Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Wednesday 11th October - Nuns Walk 5km

Our baby girl is 18months old TODAY!!!!

Seeing how it's daylight so early these days and Poppy has decided that 5am is wake-up time I decided to get up at 6am and got for a run. I have never actually run this early in the morning and was looking forward to getting it out of the way so early. I did a 5min warm up on the bike and gave my legs a light stretch then took off. I had some trouble finding a spot to actually start the run cos my usual car park was chockers due to a Boot Camp running at Fishies Beach BUGGER!!!!! After driving up & down the esplanade a few times I managed to find a spot to park that would allow me to run in the direction I wanted to and still get 2.5km in each way.

I have not run since last Wednesday but have been trying to keep fitness up & build leg strength on the bike, I had a rest day yesterday though. Todays run didn;t feel too crash hot. I felt un fit and felt like I was PLODDING. The way I have my watch set up I can not tell how long I have been running for in total, only how many mins into a km I am so I had no idea how bad I was actually going but was guessing I would be lucky to make it back to the car in 33mins. I kept hitting the lap button too late and missing the kms so my stats are quite out of whack but here they are.

1st km: Time=6.52.74....Pace=6.22....Dist=1.07
2nd km: Time=5.44.36....Pace=6.00....Dist= .95 (12.37.10)
3rd km: Time=6.23.42....Pace=5.55....Dist= 1.07 (19.00.52)
4th km: Time=5.15.30....Pace=5.48....Dist= .90 (24.15.82)
5th km: Time=5.38.80..................................(29.54.62)

The 5th km is stuffed cos when I got home I was trying to show Hubby my finishing time in the recall setting but accidentally went into the Chrono setting and hit the lap button whick started the timer again, I stupidly did this twice (forehead slap) so my finshing time was actually a couple of seconds faster than that. I managed to loose the stats for that km too.

I put the distance in so you could see why the times were so up the creek. Otherwise Crissy would get a bit excited about the 4th km LOL and wonder what happened in the first LOL.

I can't tell you how shocked I was to see my finishing time. I was in no hurry to check it but caved while I was stretching on the side of the road and let out a little "Whooo hooooooooooo". I think the builders across the road were quite amused.

Anyway so there it is, what felt like a shocker of a run with surprising results. Have to go as I have Poppy booked in to see a doctor AGAIN.


Stu said...

Well done Karina and so early in the morning..

Time for those 'black out' curtains for little A.

Peahen said...

LOL, Stu. She has blackout curtains and an ouside blind that we put down. It's definately not the light.

Vicky said...

Would not worry about getting too caught up in the stats Karina. I would put more emphasis on just getting out there, running at whatever pace/distance feels good and just enjoying it. Specially early in the morning, when it feels good to be out there. Does speed really matter right now?
Just keep getting out there... things will improve on their own, esp when you're not looking!

Cheers, MAR.

Crissyjt said...

gotta love that time! and builders you say.... whats the address?