Friday, February 06, 2009

Another first Place WHOOOOO HOOOOOOO

I am pretty bloody stoked and still on a high. I love this portrait so it is great to see a professional liked it enough to give it a place.

As far as health goes, I am still feeling great. My workouts are going great guns though my diet has not been great this week. I did not bother weighing myself this week. Why ruin my good mood? Alcohol intake has also been bad this week. I have been "emotional drinking" a little. Anyway, I feel great, am getting stronger and feel physically ready to start the walk/run regime......but don't think I am emotionally ready. Scared of failing? Scared of not being able to commit? 

I am so excited about my photo. What a high. 

Ah, I can't believe I almost forgot to mention Anna's big day today. It is her 3yr old Kinder orientation. We have to leave any minute actually, better get the pram out of the car. She is so excited. I had a quiet cry earlier, she is growing up. I hope she makes some fantastic new friends and there are no bully's there. I am not a fan of bully's.