Saturday, August 12, 2006

Friday 11th August - Nuns Walk 5km

Todays run was a disaster from the beginning LOL. Crissy was in rushing about mode and we started the run way too fast. Then Crissy mentioned her HRM giving her a strange reading, not long after that I noticed my watch had stopped recording the distance at just over 500m. We decided that they must have been interfering with each other. It's the best explaination we can come up with. Must be an un common problem though. Anyway Our pace was all over the place. I was trying to get my watch to work and we were talking a fair bit about our watches and my breathing was all over the joint. What was meant to be an easy enjoyable run was turning into a struggle.

My left ankle was starting to hurt I think just before the halfway point. Now this only ever happens when I run with Crissy, we discussed it after the run and both think that your stride changes when you run with a partner. I shorten mine and get foot & ankle probs so this is something I have to concentrate on next time we run together.

I figured as todays run was already stuffed I would play with trying to pick up my pace at the 3.5km mark as Stu suggested. Now the 3.5km mark just happens to fall upon the biggest incline in the track and is where I usually struggle but I gave it a shot anyway and felt like I powered up the hill quite well, recovered well and kept my pace up afterwards. Looking at my watch I decided that I was gonna try to get that 30min 5km again LOL. Yeah I know I wasn't meant to today but I was really running this last 1.5km well and I thought I had a good chance. Actually I thought I was gonna kill it......I was wrong. 30.28.41 was my finishing time......Still I wont complain, I feel more confident about running that last 1.5km faster so I did get something out of the run.

Must also note that after picking up the pace and of course lengthening my stride my ankle felt much better. Mind you while we were doing our cool down walk I was limping on it and having sharp pains thought it. I forgot to ice it when I got home but it feels fine now.

We have been having terrible computer trouble, we have sent it to two different places to get it fixed, the first charged us over $200 and didn't fic it. The second were a more honest mob and I think charged us a standard fee of about $20 and told us they couldn;t find what was causing it to crash all the time. We have since tried all sorts of things but the bloody thing keeps crashing. ANyway Hubby has finally had enough and decided yesterday we would get a new computer, so hopefully this is the end to our puter probs. Hubby spent all yesterday arvo setting this one up so this is why I am blogging today instead of yesterday.

I am so excited about the C2S tomorrow. I watch it every year but this year my very good friend Crissy is running it. OMG IT'S SO EXCITING! I just hope she managed to get up early this morning after a late-ish night out last night LOL.

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