Tuesday, August 05, 2008

"when are you updating your blog?"

I can finally add pictures LOL YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!
This is the mounted 10x20 storyboard we just got for the dining room.

Here you can see the effect of the linen overlay.

The above two were an experiment gone WRONG!

My absolutely stunning boy, OMG he is just the cutest.

The above two are images from my first newborn shoot.

ANother storyboard I am considering getting printed and mounted. 16x20 I think.

I just did this one tonight, I am happy with it, just experimenting really.

And some more sea/landscapes......whatever you wanna call them. (That middle one is a pond so to all the fickle buggers out there who get thier noses out of joint about the "scapes" being names incorrectly.......it's a "PONDSCAPE")

Ok Ok......I have heard this a few times this week so I am making an effort to update the blog lol. I should be working on the photo I want to submitt to my first comp but I will play here instead LOL.

I have just joined the local Camera club and I am so excited. I feel I have finally found somewhere I actually "fit in". I am really excited about getting my photos judged and critiqued.....the learning really begins now.

I had my second Newborn shoot almost exactly two weeks ago and it went really well. Baby J was perfect and his Mum is one of those natural beauties who shows up as nothing less than radient in the photos. So I am wrapped.

I just recieved an order yesterday with the mounted storyboard I ordered.......it looks sensational and is hanging in the dining room.......hang on have to get my tea, it's been brewing for 20mins........we also got one of my seascapes enlarged to 14x20 just to see what it would look like as I only have a 6MP camera so in theory it should look rubbish but it actually turned out really good......so there goes my dreams of getting a D300 (or better stil, a D700).

The kids are sick, both have gastro. One is sleeping it off in his cot and the other on the couch with her doona. I just sculled my cup of tea, I am so tired.

Anyway, here are some pics. Actually Blogger wont let me upload any pics LOL. So I will leave it at this and come back and finishe this when I can. My Calibration pack just arrived so I am going to get busy calibrating my monitor........my absolute fav thing in the world to do.