Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Oh what a night!!!! I had the BEST TIME EVER. We dropped Poppy off at my Mum & Dad's at about 2pm then ehaded for St Kilda. When we got to the Cosmopolitan Hotel we discovered that they had run out of the rooms that we booked and had to up-grade us DAMN lol. So we ended up with a King size bed and a bigger room. It was unreal. After we dropped out gear into the room we headed out for a walk to look for somewhere we might like to go for dinner, we had been recommended the Stokehouse but hubby thought we would just look around and see what we find. Anyway we ended up stumbeling across the Stokehouse and went in for a drink and a look at the menu. I had a straight Jack Daniels and we sat outside and watched a few mad people swimming. Once we finished out drink we went back to our room to get ready (and have another drink).

I touched up my make-up and changed my outfit while sucking on a JD & Dry Stubby, I was having a bad hair night and couldn't control my frizzy curls but ended up giving up. Hubby messaged a mate of his who was going to the concert aswell and we organised to meet up for dinner at the Stokehouse. We had many drinks while waiting to order, I ordered a Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato wrap off the entree menu and it was SENSATIONAL.....MmmmmmmI could go one right now. We had a nice view of the beach and every few mins a runner or two would go past. I have never seen so many runners and just wanted to get out there myself, the concrete was a bit of a deterance as were the high wedge shoes I was wearing LOL. ANyway before too long it was time to head over to the Palais.

Jo and I left the guys and headed up to the bar there, the support band started but we decided to hang out upstairs and have a few drinks LOL. I also had another friend there somewhere, she was messaging me to tell me they were still picking up thier tickets but we finally managed to bump into each other at the bar just before heading into our seats.

The next two hours were spend dancing, singing and clapping my hands wishing I had a bottle of water LOL. I was a blast. My hubby stayed at out seat as the rest of us got as close to the front as we could, I could almost smell JD's sweat lol. As he was taking his shirt off I was getting all set for a perve on a nice buffed upper body but dissapointed to discover he is quite scrawney......Not much to perve on there. I was sure he was more muscley than that. Oh well, lucky I was there for the music. I did go back and join hubby for the last few songs, he was not peeved that I deserted him.

After that we headed off to find somewhere to have a drink......I kept saying "That was awesome" and I think the others were ready to smack me over the head. But it was just Awesome.....I would have gone back the next night if I could. Anyway we found a small cafe/bar that was giving latin dance classes upstairs so Jo and I went up to watch that while the boys sat outside and had a drink. Jo & I had a nice perve on the band....especially the drummer who just happened to have the nicest set of arms I have EVER seen, then we joined the boys downstairs. We tired finding somewhere else to hang out but then decided the night was over and went our separate ways.....that is the end of a fantastic night out as far as you guys are concerned....the rest is PRIVATE lol. A great night all round, was great for us to get out and have a good time. the next morning we found a nice cafe to have breaky, Hubby ordered a massive cooked breaky with bacon, poached eggs, tomato & mushrooms, I had pancakes and a terrible cup of tea. Then we headed home as we were both missing Poppy terribly.

I can't wait till we have a night away again. Might have to take Pop next time though, I'm thinking the Yarra Valley, will be back later to post about the run I am going on this arvo.

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