Thursday, October 19, 2006

Finally....New wheels for MEEEEEEE!

I took em for a qucik spin this morning, was my first time running on the concrete paths around the streets here. The shoes were great but I will try to stick to my trusty track in the furture, it's just that I had to sneak out for a real quick one before hubby had to leave for work this morning. I only did 3km but that was enough on the concrete for me.

I hit my knee really hard on the kitchen table last night and it is KILLING me. It throbbed through the night & I didn;t sleep well. ANyway it didn;t hurt at all while I was running but it's bloody sore now.

Well that's about it for now. I just wanted to join the "post pics of ya wheels" club.......I can't part with my old ones. I started running in those babies so they have sentimental value to them.

Right boys & girls. I have mums group in 25mins and I still havn't had a shower so TOODLES XX

Monday, October 16, 2006

Lucky Me!!

I consider myself extremly lucky that I live in such a beautiful part of Australia. I think too many people take places like Mornington & Mt Martha for Granted. How many people get to go for a run on a trail with a view of the beach & Bay? How many people get the pleasure of stretching on the beach while watching thier Hubby & Daughter play? I am certainly one of those who enjoys the simple pleasures in life and this morning I enjoyed a fantastic short 4km run finishing in my best time yet then stretched on the beach. Had to share some pics. Will post about runs later cos I am going on an even shorter 2.2km this arvo with Crissy.

O.K, it's not much later in the arvo and I'm just popping back to post about todays runs. This is the first time I have ever run twice in one day. Infact I have only ever run two days in a row once so I prob had no business doing this today but what's done is done. I didn't think it would be all that bad cos I made this mornings run 4km and was only meant to do 2.2km this arvo but Crissy was feeling great while running and wanted to do an extra lap and I couldn;t resist so I did 4.4km this arvo making todays total 8.4km. My legs were killing during the second lap of that last 4km LOL, and I mean KILLING. They are feeling quite fatigued now.

Anyway this mornings run was a ripper, my best 4km training time yet, have a look!

1st km: Time=6.16.40.....Pace=6.02
2nd km: Time=5.40.07.....Pace=5.49 (11.56.47)
3rd km: Time=5.49.82.....Pace=5.47 (17.46.29)
4th km: Time=5.20.90.....Pace=5.21 (23.07.19)

I am pretty happy with that, can't help but wonder what sort of 5km time I would have got if I kept on going, yes Vicki I am obsessed with time & distances.....i just can't realx on it but you will be happy to know that when I ran this arvo I took nothing. No GPS and no watch. Ok I took my watch but I didn;t use it. Crissy recons it took about 27mins.

Chris, I have commented on your blog about the 28th. How exciting. I will have to drop Pop around to my parents of course so I will try to get her there as early as possible. I know my partner in crime will be pretty excited.

Well done today Crissy. An excellent run in general, but an exceptional one considering it was your first post Op. Good to have you back, now you can get my arse into gear.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Sunday 15th October - Bike session 60mins

Hello, Hello! I am missing runs left right & center but am trying to make them up with bike sessions. My excuse for not running Friday was that a few really bad nights sleep had me KNACKERED like you wouldn't believe and I ended up with a nasty sore throat. I was going to head out today but decided to jump on the bike instead and run tomorrow.

I did 50mins of the endurance setting then a 10min basic pedal. I always feel fantastic after being on the bike and today was no exception but I was very dizzy afterwards. These dizzy spells are giving me the shits I tell you! I have not had any while or after running yet but a couple after being on the bike. I am drinking enough water and even drink 1lt everytime I am on the bike.

Now tomorrows run, Crissy is thinking of an easy 2km at Pelican park. It will be her first run after her OP and I imagine quite daunting for her. I would love to join her and was thinking that instead of doing that 2km with her then continuing on to do one or two more laps I thought I might have a short run in the morning, say 4km then have the 2km plod with Crissy. Yes I think that sounds like a super idea, now I just have to come though & actually do it.

Well that's all for me today. Oh yeah that's right. Today was SIS #2. I decided not to enter this time. My running has not been great and it's a lot of money once you consider petrol just to do a crap run. I need all the money I can get cos my runners are STUFFED and I mean STUFFED. I am expecting some nasty blisters soon as the inside of the heals are almost bare, stripped of padding.

O.K now I really am going, Crissy will be here soon and I am about to start chopping vegies for dinner....Toodles XX

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Wednesday 11th October - Nuns Walk 5km

Our baby girl is 18months old TODAY!!!!

