.5km. PIKER PIKER…..nah just kidding. I was gonna stop with her but like to round my runs up to a whole figure…..I don’t like half kms.

Anyway no niggles and the breathing felt very comfortable, maybe cos we were going so slow lol. Here are the stats.

1st km: Time=6.15.10…Pace=6.11
2nd km: Time=6.21.38…Pace=6.14 (12.36.48)
3rd km: Time=6.15.54…Pace=6.16 (18.52.02)
4th km: Time=5.55.83…Pace=5.58 (24.47.85)
5th km: Time=5.49.86…Pace=5.50 (30.37.71)

Was happy that we didn’t finish in over 31mins, I had my doubts as we were really plodding today.

I took my measurements today, no you cheeky bastards I will not tell you what they are! Very scarey stuff, I really hope to make some improvements there.

Can’t wait till Fridays run. I am aiming for 6km in the morning, I wont do a long run till next week. I can’t even imagine trying a 10ker at the moment, having said that I am looking forward to when I do. Feels great to be getting back into it. Well this email is 82% through but I have to prepare some home made pizzas then bath the Popster. I have tried to catch up with everyones blog today, it’s hard with this internet being so slow. We will be back in business Friday.


Oh what a night!!!! I had the BEST TIME EVER. We dropped Poppy off at my Mum & Dad's at about 2pm then ehaded for St Kilda. When we got to the Cosmopolitan Hotel we discovered that they had run out of the rooms that we booked and had to up-grade us DAMN lol. So we ended up with a King size bed and a bigger room. It was unreal. After we dropped out gear into the room we headed out for a walk to look for somewhere we might like to go for dinner, we had been recommended the Stokehouse but hubby thought we would just look around and see what we find. Anyway we ended up stumbeling across the Stokehouse and went in for a drink and a look at the menu. I had a straight Jack Daniels and we sat outside and watched a few mad people swimming. Once we finished out drink we went back to our room to get ready (and have another drink).

I touched up my make-up and changed my outfit while sucking on a JD & Dry Stubby, I was having a bad hair night and couldn't control my frizzy curls but ended up giving up. Hubby messaged a mate of his who was going to the concert aswell and we organised to meet up for dinner at the Stokehouse. We had many drinks while waiting to order, I ordered a Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato wrap off the entree menu and it was SENSATIONAL.....MmmmmmmI could go one right now. We had a nice view of the beach and every few mins a runner or two would go past. I have never seen so many runners and just wanted to get out there myself, the concrete was a bit of a deterance as were the high wedge shoes I was wearing LOL. ANyway before too long it was time to head over to the Palais.

Jo and I left the guys and headed up to the bar there, the support band started but we decided to hang out upstairs and have a few drinks LOL. I also had another friend there somewhere, she was messaging me to tell me they were still picking up thier tickets but we finally managed to bump into each other at the bar just before heading into our seats.

The next two hours were spend dancing, singing and clapping my hands wishing I had a bottle of water LOL. I was a blast. My hubby stayed at out seat as the rest of us got as close to the front as we could, I could almost smell JD's sweat lol. As he was taking his shirt off I was getting all set for a perve on a nice buffed upper body but dissapointed to discover he is quite scrawney......Not much to perve on there. I was sure he was more muscley than that. Oh well, lucky I was there for the music. I did go back and join hubby for the last few songs, he was not peeved that I deserted him.

After that we headed off to find somewhere to have a drink......I kept saying "That was awesome" and I think the others were ready to smack me over the head. But it was just Awesome.....I would have gone back the next night if I could. Anyway we found a small cafe/bar that was giving latin dance classes upstairs so Jo and I went up to watch that while the boys sat outside and had a drink. Jo & I had a nice perve on the band....especially the drummer who just happened to have the nicest set of arms I have EVER seen, then we joined the boys downstairs. We tired finding somewhere else to hang out but then decided the night was over and went our separate ways.....that is the end of a fantastic night out as far as you guys are concerned....the rest is PRIVATE lol. A great night all round, was great for us to get out and have a good time. the next morning we found a nice cafe to have breaky, Hubby ordered a massive cooked breaky with bacon, poached eggs, tomato & mushrooms, I had pancakes and a terrible cup of tea. Then we headed home as we were both missing Poppy terribly.

I can't wait till we have a night away again. Might have to take Pop next time though, I'm thinking the Yarra Valley, will be back later to post about the run I am going on this arvo.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

FINALLY....Sunday 17th September

.......I have something to report LOL YIPPEE. Nuns Walk 5km.

