Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Wednesdays 27th September - Nuns Walk 5km

Will try my hardest to keep this short cos I am snowed under here.

Todays run was not the best. My GPS dropped out again I have no idea what is going on with it. I am getting a battery system on my watch but the reciever thingy should last a year without needing a battery change. We will change it and see if it helps anyway. So anyway it was a crap day for running again, I am sure we are all copping th crappy wind conditions and I should be thankfull that at least my running track is a little protected. I decided to start where I used to start today cos I did have a feeling the GPS may play up again and at least this way I know where the 2.5 turn around point is and I would still be able to time the run properly. BUT for some reason when the GPS dropped out the stop watch stopped aswell, maybe I het a button without meaning it....I don;t know. So here I am running quite hard for me cos I wanted a good time for this 5km but I wasn't even timing it. Once I realised that I backed off a fair bit.

The wind was making it quite hard at times, I had to jump a fallen tree, there were two really old people on bikes on the track and they were barely peddeling.....they kept tilting to one side and almost falling off. There are actually no bikes allowed on this track and I was really pissed at them. On the way back I copped them again and I had to stop and climb around them. THEN not too far from my finish there was a car blocking the track, I run through two very small car parks before I get to the one I park in and some dickhead had parked right across the park. Crissy may be able to picture this. Judging by the hat on the front seat it was a Nana. SO I had to half climb up the side of the car to get aorund it.

Anyway it was a bad run, it didn;t feel great while I was running but I finished strong and I know the next one will be better. Another positive is that I really wanted to give up a few times but I didn;t so when I finished I had that to be thankful for.

Now I have Mums group here tomorrow and have alot of food prep to get on with, then I have another lunch on here on Friday with the girls I was in hospital with, yes how awesome is that I am still in contact with the women I was in labour with.

Just one last exciting snippet, my little girl is cutting her thirt tooth FINALLY. She is just about 18months old and only has her two bottom teeth, most other babies her age have a full set LOL. So the next ones we were expecting were the top two but NOOOOOOOOO, not our little Text Book rebel, she has to go and cut a Molar for her third tooth.

ANyway this is much longer than I expected and I am rushing so much so I better go. Toodles.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Monday 25th September - Nuns Walk 5km

This morning I went for a quick 3km walk to drop an invitation around to a girlfriends place. Hubby has just come off nightshift so I had to wait for him to wake this arvo before I could go for a run.

After a few probs with the armband to my GPS reciever I finally got to head off at about 3ish. I did jokingly say to hubby before I left something about knowing my luck the battery will run out and all our efforts would have been for nothing......About 600m into the run I copped a weak GPS signal and it dropped out, maybe cos of a low battery. I have run the whole track with it before with no problem, anyway I started to panic a little. I did not start from where I usually do my 5km runs from so I didn;t know where to turn around.....I even contimplated turning back and giving up for the day. I had a bad afternoon, I dont; wish to discuss it but lets just say I had a little "moment" before my run and really needed to be out there. Anyway I decided to harden up and keep going and change my plan. I thought I would just run out for 16mins then try to come back faster. 16mins was certain to get me over the 2.5km mark, I felt like I was going a good pace today and was spewing I wouldn't have the data to look at afterwards. I was a little worried I was heading out a little fast and would end up taking longer to come back but on the way back I just kept getting faster. With about 700m to go I found this amazing rythym, my breathing was fantastic and I felt like I was flying, I was hoping I could keep it up till the end.....I did and I only managed to get faster LOL. I was breathing in through my nose every second breath and developed a fantastic rythym with it, I felt my breathing slow down heaps after was an awesome feeling and I was grinning from ear to ear.

I ran for 16mins out and it took 14.32.22 to get back.....not bad. It was alot of fun and nice to do something different for a change. I have really come to rely on the GPS and hate not knowing exact distances now but these things happen. Anyone who knows me well knows I don;t cope to well with change and I am extremly set in my ways.

So overall a fantastic run, what makes a run fantastic? The feeling you have afterwards, no dissapointment about my effort, satified that I gave it pretty much my all and didn;t feel like dying in the process.

Also happy to report that my mood was much much better when I got back. I recon I stretched for twice as long as I ran for. I am having trouble finding an ITB stretch that works for me.

The Weight Battle............

I have been batteling with my weight for the last month. I have put on 3kg and feel TERRIBLE. It dawned on me last night that it isn;t so much what I am eating but how much of it I am eating. My portions are terrible.....embarrasing even. This stopps today. I started with my usual MASSIVE bowl of cereal and served myself half of what i usually have. Yes I wanted more but I didn;t need more and was over it 20mins after eating it.

I am also trying to cut out the poor choices in snacks. I use full fat cheese for Poppy and have been a little naughty by sneaking bits when I am cutting it up for her. This stops today, mind you while I was cutting her a slice for afternoon tea I so wanted to hoe into it myself LOL. I have joined a weight loss support thread in a Forum I use. We all have stated our weight and how much we need to lose and are giving each other diet & exercise tips, we are also reporting our daily exercise to motivate each other.

That's about it really, I plan on losing that 3kg and think I just have to make some healthier choices in my diet and keep up the running. Poppy is on one day nap now so I am finding I have much less time to crosstrain, now it is warming up a little I will get out with the stroller more often for some nice walks. I think todays walk loosened up my legs for my run.