Seeing how it's daylight so early these days and Poppy has decided that 5am is wake-up time I decided to get up at 6am and got for a run. I have never actually run this early in the morning and was looking forward to getting it out of the way so early. I did a 5min warm up on the bike and gave my legs a light stretch then took off. I had some trouble finding a spot to actually start the run cos my usual car park was chockers due to a Boot Camp running at Fishies Beach BUGGER!!!!! After driving up & down the esplanade a few times I managed to find a spot to park that would allow me to run in the direction I wanted to and still get 2.5km in each way.

I have not run since last Wednesday but have been trying to keep fitness up & build leg strength on the bike, I had a rest day yesterday though. Todays run didn;t feel too crash hot. I felt un fit and felt like I was PLODDING. The way I have my watch set up I can not tell how long I have been running for in total, only how many mins into a km I am so I had no idea how bad I was actually going but was guessing I would be lucky to make it back to the car in 33mins. I kept hitting the lap button too late and missing the kms so my stats are quite out of whack but here they are.

1st km: Time=6.52.74....Pace=6.22....Dist=1.07
2nd km: Time=5.44.36....Pace=6.00....Dist= .95 (12.37.10)
3rd km: Time=6.23.42....Pace=5.55....Dist= 1.07 (19.00.52)
4th km: Time=5.15.30....Pace=5.48....Dist= .90 (24.15.82)
5th km: Time=5.38.80..................................(29.54.62)

The 5th km is stuffed cos when I got home I was trying to show Hubby my finishing time in the recall setting but accidentally went into the Chrono setting and hit the lap button whick started the timer again, I stupidly did this twice (forehead slap) so my finshing time was actually a couple of seconds faster than that. I managed to loose the stats for that km too.

I put the distance in so you could see why the times were so up the creek. Otherwise Crissy would get a bit excited about the 4th km LOL and wonder what happened in the first LOL.

I can't tell you how shocked I was to see my finishing time. I was in no hurry to check it but caved while I was stretching on the side of the road and let out a little "Whooo hooooooooooo". I think the builders across the road were quite amused.

Anyway so there it is, what felt like a shocker of a run with surprising results. Have to go as I have Poppy booked in to see a doctor AGAIN.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Monday 9th October - Bike session again.

Another bike session today, I did 40mins on the vigorous program again then 20mins of basic peddling. I really worked up a sweat today and my legs were burning.....felt great.

Looks like hubby may not have to go to his meeting on Wednesday so I will be able to get out for a run in the morning before he has to go to bed to rpe[are for nightshift. I can't wait. I am keen to see if the bike is helping my running yet.

I was going to walk to the shops when Poppy wakes up but my shopping list is getting to big to get everything home. Plus she doesn't seem in a hurry to wake up. I put her down just after 11am and it's now 2:43pm. I heard her stir about an hour ago but she has been quiet since. Maybe it's time I went in and gently woke her LOL. I'd say she needs the sleep cos she decided that she wanted to party all night last night. My guess is it had something to do with all the sugar pumping through her veins from all the junk party food! So Hubby & i got stuff all sleep AGAIN last night. I am lucky I am able to stay home and exercise which helps me when i am tired but he has to work through a 12 hour shift Poor bastard!

Just a little footnote: I have been suffering terrible dizzy spells for about 3 weeks now. I have not actually fainted yet but come pretty close a few times, once in a sports shop in frankston which was nice & embarrasing. I got my blood pressure checked and it's perfect, she recons that maybe when it's happening it's caused by a normal drop but it doesn't come back up as quick as it should and told me to just lie doqn when I am feeling light headed. It's a pain in the arse and a bit of a worry, esp when i am holding the baby and I feel like I am gonna go!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Sunday 8th October - Bike session x2

Well I mentioned in this mornings post that I wanted to get on the bike today, well I did....straight after posting on my blog. I managed 45 mins. I did 40mins on the hiking setting then a 5 min cool down. Then I did some ab work and that was all I had time for before I had to get ready to go to the first party for the day.