Yep that's right, I finally dragged my un-motivated lazy arse out for a run and it felt FANTASTIC. I feel terrible about the last 3 weeks, the worst lull I have been in since I started running, I was even contemplating giving up completely cos I figured I had had too much time off and thought "what's the point". Everyday I would think "will I run today" some days i would make excuses and other days I had legitimate excuses. Today I had NO EXCUSES and was itching to get out into that sunshine. Hubby looked at me all dressed in my gear (which is fitting quite snuggly I might add) and said "you off running love?" I answered "I was mean to be doing the first Spring into Shape today, I feel terrible and am off for a run. It's not going to be pretty." and off I went.

I started out wayyyyy too fast of course. My legs have been protesting about doing nothing for the last 3 weeks and were a little excited about being let out LOL, it felt great though so I tried not to hold back too much and just figured I would only do 4km. Come 2km I was starting to realise how much cardio fitness I had lost but decided to push on for another 500m to make the total run 5km. What the hell, I can always stop & walk if I have to. AFter I turned around I felt like I was going sooooooo slow, maybe even struggeling a little. There were heaps of runners on the track today and I was in heaven......especially when two extremly spunky men ran past, one of them not wearing a top YUMMY (sorry honey but you would say the same thing if it were two women with crop tops on) I was really enjoying my run and has a smile plasterd on my face already anyway but that made my grin even bigger LOL.

Anyway I bumped into that chick who was in my pre-natel class (the one who kicked mine & Crissy's butt in the Bay run) during the 4th km and I stopped very briefly and hit the wrong button on my watch so that km's data is was definately my slowest km and the inclined were killing me. Spewing cos before my "break" I had really improved on that bit, hopefully it wont take me long to get back on track.

By the 5th km I felt like I was running in slow motion and my breathing was not great. I have certainly struggeled more than I was though and I knew it was almost over and I could do it. I can be quite negative towards myself while running but today it was all positive, maybe cos I had such low expectations LOL. Anyway I have my watch set up so I can't actually see how long the total runnis taking, I can only see how long each km is taking and I don't really pay much attention to it anyway, most of the run felt like I was plodding in slow motion so I was thinking it would be something like 34mins, it certainly felt like I had been out there forever but I finished in 30.12.58 which really did shock me. Here are the stats.

1st km - Time=5.47.67...Pace=5.43
2nd km- Time=5.57.71...Pace=4.45 (11.45.35)
3rd km - Time=5.45.61...Pace=5.58 (17.30.96)
4th km (24.12.30)
5th km- Time=6.0.28...Pcae=6.01 (30.12.58)

I havn't bothered with speed cos I am keeping a book with all my data in it...I don't need it all for my blog. SO anyway all in all it was a good run, much better than expected and very enjoyable. I have the bug back and can't wait to get back out there. It's unfortuneate that I took the time off and I am paying for it but am looking forward to getting back on track and hopefully participating in the next Spring into Shape hopefully the 8km.

Wow what a great day, I am just gaving one of those days that i feel so damn happy. I had a great run and then come home to continue the stretches I started on the lookout admiring my fav view, while stretching I watched hubby play his new playstation game where you play a know my hubby is actually a fantastic guitarist and he was playing professionally when I met him. Now I have a little runners high, my baby just woke up so we will have a little play then head outside for a play once the lawns are mowed. Then tonight we are going to my Sister Inlaws house for my nieces 19th b'day. Tomorrow night we are going to the INXS concert and staying the night in St Kilda. The only thing I have to complain about is my weight and it's my own bloody fault and complaining isn't going to shift it.

One last thing (if you have got this far you deserve an award) thanks to everyone who posted comments while I was in motivation hell. Your support is priceless. XXX

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

So Bloody tried. Stu to put a dampener on the chockie. I feel heaps better but my energy levels are ZERO....I was meant to try a run today but it's raining and to be honest I just can't be bothered. This always happens when I have a break, now I am going to struggle to get motivated again. AAAGGGGHHHHHHH.

I was mean to do an at home workout yesterday too but Anna & I spent most of the day out window shopping and I ran out of time. It was my first day out in 5 days and I had a great time looking at shoes & lingerie.....two things I love but can't afford so I tease myself by looking.

