Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Plenty of peddeling!

Is that even a word....Peddeling that is? Anyway still no running but I am loving my bike. I went for a small walk on Sunday then had a 40min session on the bike yesterday and again tonight. It was hot today but the beauty of the bike is I can have the fan going on me while I use it.

I am trying so hard to watch what I eat. I have been filling up on plenty of fruit and water. I sooooo wanted some chocolate pudding tonight and I just happen to have a portion in the freezer but decided to jump on the bike instead and it worked.....craving gone. I love that bike LOL.

I HATE running in the heat....I would much rather run in a cold wind and rain than the heat! As summer approaches I think the only way I am gonna get back out there is really early in the morning. Why don't I wanna run anymore? I know I love it but I just would rather lock myself in the house and use my bike than go out in public and make a fool of myself.

Crissy I think I need you to come & jog with me!


pilbara said...

Why would you look foolish going for a run??? Crikey, you haven't seen me!!!!

Early morning to escape the heat works for me! Plus it sets you up for a beaut start to the day!

Chris said...

K - get that Chrissy moving and use each other for motivation!

Crissyjt said...

c'mon baby... a day and a time, and i'm there.

(i may need a bit of a push though)

Stu said...

I'm sure if you really wanted to you would get out there!

Maybe there's other underlying reasons.