I didn;t have time to eat before we left and all they had at the party was BAD food so I nibbled at some BAD food but didn't eat much of it. The second party was a joint party for our Niece and her Grandmother. I was STARVING by this stage and had a small pasta salad type dish with some white bread (I am paying for that I think but more on that soon). Then we had this awesome berry flan. I scraped the cream off mine cos I hate the stuff but the actual flan was HEAVEN. When we stood up to leave I copped a shocking pain in the guts. I get this pain every now & then and it's obviously a reaction to a particular food but I am not 100% certain what. My guess is white bread. AT first i said to my hubby "it's as if I have eaten white bread but I havn't" forgetting about the bread at be honest I only just remembered it while typing this post.

So feeling guilty about the food I had eaten today I decided to do another bike workout, I thought it may also help my tummy pain. I managed another 45mins but this time I did 25mins on the peak setting where it starts off really easy and gradually builds intensity untill your peddling on the hardest tension....I love it LOL. then I decided to do 20mins of basic peddling. All up for the day I did 22km on that bike.

My guts are still killing.

I am not able to run tomorrow cos Hubbby is working, can't wait till daylight savings so I can run after 7pm when he gets home. I may just end up on the bike again LOL, I should also go for a walk.

Anyway that's it for me again. I feel good about my work today, hopefully every bike workout will help my leg strength so when I do get out & run it will be better than it has been.

Lazy Lazy Lazy, someone kick me up the bum!

I am as lazy with my blogging as I am with exercise at the moment. I missed Fridays run because I hosted lunch for one of my mums groups, I kept tellingmyself it's OK and to just get on the bike. I find the bike fantastic for building leg strength and I feel I am really lacking leg strength at the moment so I don't mind missing a run so much as long as I replace it with a bike session but that doesn't always happen. Anyway it didn't happen. I then missed mondays run....can't remember why but again promiced myself I would get on the bike but due to a FERAL baby I didn't make it again. I did make it out for Wednesdays run though. Hubby got home at 7am and to get out for a run I had to ask him to stay up to watch Poppy, this is a huge ask but the only way I would have been able to run. I only did 4km for two reasons, 1) I have been struggeling and 2) cos as I mentioned I had to hurry home so hubby could get to bed after a 12 hour nightshift. I think that was the first time I have ever done a 4km training run. It was nice and just what I needed. I think i may do a couple more untill I get my confidence back.

Stats :
1st km: Time=6.20.13.......Pace=6.13
2nd km: Time=6.14.40.......Pace=6.11 (12.34.53)
3rd km: Time=6.12.25......Pace=5.52 (18.46.78)
4th km: Time=5.16.59.......Pace=5.35 (24.03.37)

My legs are definately out of condition, they even look different, not as much muscle definition and flabby. I have made alot of improvements to my diet but still seem to be stacking on weight. I don't know what is going on. I wasn't expecting to be losing weight but I certainly wasn't expecting to be gaining it. I am having trouble fitting into my fav pants and had a bit of a sook yesterday about it.

Oh speaking of yesterday, I was meant to go for a run Friday but didn't for girly reasons, I decided to go Saturday instead but as I was hanging my washing out in the morning I realised all my running socks were on the line. That is enough of an excuse for me these days to not run so I decided to bike it instead, but then I thought that cos we were having friends over I would trade my "bike time" for house cleaning time and asked hubby to keep the baby out of my way till I got that done. However, Poppy went down for a nap at lunchtime. She usually has 2 hours do I decided to use that time "working out" SO I did 40mins on the bike (30mins on the vigorous program and 10mins easy cool down) then i did some upper body work and ab work. Felt great. I had INXS pumping through my IPOD and didn;t want to get off that bike.

Today I was going to go for a run but we had friends over last night and I may have had a couple of alcoholic beverages and may have only had 4 hours sleep last night and may be feeling a tad de-hydrated. Not only that but we have two B'day parties to go to today and I straightened my hair yesterday and it still looks awesome so I don't want to ruin it. I really really want to get on the bike though, Hubby is having a nap as is Poppy so I have a chance to get on, I might just have an easy session then do some upper body work & abs. Have to be careful not to sweat too much so I don;t stuff the hair...what's the point then you ask? Well it's a mental thing, I will feel much better within myself if I made an effort no matter how small that effort is.

Can't wait to read the race reports from the Melb Mara today, Crissy & I were going to go watch the start and try to wish Michelle good luck but I woke up still a bit tanked and didn;t want to risk driving, plus Crissy just had an operation and is not feeling too crash hot.

Well I have crapped on long enough, I am going to hop on that bike. My thighs are getting bigger by the minute and I have to put a stop to it.

Stu: Thanks for your comment, so very true. Maybe I need to read back over my blog to remember how happy running was making me.