I am quite worried about my attitude towards running. WHile I am doing it consistantly I LOVE it but whenever I am forced to take time off due to illness or injury I have alot of trouble getting motivated to get back into it. I even sometimes wonder why I even bother, like I am kidding myself anyway and I am a bit of a bloody joke. Then again I think I was starting to make progress and actually improve and the last couple of weeks before I got sick were my best and I was really enjoying it.

I'm just so tired and can't be bothered. I am feeling very nesty at the moment. I am really enjoying playing with Poppy and trying to spend more quality time with the hubby. Ill be honest with you's after 3pm and I am still in my PJ's. A large part of me is feeling very guilty and a little depressed about not getting out and running but another part of me just can't be bothered and doesn't want to.

I do always manage to pull myself out of these ruts and this time wont be any different......I just have to do it.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Finally Better

Well guys, I am finally feeling better. That was the WORST Gastro I have ever had and that's saying something as I copped a nasty bout only 3 months ago while on holiday that l left me passed out on the grass at Seaworld.

Anyway I have kept food down (in) since yesterday morning and even managed some, ok ALOT of chocolate. I am certain Chocolate is great for Gastro, hubby said it would help my energy levels LOL. Now I can't wait to get out for a run. I am gonna fill up on vegies for dinner tonight and do a little at home workout stuff tomorrow like a few squats and lunges and a little bike. Only a tiny bit mind you, just enough to get the blood pumping in my legs and wake them up a bit. Then I thought I might try a 4km run on Wednesday.

Wow, that was kinda scarey. I have to admitt that on Saturday night I was sooooo crook that I was starting to think hubby would have to take me to hospital.....not a car ride that I was looking forward to. Yesterday morning started off nasty but then it just all stopped which was lucky as Hubby had gone to the footy and left me with the baby. I was whacked out on the couch by 2:30pm.

Thank goodness that's all over. Now back to running, as always I am frightened about energy levels and fitness after having a break. I have not run in over a week.

Friday, September 01, 2006

It gets worse!

That's right, just as I thought I was at my sickest it got worse. At midnight Wednesday night the Gastro bug hit hard.....won't go into the embarrasing details but its' safe to say that my body hasn't been holding on to much since. Not even water.

Of course I cancelled the Mums group I was meant to have here yesterday morning which was good cos I was having trouble preparing the food for it Wednesday night as the smell of food sent me rushing to the toilet twice....eventually I gave up and watched Wolf Creek with hubby. I spent the best part of 10 hours yesterday in the bathroom then the rest of it in bed in a lethargic/dehydrated state. Hubby woke me every 10mins to sip water and after 1.5 hours of this I started to perk up.

Still having "digestive" troubles. Have had some saladas and some chick noodle soup and still sipping that water. I am so lucky that Hubby had organised to take these next three shifts off anyway so he has been looking after Pop for me. I am so tried and my energy levels are ZERO. I don;t know when I will be able to go for a run but I am thinking the first one back should only be 4km.

Have lost a few kg's, of course that's understandable when i am having trouble holding onto anything.

On a good note Hubby & I are going to a concert in a few weeks and Hubby has booked us a room in St Kilda so we get to have a night away.....Just the two of us. I think this is just what we need. Can't wait. Hopefully my guts have stopped churning by then.

Thanks for your messages guys. Esp Boston & Lee, welcome to by blog which is full of useless info and mainly consists of me crapping on about nothing in particular.

Right that is about as long as I can take sitting here.....back to the couch for me. Toodles everyone XXX

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

No Running :-(

The title says it all. I missed Mondays run as Poppy was sick. She slept in my arms most of Sunday and had a nasty temperature. Monday she was a tiny but better but still quite sooky, clingy and sleepy so I took her to the docs which took most of the afternoon. So I thought I would run Tuesday instead but Nooooooooo. It wasn't meant to be. I woke up during the night with bad stomach cramps and bloating. I didn;t have anything in my tummy but was throwing up all day anyway. Now today I still have a sore tummy but I also have very sore tummy & lower back muscles from heaving over the dunny all day yesterday. I have no energy and running is the very last thing on my actually I lie cos I was just thinking what a beautiful day it is and how nice it would be to go for a run and how it may help my back feel better.....Mind you I walk from one end of the house to the other and have to sit down & rest.

