Friday, September 22, 2006

Friday 22nd September - nuns walk 6km

Well I suppose I can't expect to come back form 3 weeks break and not have a crap run........I struggeled a tad today. Crissy picked me up at 7:30am and we headed to Nuns walk, we were going to run somewhere that I have never un before today but seeing how it was blowing a gale this morning we thought better of it and decided to take advantage of the bit of preotection that Nuns Walk offers. Thank goodness for that too cos we found the wind bad enough there.

Anyway I was finding the run generally harder than the last two, we were tossing up whether to do 5 or 6 km. At the 2.5km mark a spunky fella passed us and I said to Crissy "we are at 2.5 if ya wanna turn around" her answer "nah we have something to run towards now" or something like that. It was true, this guy had a nice bum but we didn;t get to see it for long as he sped off infront of us. So we turned around at 3km. At the 4km mark my outer thighs were hurting, I have never had a pain like this while running I don't think, anyway I was finding it a real struggle form then on and didn;t think I was gonna make it but kept telling myself that once we make it to 5km we are pretty much there (the last km is always a pisser).

All this time Crissy is really enjoying the run, once we finished she raved about how much she enjoyed it which was really good cos she seemed to struggle a tad on Wednesday and I was worried her confidence was shattered. Today she breezed it.

We braved some stretching in the wind, then Crissy dropped me home where I stretched a heap more then iced the sore spots on my legs. I am really dissapointed in todays are the stats.

1st km: Time=6.27.79...Pace=6.25
2nd km: Time=6.35.68...Pace=6.20 (13.03.47)
3rd km: Time=5.55.33...Pace=6.09 (18.58.80)
4th km: Time=6.28.73...Pace=6.27 (25.28.53)
5th km: Time=6.16.32...Pace=6.13 (31.43.85)
6th km: Time=5.44.20...Pace=5.47 (37.28.05)

That finishing time is over 2 mins slower than my best for a 6km training run.

So now I am listening to INXS having a glass of red, I am about to catch up on one of the forums I use, It's massive and I havn't been able to use it for about a week and you have no idea how much I have missed since then.


Lee said...

Well K, you did better than me today! I gave my run a miss due to blustering wind :-0! I love running in the rain but draw the line at the wind.

Hope your sore spots sort themselves out quick smart :)

Peahen said...

LOL, Lee, yes I am usually the same. The wind sucks. But I really thought I was going well and todays run would be awesome. How wrong I was!

Stu said...

Good to see the consistency is starting to return, another week or so and the times will start to drop and so will other things too...

Chris said...

Good stuff K!

Happy to see things are returning to how they should be.

Vicky said...

Got to expect a "not so good" run now and then, we all have them.
Sometimes they sneak up when you least expect it too!

Sure the next one will be better, just give your legs time to recover then get back out there!