Sunday, October 15, 2006

Sunday 15th October - Bike session 60mins

Hello, Hello! I am missing runs left right & center but am trying to make them up with bike sessions. My excuse for not running Friday was that a few really bad nights sleep had me KNACKERED like you wouldn't believe and I ended up with a nasty sore throat. I was going to head out today but decided to jump on the bike instead and run tomorrow.

I did 50mins of the endurance setting then a 10min basic pedal. I always feel fantastic after being on the bike and today was no exception but I was very dizzy afterwards. These dizzy spells are giving me the shits I tell you! I have not had any while or after running yet but a couple after being on the bike. I am drinking enough water and even drink 1lt everytime I am on the bike.

Now tomorrows run, Crissy is thinking of an easy 2km at Pelican park. It will be her first run after her OP and I imagine quite daunting for her. I would love to join her and was thinking that instead of doing that 2km with her then continuing on to do one or two more laps I thought I might have a short run in the morning, say 4km then have the 2km plod with Crissy. Yes I think that sounds like a super idea, now I just have to come though & actually do it.

Well that's all for me today. Oh yeah that's right. Today was SIS #2. I decided not to enter this time. My running has not been great and it's a lot of money once you consider petrol just to do a crap run. I need all the money I can get cos my runners are STUFFED and I mean STUFFED. I am expecting some nasty blisters soon as the inside of the heals are almost bare, stripped of padding.

O.K now I really am going, Crissy will be here soon and I am about to start chopping vegies for dinner....Toodles XX

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