My guess is that I have whatever virus Poppy had but it is affecting me differently. I have Mum's group here at 9am tomorrow morning and have housework & baby profing to do before then......why isn;t my house already baby proof you say? Well that's cos we havn't needed to. We have taught Pop from the word go what she can & can't touch and we are lucky she understands the word "no" & "Don't touch".....having said that I do not leave scissors or the carving knife on the floor for her to play with but unlike the other babies she does know not to touch the little bin I use for Compost that is next to the fridge and stuff like that. She doesn;t even get into the cupboards so we have not bothered with locks but there are at least two of her friends in mums group who are obsessed with opening cupcoards so I am going to have to come up with a way to keep them shut.

Anyway sitting here crappin on about it in my blog is not getting all this done nor is it doing my back any favours.

I hope I am over this virus really soon, the last time I had something like this it had me zapped for weeks. I have really been loving my running lately and even seen some improvements........WHY DOES THIS HAVE TO HAPPEN NOW?

Friday, August 25, 2006


....Yeah you!

Nah your not in trouble I just wanted to let you know that I have been reading your blog but am having trouble leaving messages. I am a bit of a puter dud.

Thanks for the "suck up" on Poppy's pics. She is a sweety huh! And yeah I have been feeling really great & strong with my running ........till today LOL.

Anyway Hope you have settled into your new place nicely. Toodles XXX

Friday 25th August - Nuns walk 10km

FLAT....that is the best word for me at the moment.....I am physically & emotionally drained. It's been a tough day.

Did a nice slow and I mean SLOW 10km run this morning with Crissy. It didn't feel too bad, I had a hip flexor issue in my right leg before I even started and at the 8km mark I was feeling it in my left one but it wasn't too bad and I don't have any niggles now. But I did feel quite flat through the run, I could give the same effort I gave last Friday, I felt like I was running on the spot for alot of the run. It was frustrating but at the same time comfortable enough not to have any doubts that I would complete it, I often get doubts about completing a 10km run.

Anyway I will post the stats but can't be stuffed right now. After my run I had to get ready for my monthy Mum's group with the girls I was in hospital with. I love this mum's group as there are only 5 of us and it's nice & intimate. Anyway one of the other babies in the group is a bit of a rough nut and pushes, bear hugs and bites and she bit Poppy on the cheek today and drew blood. It was HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE.............I Never ever ever ever ever ever want to see my baby in that sort of pain again. She was screaming, trembeling, bleeding and her cheek was purple & swelling. She was gripping me so tight and screaming for her Daddy. My heat was breaking but I had to hold my tears back as the mother of the Biter was already crying as she felt terrible, she is at her wits end as this is not the first time and she blames herself and she is worries she will lose all her friends due to her babies biting. Anyway one of the other mums just happened to be videoing when it happened and caught it on camera and they kept watching it over and over again trying to analyse the biters behaviour. I couldn't watch but could hear it and let me tell you , to hear my baby screaming like that over & over & over & over & BLOODY over again was killing me inside. I managed to hold myself togteher while there but cried most of the way home while looking at my daughters bitten cheek in the review mirror.

Now she is tucked away safely in bed and I am sipping on some nice Cab Sav sobbing about the whole situation. Quite pathetic really I suppose. I thought motherhood would make me stronger but it has made me really soft LOL.

Just one more thought, I heard a chisel song in the car on my way home today and it fully reminded me of my carefree youth........I had a very overwhelming feeling, like home sickness.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Wednesday 23rd August - Pelican Park 6.6km

You know what I love the most about running? The way I feel afterwards. I feel so healthy, strong and alive. I don't think it's the running I am addicted to, it's the high I get afterwards. Especially after a good run.

I am finally feeling some improvement in my running. Having this GPS watch has been great for my confidence as I am able to see my improvement aswell. Today I ran at Pelican park with Crissy and for the first time we were able to find out exactly what distance the track is's 2.2km. That .2km doesn't sound like much but you times that by 3 and you have over .5 of a km and maybe I am being petty here but a few months ago when I completed my longest training run there and I thought it was 10km, it was actually 11km. No big deal but only 1km off my next goal.

Anyway todays run was kinda weird. Both Crissy & I were puffing more than usual and both having leg issues. Crissy had to pull out after the second lap due to a persistant shin niggle, better cut todays short than not be able to run Fri or sat. My legs were a little tight and kinda achy. I was having a niggle somewhere down near my foot but as usual it all got better once we picked up the pace in the 3rd km. The 5th km was my most comfortable, I really enjoyed that last lap. I am happy to report that I got to the 5km mark in under 30mins again, and even 10secs faster than Monday. WHOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO YEEEEEEEEE HAAAAAAAAAAA.

