Friday, August 25, 2006


....Yeah you!

Nah your not in trouble I just wanted to let you know that I have been reading your blog but am having trouble leaving messages. I am a bit of a puter dud.

Thanks for the "suck up" on Poppy's pics. She is a sweety huh! And yeah I have been feeling really great & strong with my running ........till today LOL.

Anyway Hope you have settled into your new place nicely. Toodles XXX

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Chris said...

Thanks K, I feel very special getting a personal post.

Move in and settling in has gone nicely at the new place. My fiance has a broken foot, so I am doing all the cooking and cleaning at the moment, but have told her I am keeping count and expect the same amount of days off!

Horrible experience for you with Poppy, but I guess all kids are going to have incidents like that throughout their life. Will never be easy though.

Should be easy to comment on my blog now due to some reformatting.

Have a good week.