Sunday, October 08, 2006

Sunday 8th October - Bike session x2

Well I mentioned in this mornings post that I wanted to get on the bike today, well I did....straight after posting on my blog. I managed 45 mins. I did 40mins on the hiking setting then a 5 min cool down. Then I did some ab work and that was all I had time for before I had to get ready to go to the first party for the day.

I didn;t have time to eat before we left and all they had at the party was BAD food so I nibbled at some BAD food but didn't eat much of it. The second party was a joint party for our Niece and her Grandmother. I was STARVING by this stage and had a small pasta salad type dish with some white bread (I am paying for that I think but more on that soon). Then we had this awesome berry flan. I scraped the cream off mine cos I hate the stuff but the actual flan was HEAVEN. When we stood up to leave I copped a shocking pain in the guts. I get this pain every now & then and it's obviously a reaction to a particular food but I am not 100% certain what. My guess is white bread. AT first i said to my hubby "it's as if I have eaten white bread but I havn't" forgetting about the bread at be honest I only just remembered it while typing this post.

So feeling guilty about the food I had eaten today I decided to do another bike workout, I thought it may also help my tummy pain. I managed another 45mins but this time I did 25mins on the peak setting where it starts off really easy and gradually builds intensity untill your peddling on the hardest tension....I love it LOL. then I decided to do 20mins of basic peddling. All up for the day I did 22km on that bike.

My guts are still killing.

I am not able to run tomorrow cos Hubbby is working, can't wait till daylight savings so I can run after 7pm when he gets home. I may just end up on the bike again LOL, I should also go for a walk.

Anyway that's it for me again. I feel good about my work today, hopefully every bike workout will help my leg strength so when I do get out & run it will be better than it has been.

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