Anyway here are the boring Stats.

1st km: Time=6.18.61....Pace=6.07....Speed=9.6
2nd km: Time=5.48.81....Pace=5.56....Speed=9.9 (12.07.42)
3rd km: Time=5.53.35....Pace=5.52....Speed=10.1 (18.00.77)
4th km: Time=6.01.61....Pace=5.48....Speed=10.3 (24.02.68)
5th km: Time=5.31.69....Pace=5.48....Speed=10.3 (29.34.37)
6th km: Time=5.43.75....Pace=5.40....Speed=10.4 (35.18.12)

All up with the extra 650m on the end the run took 38.52.32. It's actually handy finishing the 6km before I complete the 3rd lap cos it forces me to run a cool I just need to slow down for that whole 650m cool down rather than charge like a bull when I see the car.

I am feeling a little more confident about picking up the pace during the run rather than save all my energy for a sprint at the end, I am finding I don't have as much energy left for that sprint but it is more effective to generally lift my pace throughout the run. Crissy has been telling me I can do it for ages but I was scared that I would crash & burn and not be able to finish my runs. This is such a head game but what a way to learn more about yourself.

Thank goodness for Mum & Dad being able to look after Poppy sometimes, it can be really hard getting 3 runs in a week. I would love to run 4 times a week but I think that would stretch a few friendships.

Fingers crossed Crissy has done some more stretching and is icing that shin and will be up for another run with me on Saturday, however I could be tackling my first long run solo if she has plans. Again I have crapped on long enough. XXX

Hang on, one more thing......thank-you so much Stu & Paul for your kind words re: my pics of Poppy. Stu you must have commented as I was typing this novel so I had to pop back in and thank yas. It's so nice to get feedback.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Creative Day

While Poppy was outside playing this morning I had an idea pop into my head while marveling the blossoms on my Almond tree, I grabbed my camera and started snapping away on Macro then dumped the pics on the puter, played around with them in my fav program and here is the end result, pretty much exactly the picture that was in my head while looking at that tree this morning. I have printed them both out, "So much Beauty" I did in an 8x8 scrapbooking format "Blossom" I did in a simple A4 format. I am really happy with the results.

I have been feeling like total crap today so this end result has really cheered me up. Don't you just love it when things work.

Just edited to add another one I just finished. Now I am gonna have a break to start preparing dinner.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Monday 21st August - Nuns Walk 6km

Again gonna make this one quick as I don't have much time to sit here. First I will appologise for the stats in the last entry, I just copied & pasted them from the email I send Crissy and it came out all funky. I will try to figure out a better way to post them sometime.

Anyway here are the stats for todays run:

1st km: Time=6.00.67....Dist=1.009....Pace=5.56....Speed= 9.9 (6.00.67)
2nd km: Time=6.22.62....Dist=1.052....Pace=6.03....Speed= 9.8 (12.23.29)
3rd km:. Time=5.35.74....Dist= .946....Pace=5.54....Speed=10.1 (17.59.03)
4th km: Time=5.37.90....Dist= .967....Pace=5.49....Speed=10.3 (23.36.93)
5th km: Time=6.07.36....Dist=1.036....Pace=5.53....Speed=10.1 (29.46.29)
6th km: Time=5.28.50....Dist= .994....Pace=5.30....Speed=10.7 (35.12.79)

Hmmmm, I hit 5km in 29.46.29, my goal has been to get my 5km runs in 30mins or under. Does this count as reaching my goal or is it void cos it was in a 6km run. I can;t help but get a little excited about reaching my goal but cos I reached it while not really trying to as such it just doesn't seem right. Also why am I able to run 5km in under 30mins while running 6km but not while I am actually trying to in a 5km run?

Also may add I did the same as last wednesday and parked at fisheys beach, I much prefer running in the opposite direction for the first half of the run. The change seems to have done me good, I feel I have been running much better the last few runs.

May also add that I beat last weeks 6km time, not by too much but still I beat it which is nice. Well we are off to take poppy to the park now, toodles.

Friday 18th August - Nuns Walk 10km

While this was one of the best runs I have ever had I have not bothered posting about it cos we have used our Broardband usage this month and been put onto a painfully slow dial-up speed, it should be back to normal soon. Anyway it has taken aged for me to get into blogger so I will keep this short as I have todays run (MOnday) to blog aswell.

