Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Awesome Frames

I am up to my elbows in Action but have only tried out a few. I am loving these frame ones by Bud Guinn found here. Admittedly everything looks alot better in photoshop than anywhere else but they are still effective.

Kids are going well, Anna's molars that I have been complaining about for months have finally broken through...barely but the gums broken so we are getting somewhere. It pretty much happened yeaterday and let me tell you, it was the day from hell. I missed out on the gym because she was so feral she had me really upset in the morning and come afternoon my head was THUMPING and I could barely move my eyes. Two beers at dinner time helped with that though. I am going to go this arvo, however it's the perfect day for a run and I am tempted to go for a small jog instead....maybe I should do both to make up for whatever damage I do at Mum's group tomorrow. I just made the most scrummy orange and poppyseed muffins for tomorrow, it was a Gluten free packet mix and they turned out PERFECT. One of them broke as I was getting it out of the muffin tin so Anna and I had to eat it......damn.

I am really enjoying the photography blog I have recently joined, I am going to learn alot of that great crew......I have alot to learn. I have also been madly stalking the photography section of Essential baby crap.....why has my font changed and where the hell did my font choices go? Agghhhhhhhhhh. Anyway been getting loads of tips and inspiration from there aswell.

Ryan is awesome, he is a little Mummy's boy which is so nice for me. He is very cuddle, unlike Anna was. He is very happy to snuggle on the couch with me. He is getting around very fast now and Anna enjoys playing chasey with him, she tires him out very quickly.

Anyway, that's it for now. Will try to post more regulary with photos. Here are ones from yesterday with one of the frames I was talking about.


P.S.....Just coming back in to say I did end up doing both gym and Jog...managed 3km and who should I bump into on my fav track.....Crissy, my old running partner. She was meeting up with her boss for a run and saw my car so jogged out to meet me and gave me some company on my return leg. I was struggeling with a stitch so conversation was hard. How funny, I was coming back....uphill.....against the wind......with a stitch and there is this wonderfully lean chick running towards me waving her arms around at me PMSL. Was a lovely surprise, she is prolly just finishing her run now.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, welcome 2008! This should be the first year since 2004 that I won't be pregnant for any part of the year. Our family is complete and I think both Cam and I are looking forward to moving on as a completed family.

We whispered "goodbye" to 2007 last night, we went to bed early and only had two drinks each so we were nice and sober. Ryan woke me up just before midnight so I got to sneak in one last kiss for 2007. I listened to the squeaky little teens over the road stop squeaking and giggling long enough for the countdown, then they went right back to partying. The girls squeaking and giggling like brain dead morons and the boys yelling, belching and cursing like real "heros" Oh to be young and stupid again *sigh*

"2008 is sure to be a good year" quoting a text message I recieved this morning. I for one have some high hopes for 2008. A family very close to me has had a really shitty time the last few years and I am hoping that 2008 brings to them a fresh start full of nothing but happiness and the best of luck for each and every member of that family.

To a very special EB friend who I know will read this, I have said this elsewhere but I'm going to say it again. You are very very strong and focused, whatever happens in 2008, whatever the outcome you will know in your heart that you have done everything possible. I hope you get the outcome you are so desperately fighting for and deserve, Hang in there XXX

Here are some pics of Miss A taken on 29/12/07. Hard to believe how much of a poohead she is at the moment just by looking at these pics LOL.

For 2008 I just want my lovely little girl back, I miss her like crazy. I see glimpses every now and then but mostly she is not the same little girl. She has a terrible time teething and these molars are taking forever to break through, her poor little gums are so swollen. Who knows what she is feeling. I have to credit her on her toilet training though. We packed the potty away a few days ago and she is happily using the toilet. I can count on one had the amount of accidents she has had and I can;t rememeber when the last one was. Now just to get her out of nappies while she sleeps.