Monday, September 25, 2006

Monday 25th September - Nuns Walk 5km

This morning I went for a quick 3km walk to drop an invitation around to a girlfriends place. Hubby has just come off nightshift so I had to wait for him to wake this arvo before I could go for a run.

After a few probs with the armband to my GPS reciever I finally got to head off at about 3ish. I did jokingly say to hubby before I left something about knowing my luck the battery will run out and all our efforts would have been for nothing......About 600m into the run I copped a weak GPS signal and it dropped out, maybe cos of a low battery. I have run the whole track with it before with no problem, anyway I started to panic a little. I did not start from where I usually do my 5km runs from so I didn;t know where to turn around.....I even contimplated turning back and giving up for the day. I had a bad afternoon, I dont; wish to discuss it but lets just say I had a little "moment" before my run and really needed to be out there. Anyway I decided to harden up and keep going and change my plan. I thought I would just run out for 16mins then try to come back faster. 16mins was certain to get me over the 2.5km mark, I felt like I was going a good pace today and was spewing I wouldn't have the data to look at afterwards. I was a little worried I was heading out a little fast and would end up taking longer to come back but on the way back I just kept getting faster. With about 700m to go I found this amazing rythym, my breathing was fantastic and I felt like I was flying, I was hoping I could keep it up till the end.....I did and I only managed to get faster LOL. I was breathing in through my nose every second breath and developed a fantastic rythym with it, I felt my breathing slow down heaps after was an awesome feeling and I was grinning from ear to ear.

I ran for 16mins out and it took 14.32.22 to get back.....not bad. It was alot of fun and nice to do something different for a change. I have really come to rely on the GPS and hate not knowing exact distances now but these things happen. Anyone who knows me well knows I don;t cope to well with change and I am extremly set in my ways.

So overall a fantastic run, what makes a run fantastic? The feeling you have afterwards, no dissapointment about my effort, satified that I gave it pretty much my all and didn;t feel like dying in the process.

Also happy to report that my mood was much much better when I got back. I recon I stretched for twice as long as I ran for. I am having trouble finding an ITB stretch that works for me.

The Weight Battle............

I have been batteling with my weight for the last month. I have put on 3kg and feel TERRIBLE. It dawned on me last night that it isn;t so much what I am eating but how much of it I am eating. My portions are terrible.....embarrasing even. This stopps today. I started with my usual MASSIVE bowl of cereal and served myself half of what i usually have. Yes I wanted more but I didn;t need more and was over it 20mins after eating it.

I am also trying to cut out the poor choices in snacks. I use full fat cheese for Poppy and have been a little naughty by sneaking bits when I am cutting it up for her. This stops today, mind you while I was cutting her a slice for afternoon tea I so wanted to hoe into it myself LOL. I have joined a weight loss support thread in a Forum I use. We all have stated our weight and how much we need to lose and are giving each other diet & exercise tips, we are also reporting our daily exercise to motivate each other.

That's about it really, I plan on losing that 3kg and think I just have to make some healthier choices in my diet and keep up the running. Poppy is on one day nap now so I am finding I have much less time to crosstrain, now it is warming up a little I will get out with the stroller more often for some nice walks. I think todays walk loosened up my legs for my run.

Well again I have crapped on long enough. Crissy, I hope you have updated your blog by now.....if not then hurry up and do so.


Crissyjt said...

Just for you pumpkin! Hope u enjoy it ;-)
Love the plan for healthy eating habbits. Your motivation sounds as if it's almost back to full swing.
(i have only read todays post, but promise to read the others in the next few days. It's freezing out this end of my house, and there is a yummy block of chocky waiting for me in the loungeroom)

Toodles baby

Lee said...

I am in the same boat at the moment with my weight :-(, need to lose about 3k. I also love cheese and pick at it everytime I am cutting some for the kids (along with everything else)! Needless to say, my relaxing with a drink or two most nights aint helping. I have started my Calorieking on-line food diary again just yesterday.
I was once a member of weight loss forum and it was really good motivation for me. The only thing was with the one I joined, most of the girls needed to lose big amounts of weight so at times I felt like a bit of imposter whinging about my meazly 3-4kg I had to lose at that time, lol!
Good luck with the weight loss K :-).

Peahen said...

PMSL Lee, I feel the same in the thread I am using, but it's not a weight loss forum, it's a parenting forum so I have plenty of other things to do in there aswell. I even sometimes feel bad complaining about my weight when some of the others are wanting to lose 30kg. I love being there to offer support & motivation though.

Chris said...

It's funny how crappy circumstances can produce a brilliant run.

I guess just like everything being great doesn't guarantee a good run.

Take it as it comes and try not to let the bad ones get you down.

Jaykay said...

Can I join the "need to lose 3 or 4 kg" club too?

I know that when I was watching The Biggest Loser I mentioned that I would love to be in those surroundings, just being able to concentrate on training, training and training and it would be a great idea for another show, just for people who need to tone up and lose those last few kg's.

Sounds like you had a great run. It's days like those you realise why you love running so much!

Vicky said...

Great to hear, I told you the next run would be better!

I totally agree with Chris' post - and sometimes being fired up or even upset about something can make for a great run! Other days when you think all is well, the run is crap!

Good luck with the weight thing - it is sooooo easy to let it get away from you a little bit at times, I've felt the same in the past, but the main thing is that you realise it now, before it becomes a lot and is really hard to get back under control!