Here are the stats for Fridays run:

Km: Time: Dist: Pace: Speed:
1st&2nd 13.01.20 2.007 6.28 9.1
3rd 6.25.51 1.009 6.21 9.3 (19.26.71)
4th 6.15.28 .993 6.17 9.4 (25.41.99)
5th 6.03.60 .996 6.04 9.8 (31.45.59)
6th 6.50.43 1.069 6.23 9.3 (38.36.02)
7th 5.25.21 .935 5.47 10.3 (44.01.23)
8th 5.46.51 .999 5.46 10.3 (49.47.74)
9th 6.08.03 1.009 6.04 9.8 (55.55.77)
10th 5.20.81 .983 5.25 10.9 (60.01.16)

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Food Porn

I just loved Sharon's last blog entry with the "Food Porn" and it gave me the idea to post a pic of a typical dinner for us here in the Peahen Household.

My carrots are very carefully placed not touching the rest of the food because I HATE cooked carrots but love to eat them raw but if they touch the warm food I can't eat them and if they touch the warm food for too long they begin to cook. I have been known to actually remove the carrots from my plate and place them on the table next to my plate so they don't get warm.

The rest is Broccoli of course (the only green I eat), mashed potato and chicken breast with mustard & honey sauce. I buy free range chicken and get 3 fillets out of one breast thanks to my Super Duper fileting knife.

Poppy gets the exact same dinner as us, but I don't give her the sauce. The little piggy has a portion not much smaller than mine. I am so glad she eats her vegies and hope she continues this way.

You see, I do eat other things besides choc coated sultanas........Now Crissy it is your turn for food Porn. Oooooh I will have to post a pic of our Thai feast Friday night. It can be my blog "centerfold".

Wednesday 16th August - Nuns Walk 6km

Even some of you that don't know me very well know that I don't like change and this is why I always run at the same place, plus it just happens to be a sensational track but I don't even like parking up the other end and running in the opposite direction. But I had decided yesterday that I would make todays run different. I would have a break from trying to kill this 5km time and run an easy relaxing 6km instead and to top it off I would park at a different part of the track and run in the opposite direction. I followed my plan to the letter.

I had a disturbed sleep last night, something I did yesterday agrevated that hip flexor I had trouble with a few months back and everytime I turned over in bed I copped shooting pain. I woke up this morning with sore quads and chest muscles aswell. Here I am thinking I didn't do much yesterday and I wan't gonna pull up sore. I decided to have a shower before my run this morning to warm up my legs enough to stretch my quads & calves. I also gave my legs a little rub with that ICE stuff. I chucked my IPOD on under my shirt today. I havn't been running with it lately but thought that it would be nice to have some music to plod along to today.

I parked at fishies beach in Mornington and headed towards Mt Martha from there, the plan was to turn around at the 3km mark and head back. It was nice to tackle the inclines in the first half of the run for a change. Somewhere in the 2nd km I bumped into a woman who was in my Pre-natel class. I have never seen her on this track before but Crissy & I did watch her kick our arses in the Mornington Bay Run......WITH A PRAM This woman is a machine. Anyway it was strange that I bumped into her as I was only thinking about her this morning. I am aware that she ran through most of her pregnancy and wanted to pick her brain about it, she seemed happy to chat so I hit stop on my watch and I recon we must have chatted to close to 10mins. Ordinarily I wouldn't do this as it makes me feel like I am cheating in a run but I didn't care today as it was a "No rules" run and was meant to be easy and relaxed. After that break I felt like I was running a little fast and started to worry that I was gonna burn out but just decided to keep rolling with whatever pace my body was comfortable with. I continued like this for the rest of the run with no issues. My legs felt great and my breathing was EASY. Here are the stats. I was a little slack at hitting the lap button at the right times today so I better include the distances.

1st km: Time.=6.25.47....Distance=1.015....Pace=6.19....Speed=9.3
2nd km: Time=6.29.72...Distance=1.067....Pace=6.04....Speed=9.8 (12.54.72)
3rd km: Time=5.44.99...Distance=0.92.....Pace=6.14....Speed=9.4 (18.39.71)
4th km: Time=5.59.97....Distance=1.007....Pace=5.56...Speed=9.9 (24.39.68)
5th km: Time=5.50.11....Distance=0.996....Pace=5.50...Speed=10.1 (30.29.79)
6th km: Time=5.28.61....Distance=0.994....Pace=5.29...Speed=10.7 (35.58.40)

I am pretty happy seeing how I was only out for an easy relaxing run today. I think my time wasn't too bad seeing how I really wasn't trying. I really did feel great & relaxed though so that along with the chat break I had must have really helped LOL.

