Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Been soooo Lazy.

First of all I would like to tank everyone for thier lovely comments on "Baby Peahen". Celeste & Anthea, thanks heps for dropping in.

Now I knew the time would come that I would have to come in here and admit how lazy I have been and I have been putting it off & putting it off.

For the last two weeks I have done Sweet FA. I am not happy with myself, I am quite ashamed hence me not coming in here and owning up. I was eating really really well but had a few days where I started craving some crap foods and treated myself but felt crap for it so I have had to get tough and motivate myself to make my fruit platters each day again.

On the scales I have not put on too much weight at all but as I just told Crissy my Bum & thighs are gonna need their own post code the way I am going.

I have been itching to get back into it the last few days but the Peahen household was struch with Gastro starting with Poppy, it was not pretty. Cleaning up after her was exhausing enough but then I copped it which just made it all too much to handle. Mr Peahen copped it aswell but he is not the complaining type and just put himself to bed insisting he didn;t need any special treatment so he was very easy to take care of. Anyway today Poppy & I are much better & Mr Peahen is at golf so after her nap I had the urge to get back on my bike LOL. Actually I had the urge to go for a run but that is another story and I opted for the bike. While I was on the bike I cranked Poppy's fav CD (The Grates) and she danced for the whole 35 mins while I peddled. I keep a diary of each bike session, how many kms I manage in the 35mins and I have to say that I was almost spot on with my last session so I don;t think I have lost too much fitness as far as the bike is concerned.

SO yes, I mentioned wanting to go for a run. The urge does get to me at times and as vain as it sounds sometimes I think the only thing stopping me is how my enlarged arse is looking in my running pants. However I have messaged Crissy and asked her if she is willing to acompany me on a jog sometime soon. Even if I have to resort to a run/walk thingy to keep my HR in the guidelines, I am just kind of itching and will admit to running around the house at times when I have some spare energy to burn.

Pelvic issues: Yep they have started already, I have been scalded for the shoes I have been wearing this summer but I am not about to stick my feet in hot runners or workboots on a stinking hot day so as I can wear my orthotics. I am on the lookout for some flip flop style shoes with added support and may end up with some birkies (Thanks Em). If I remember correctly lace ups are a no go later in pregancy anyway. SO the pelvic issues, it's not too bad yet but it's there. Even just now on the bike I was experiencing the all too familiar groin pain associated with pelvic instability but not bad enough to stop. I am hoping by now I know my limits.

Have to try to keep up the upper body work with the resistance band, have to make more of an effort in general. I was soooo unfit in my last pregnancy and I have started this one much better off but have to maintain a level of fitness to some degree so as I am able to return to running once the baby is born and so I am able to handle labour better.

As for the baby, she seems to be growing and I am feeling the little kicks now. I am just over 16weeks right now and we have our next ultrasound in 3 weeks. I am showing but am very comfortable. My sports crop top still fits WHOO HOOOOO. My back has been a little agro so I must google some core exercises right now (well right after I pee, I am busting).

So there you go, I stay away for a few weeks and come back full of dribble. Oh yeah we had my brother & his family visit in those few weeks, was great to see my nieces again and for Poppy to meet her cousins at last. They are from Townsville.

Well thats enough crap from me. Will someone give me crap if I don;t come back again for a few weeks cos it can only mean I am being lazy, please go ahead and make me feel guilty. Anthea, we chat almost daily, keep telling me to get off my fat bum!!!!!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Introducing Baby Peahen

Apparently everything is looking great. Baby Peahen is measuring spot on for my dates. At one stage she had her hands tucked behind the back of her head as if she were kicking back on an ocean cruise LOL. We got a great shot of her on 3D but I am not going to post it cos there is alot of detail and a tad freaky looking. I am going to watch the video again as soon as I am finished here. Too early to get a look between the legs LOL but I am calling her a her for now.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

This week!

O.K time to start this pregnancy exercise diary. This week went as follows.

Wednesday: 30mins on bike on hiking setting. Max HR 140 & fitball workout
Thursday: 30mins on Bike, hiking setting 8.82km max HR 142
Friday: 35mins on bike, hiking setting 10.42km max HR 145 and fitball workout
Saturday: 15mins on bike before giving up and just doing fitball exercises.
Tuesday: (today) 35mins bike on hiking. 10.53km max HR 149

I dunno what happened Saturday. My legs just felt like lead and They hurt so much I couldn;t go fast enought to get my HR up so I gave it a miss and decided not to push it and did a fitball WO instead. Sun & Mon I did absolutely NO exercise AAGGGGHHHHH.

Hopefully after tomorrow I will have some good news about our baby and some pictures.