Thursday, October 19, 2006

Finally....New wheels for MEEEEEEE!

I took em for a qucik spin this morning, was my first time running on the concrete paths around the streets here. The shoes were great but I will try to stick to my trusty track in the furture, it's just that I had to sneak out for a real quick one before hubby had to leave for work this morning. I only did 3km but that was enough on the concrete for me.

I hit my knee really hard on the kitchen table last night and it is KILLING me. It throbbed through the night & I didn;t sleep well. ANyway it didn;t hurt at all while I was running but it's bloody sore now.

Well that's about it for now. I just wanted to join the "post pics of ya wheels" club.......I can't part with my old ones. I started running in those babies so they have sentimental value to them.

Right boys & girls. I have mums group in 25mins and I still havn't had a shower so TOODLES XX


deege said...

Ooh how nice and shiny!! This is obviously the start to the big collection.

Lee said...

Oh Karina, they are beautiful!! I would kill for a nice light pair of runner's :-).

Vicky said...

Great shots! My sister lives in Mornington and we drove a lot of the peninsula when I was there last Sun/Mon. It really is beautiful... Didn't realise that I was so close to where you live until now.

Always great to get shiny new shoes! And no prob tracking the stats, provided you don't let them dictate to you!! :-)))


Sekhmet said...

Finally blogger is letting me comment!

Nice wheels K ;-) I'm glad to see that you are also a fan of posting the running shoe pics, I'm certainly a fan of looking at them (sad I know...)

I mentioned to Blkbox the other day how sad it would be if someone nicked our digital camera - it's full of cat and running shoe photos....says a lot about how exciting our existence is doesn't it? lol