I really loved todays run. I enjoyed every minute of it and must have looked pretty goofy running along with a huge grin on my face. Got to kick back and watch the waves rolling in while I sipped some water afterwards.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Tuesday 15th August - At home workout

It's been so long since I did a good at home workout but I am certain it is what I need on my non-running days to get my strength back. I knew I was weaker but wasn't sure to what extent till this mornings workout.

I started on the Bike and did 30mins on my old fav setting. I used to be able to get to over 7km in 30mins but only made it to 6.51km today and my legs were sore at the start and like jelly and shaking by the end. I am so embarrased that I let it get to this. Anyway after that I did:

*Some squats
*Some standing Lunges
*Push-ups.....I can surprisingly still manage full body ones but only did 10
*Resistance band stuff.....Rowing, Bicep curls, upright rows, tricep thingies.
*More lunges.....Forwards & Backwards ones (Scallywag you would have peed yaself laughing as I kept almost falling over withthe backwards ones.
*Crunches on the fitball (50)
*Toe taps (100)
*Finished off with some core stuff, can't be stuffed explaining, Scally you will know what I mean if I just say the ones where your on all fours and stick out oppostie arms & legs, then the same arm & leg then just balancing on one leg.

I think that was about it. I didn't want to go too nuts cos I realise I have not been doing much lately and don't want to pull up sore as I still want to run tomorrow. I has a shower before I stretched because I knew Poppy was due to wake up and I wouldn't get one otherwise. I did some of my arm stretches in the shower actually then just as I was getting out she was stiring so my timing was excellent. Now I am really craving a bag of choc coated sultanas, Poppy and I are about to go for a walk to the shops to get something for dinner, surely if I walk I am allowed to get my choc coated sultanas........You don't understand its a girly thing. I NEED THEM!

Monday 14th August - Nuns Walk 5km

I really need to get my arse into gear, I need to stop eating crap and I need to start cross training again. I tried to get that 30min 5km again today and failed. I keep getting pretty much the same time LOL. It is clear to me that I need to start cross training again, my legs feel weak as does my core. SO here is the new plan:

Run 3 times a week still but on my off days I will aim to do some work on the bike aswell as some resistance work with my resistance tube, some push-ups, some core work and squats & lunges oh and some crunches of course as I am beginning to look pregnant, O.K I aready looked pregnant now I am looking 5 months pregnant.

Of course all that extra work will be a complete waste if I keep eating the way I am. Admittedly I do eat well. I eat plenty of good healthy food but I have also been sneaking in some terrible stuff........whoever invented choc coated sultanas has alot to answer for and of course there is always room for improvement in my overall diet. I am feeling quite lethargic and need to step up the vegies. My iron levels are low right now and I have been having dizzy spells the last two days as well as headaches, why do I keep forgetting to take my multi vitamins?

Anyway, yesterdays run. My legs felt quite heavy though most of it, I recon I have stacked on the weight and my legs were complaining about carrying it. I took my watch but forgot to hit the lap button after the first km so the first two are together. I really felt like I was struggeling today, Scallywag described as the start of her last run feeling like she was running through quicksand, that is how most of my run felt today. I just felt sooo damn heavy (I refuse to weigh myself but I know I am dragging extra weight). Anyway I really wanted this 30min run so I kep pushing and pushing and when I came to the incline that has been known to beat me on occasion I shortened my stride and really pumped my arms and it even felt like I managed to pick up the pace instead of dropping it this time. Felt great not to struggle up that hill for once. I was hoping my work would pay off but I was struggeling to pick up the pace much more than that and nearing the end of the run I didn't have my usual sprint in me....I was stuffed LOL. Here are the Stats:

1st & 2nd km: Time=12.26.17.....Pace=6.11.....Speed=9.6
3rd km: Time=6.07.55.....Pace=6.02.....Speed=9.8
4th km: Time=5.58.40.....Pace=6.03.....Speed=9.8
5th km: Time=5.40.47.....Pace=5.37.....Speed=10.6

Finishing time = 30.12.59

Better luck next week huh LOL. I'm not gonna try for the rest of this week. I am hoping for a long run with Crissy on Friday if she is up for it. Don't know what i will do Wed morning, was thinking of a slower 6 or 7 km......Dunno yet! I am gonna scream if I keep getting these 30.12 times hehe.

