Wednesday, September 06, 2006

So Bloody tried. Stu to put a dampener on the chockie. I feel heaps better but my energy levels are ZERO....I was meant to try a run today but it's raining and to be honest I just can't be bothered. This always happens when I have a break, now I am going to struggle to get motivated again. AAAGGGGHHHHHHH.

I was mean to do an at home workout yesterday too but Anna & I spent most of the day out window shopping and I ran out of time. It was my first day out in 5 days and I had a great time looking at shoes & lingerie.....two things I love but can't afford so I tease myself by looking.

I am quite worried about my attitude towards running. WHile I am doing it consistantly I LOVE it but whenever I am forced to take time off due to illness or injury I have alot of trouble getting motivated to get back into it. I even sometimes wonder why I even bother, like I am kidding myself anyway and I am a bit of a bloody joke. Then again I think I was starting to make progress and actually improve and the last couple of weeks before I got sick were my best and I was really enjoying it.

I'm just so tired and can't be bothered. I am feeling very nesty at the moment. I am really enjoying playing with Poppy and trying to spend more quality time with the hubby. Ill be honest with you's after 3pm and I am still in my PJ's. A large part of me is feeling very guilty and a little depressed about not getting out and running but another part of me just can't be bothered and doesn't want to.

I do always manage to pull myself out of these ruts and this time wont be any different......I just have to do it.


deege said...

Gosh, things don't sound too good. The motivation kickstarter for me is always the fact that I have entered myself in some run or other which I have to keep preparing for so that I don't collapse in a heap on race day.

Even when I feel like I couldn't be bothered, I remind myself I have to run 8km in a week and a half so I had better get my butt out there.

Lee said...

I can so relate to what you are saying K, especially the bit about alway's being tired! I am alway's exhausted and I sometime's wonder what the hell I am doing out there 3 times a week running plus twice a week at gym. It is really hard to get back into it once you have some time off.
Don'tbe so hard on yourself, you will find your motivation again, I am sure :)!

Em said...

My dear it was a truly vile day today don't beat yourself up over it.

When you get out there again just take it easy and enjoy yourself. Perhaps even leave the watch off and just run fo the heck of it.

Peahen said...

Thanks heaps guys. It's support like this that makes me really wanna get back out there. I am just such a lazy person at heart and find it a struggle at times LOL.

Jaykay said...

K I so understand what you are saying about motivation (or lack of it!)

I'm a very lazy person at heart and if it wasn't for Michelle, I probably wouldn't get out there and run as often as I do.

Even now, I've missed 2 runs this week, okay one was due to the weather, but this morning there was no reason to stay in bed, rather than head down the gym for a 10km run on the tready. Just me being lazy as usual!

As Em said, don't beat yourself up over it, happens to most of us.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you could try some CAROB. There's a great recipe on the net for Carob and Walnut slice. Get some of that into ya!

Peahen said...

No-body likes a smartarse honey. Me thinks you should spend less time on the puter and more time making me cups of tea and serving them with chocolate biscuits followed by foot massages.

Chris said...

Maybe a weekend run down the Peninsula way might suit a few Ausrunners! Might assist with the motivation a bit too.

Shame you won't be at the first SiS, but will catch up soon.