Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Wednesday 9th August - Nuns Walk 5km

You would think that after Mondays nice run I would have been gagging to get out today not nooooooo. It looked like rain so it was a real struggle to get out that front door. I was even going to pike it and use the exercise bike instead but given all the times I would love to run but can't due to motherly duties I would have kicked myself if I didn't take advantage of Hubby being home today and forced myself out the door.

On my way to Nuns walk it started raining, I wanted to turn back but remembering that rain never used to bother me and one of my fav motivational quotes "Harden up Princess" I decided to stop sooking.

Todays 5km was not as easy as Mondays, my legs were a little heavy in the last half and I felt like I was a little more out of my comfort zone with my breathing. Reminding myself that Fridays run is gonna be an easy paced one I tried pushing myself a little harder when I was feeling like I was dragging my feet, this was my last chance this week to try and get a sub 30min 5km and I would kick myself if I didn't try hard enough.

I was concentrating on shoulders today, yes I know it's a common problem for me. In the last km when I was pushing my hardest I could really feel my shoulders tencing up and it was a constant battle to try to relax them. For obvious reasons I made sure I gave them a good stretch when I got home


1st km: Time=6.20.48.....Pace=6.14.....Speed=9.4
2nd km: Time=5.57.38.....Pace=6.00.....Speed=9.9
3rd km: Time=6.04.34.....Pace=6.04.....Speed=9.8
4th km: Time=6.15.20.....Pace=6.13.....Speed=9.4
5th km: Time=5.35.00.....Pace=5.38.....Speed=10.6

Finishing time: 30.12.40..............DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN....Must admitt that with the way I felt like I was running I didn't think I would beat Mondays time.

I am kinda looking forward to an easy paced run Friday, I should have fresh legs on Monday and hopefully be able reach my goal. If I can can my folks to look after Pop that is.


Stu said...

Your final km was 45 sec faster than the 4th km, that is a big difference, when aiming for your sub 30 can I suggest you start to pick up the pace around the 3.5km area.

I bet sub 30 will happen easier.

Scallywag said...

good stuff Karina - you are well on the way:)(

Crissyjt said...

Once i get back from C2S, i would love to join you on your Wed run.
Can i bring my whip?