Rightio, I think Poppy is amlost ready for her nap so I am gonna go get the bike ready for a good workout. Toodles!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Friday 11th August - Nuns Walk 5km

Todays run was a disaster from the beginning LOL. Crissy was in rushing about mode and we started the run way too fast. Then Crissy mentioned her HRM giving her a strange reading, not long after that I noticed my watch had stopped recording the distance at just over 500m. We decided that they must have been interfering with each other. It's the best explaination we can come up with. Must be an un common problem though. Anyway Our pace was all over the place. I was trying to get my watch to work and we were talking a fair bit about our watches and my breathing was all over the joint. What was meant to be an easy enjoyable run was turning into a struggle.

My left ankle was starting to hurt I think just before the halfway point. Now this only ever happens when I run with Crissy, we discussed it after the run and both think that your stride changes when you run with a partner. I shorten mine and get foot & ankle probs so this is something I have to concentrate on next time we run together.

I figured as todays run was already stuffed I would play with trying to pick up my pace at the 3.5km mark as Stu suggested. Now the 3.5km mark just happens to fall upon the biggest incline in the track and is where I usually struggle but I gave it a shot anyway and felt like I powered up the hill quite well, recovered well and kept my pace up afterwards. Looking at my watch I decided that I was gonna try to get that 30min 5km again LOL. Yeah I know I wasn't meant to today but I was really running this last 1.5km well and I thought I had a good chance. Actually I thought I was gonna kill it......I was wrong. 30.28.41 was my finishing time......Still I wont complain, I feel more confident about running that last 1.5km faster so I did get something out of the run.

Must also note that after picking up the pace and of course lengthening my stride my ankle felt much better. Mind you while we were doing our cool down walk I was limping on it and having sharp pains thought it. I forgot to ice it when I got home but it feels fine now.

We have been having terrible computer trouble, we have sent it to two different places to get it fixed, the first charged us over $200 and didn't fic it. The second were a more honest mob and I think charged us a standard fee of about $20 and told us they couldn;t find what was causing it to crash all the time. We have since tried all sorts of things but the bloody thing keeps crashing. ANyway Hubby has finally had enough and decided yesterday we would get a new computer, so hopefully this is the end to our puter probs. Hubby spent all yesterday arvo setting this one up so this is why I am blogging today instead of yesterday.

I am so excited about the C2S tomorrow. I watch it every year but this year my very good friend Crissy is running it. OMG IT'S SO EXCITING! I just hope she managed to get up early this morning after a late-ish night out last night LOL.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Wednesday 9th August - Nuns Walk 5km

You would think that after Mondays nice run I would have been gagging to get out today not nooooooo. It looked like rain so it was a real struggle to get out that front door. I was even going to pike it and use the exercise bike instead but given all the times I would love to run but can't due to motherly duties I would have kicked myself if I didn't take advantage of Hubby being home today and forced myself out the door.

On my way to Nuns walk it started raining, I wanted to turn back but remembering that rain never used to bother me and one of my fav motivational quotes "Harden up Princess" I decided to stop sooking.

Todays 5km was not as easy as Mondays, my legs were a little heavy in the last half and I felt like I was a little more out of my comfort zone with my breathing. Reminding myself that Fridays run is gonna be an easy paced one I tried pushing myself a little harder when I was feeling like I was dragging my feet, this was my last chance this week to try and get a sub 30min 5km and I would kick myself if I didn't try hard enough.

I was concentrating on shoulders today, yes I know it's a common problem for me. In the last km when I was pushing my hardest I could really feel my shoulders tencing up and it was a constant battle to try to relax them. For obvious reasons I made sure I gave them a good stretch when I got home


1st km: Time=6.20.48.....Pace=6.14.....Speed=9.4
2nd km: Time=5.57.38.....Pace=6.00.....Speed=9.9
3rd km: Time=6.04.34.....Pace=6.04.....Speed=9.8
4th km: Time=6.15.20.....Pace=6.13.....Speed=9.4
5th km: Time=5.35.00.....Pace=5.38.....Speed=10.6

Finishing time: 30.12.40..............DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN....Must admitt that with the way I felt like I was running I didn't think I would beat Mondays time.

I am kinda looking forward to an easy paced run Friday, I should have fresh legs on Monday and hopefully be able reach my goal. If I can can my folks to look after Pop that is.