Saturday, August 11, 2007

Finally some endorphins

Can you believe my little man is 7 weeks old? I have some fantastic news, he was weighed last Wednesday and he had put on 210gm in one week so we have finally got somewhere with the feeding. I am so happy and proud, I screamed and hugged the nurse when she told me LOL.

So seeing how I gave birth a massive 7 weeks ago and my milk supply is pretty good now I decided it was time to get my endorphin fix I have been craving for so long and start exercising. I only did 20mins on the bike which actually lasted almost 30mins with all the breaks I had to take to re-settle Ryan, then I did some ab work and some resistance band work with my upper body followed with some yoga stretches. Oooooh it felt good. I would like to do this 3 times a week for now and keep an eye on my supply and if it doesn;t effect it I can step it up and spend more time on the bike.

Once the weather improves I will be able to get the kids out in the pram more often, this will be a much less stressful way of exercising as it is hard to exercise while keeping Anna entertained and Ryan settled between feeds. WOuld be much easier to just shove 'em both in the pram and go for a brisk walk up a hill. Anna is about 14kg now so it would be a good work out.....actually unless it is raining tomorrow we have a big hill walk planned cos we are going to walk to the market then to a mates place.

The new protein packed diet is going well and my sugar cravings are almost non existant now. I have managed to put on another kg with it though and I have only one pair on pants (that aren't trackies) that fit and about 4 tops. Hence me wanting to start exercising again. I just wanna get back into my jeans, not even my skinny jeans, my fat jeans would be a good start *blush*.

ANyway the kids are going great, Anna has perked up alot since she was sick and having tantrums 24/7. Best I go and check on Ryan then have a sponge bath before his next feed in case he doesn't like the taste of sweat.

Friday, August 03, 2007

My Little Man.

Awwww, isn't he a cutie. I am sooooo inlove LOL. Things are going much better I think and I am actually almost looking foward to the next weigh in. He has been a very setted and contented little man today, I feel my milk has increased again and he is feeding more efficiently. I croched that beanie he is wearing in those pictures, it is pure wool from the Bendigo woolen Mills and is a peach. He certainly need it in this freezing melbourne weather.

Have to say a special thankyou to Anthea for all your support, not only just now with the breastfeeding but the past 10 months while we were pregnant. Seems like almost eberyone in our not so little group is or has had feeding trouble of some kind huh! Why can't it just be easy? Anyway thanks heaps and I hope you are feeling much better XXX

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Crash.......and burn!

Wow, how to go from blissfully high to depressingly low in less than a week.......have your milk supply drop. Yep after being so happy with our feeding it went backwards. Lucky for me I had a visit from a great lactation consultant who has pointed out a few things that should help once corrected, like attachment and my diet. Yep turns out I need alot more protein in my diet. So we have made some changes and I think/hope we are getting there.
Anna has been a mess this week, we know she was teething and she had a temp a few days ago but she just wasn;t getting any better and I couldn;t get her into the doctors till Friday so we took her to the hospital on Wed night. After waiting 2 hours all the doctor could find wrong with her was a little bit of a red throat and a tiny bit of an ear infection and he wouldn't give her antibiotics. We think that she is also playing on it a fair bit now, we are having real trouble with her. I just want my good/sweet little girl back.
Anyway, just to prove I do take photos of Anna aswell as Ryan here is my latest LO. It is not a digital one for a change, it took me ages to do cos I am not very good at the "manual" scrapbooking and I kept changing my I could only spend little amounts of time at it at a time and had to keep packing up all the scrapbooking gear each time.....Anthea I don't know how you do it. I bet you have a special room/desk dedicated to your scrapbooking.
I have not been taking photos this week, too busy with the feeding again. Oh I am so tired, I am off to bed. I started this post ages ago but got distracted with feeding Ryan, he is now finally settled in our room.....only after feeding him 3 times in the last 1.5 hours LOL.
Anyway, tell next time Toodles.