Well again I have crapped on long enough. Crissy, I hope you have updated your blog by now.....if not then hurry up and do so.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Friday 22nd September - nuns walk 6km

Well I suppose I can't expect to come back form 3 weeks break and not have a crap run........I struggeled a tad today. Crissy picked me up at 7:30am and we headed to Nuns walk, we were going to run somewhere that I have never un before today but seeing how it was blowing a gale this morning we thought better of it and decided to take advantage of the bit of preotection that Nuns Walk offers. Thank goodness for that too cos we found the wind bad enough there.

Anyway I was finding the run generally harder than the last two, we were tossing up whether to do 5 or 6 km. At the 2.5km mark a spunky fella passed us and I said to Crissy "we are at 2.5 if ya wanna turn around" her answer "nah we have something to run towards now" or something like that. It was true, this guy had a nice bum but we didn;t get to see it for long as he sped off infront of us. So we turned around at 3km. At the 4km mark my outer thighs were hurting, I have never had a pain like this while running I don't think, anyway I was finding it a real struggle form then on and didn;t think I was gonna make it but kept telling myself that once we make it to 5km we are pretty much there (the last km is always a pisser).

All this time Crissy is really enjoying the run, once we finished she raved about how much she enjoyed it which was really good cos she seemed to struggle a tad on Wednesday and I was worried her confidence was shattered. Today she breezed it.

We braved some stretching in the wind, then Crissy dropped me home where I stretched a heap more then iced the sore spots on my legs. I am really dissapointed in todays are the stats.

1st km: Time=6.27.79...Pace=6.25
2nd km: Time=6.35.68...Pace=6.20 (13.03.47)
3rd km: Time=5.55.33...Pace=6.09 (18.58.80)
4th km: Time=6.28.73...Pace=6.27 (25.28.53)
5th km: Time=6.16.32...Pace=6.13 (31.43.85)
6th km: Time=5.44.20...Pace=5.47 (37.28.05)

That finishing time is over 2 mins slower than my best for a 6km training run.

So now I am listening to INXS having a glass of red, I am about to catch up on one of the forums I use, It's massive and I havn't been able to use it for about a week and you have no idea how much I have missed since then.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Wednesday 20th September - Pelican Park 5km

Well, our internet has been slowed down to the slowest of slow dial-up connections cos we used all our broardband usage for the month and someone has sent us a massive massive email and I don’t know how to stop it and I can’t open up blogger cos the connection is so SLOWWWWWWWWWWWW. So I am typing out my blog in word so it will be ready to copy & paste if this email ever finished coming in.

Another nice run today. I met Crissy at the foreshore at about 2:30pm, havn’t seen her in ages so it was great to catch up and do what we both love. We started of very very slow and didn’t seem to pick up any pace till the run was almost over LOL. It was very enjoyable though. I was only going to do 5km which meant 2 laps then a little extra then turning around and coming back. Wasn’t sure what Crissy was gonna do, she mentioned 6km this morning but I thought she would stop with me at the 5….she actually piked it at 4.5km. PIKER PIKER…..nah just kidding. I was gonna stop with her but like to round my runs up to a whole figure…..I don’t like half kms.

Anyway no niggles and the breathing felt very comfortable, maybe cos we were going so slow lol. Here are the stats.

1st km: Time=6.15.10…Pace=6.11
2nd km: Time=6.21.38…Pace=6.14 (12.36.48)
3rd km: Time=6.15.54…Pace=6.16 (18.52.02)
4th km: Time=5.55.83…Pace=5.58 (24.47.85)
5th km: Time=5.49.86…Pace=5.50 (30.37.71)

Was happy that we didn’t finish in over 31mins, I had my doubts as we were really plodding today.

I took my measurements today, no you cheeky bastards I will not tell you what they are! Very scarey stuff, I really hope to make some improvements there.

Can’t wait till Fridays run. I am aiming for 6km in the morning, I wont do a long run till next week. I can’t even imagine trying a 10ker at the moment, having said that I am looking forward to when I do. Feels great to be getting back into it. Well this email is 82% through but I have to prepare some home made pizzas then bath the Popster. I have tried to catch up with everyones blog today, it’s hard with this internet being so slow. We will be back in business Friday.


Oh what a night!!!! I had the BEST TIME EVER. We dropped Poppy off at my Mum & Dad's at about 2pm then ehaded for St Kilda. When we got to the Cosmopolitan Hotel we discovered that they had run out of the rooms that we booked and had to up-grade us DAMN lol. So we ended up with a King size bed and a bigger room. It was unreal. After we dropped out gear into the room we headed out for a walk to look for somewhere we might like to go for dinner, we had been recommended the Stokehouse but hubby thought we would just look around and see what we find. Anyway we ended up stumbeling across the Stokehouse and went in for a drink and a look at the menu. I had a straight Jack Daniels and we sat outside and watched a few mad people swimming. Once we finished out drink we went back to our room to get ready (and have another drink).

I touched up my make-up and changed my outfit while sucking on a JD & Dry Stubby, I was having a bad hair night and couldn't control my frizzy curls but ended up giving up. Hubby messaged a mate of his who was going to the concert aswell and we organised to meet up for dinner at the Stokehouse. We had many drinks while waiting to order, I ordered a Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato wrap off the entree menu and it was SENSATIONAL.....MmmmmmmI could go one right now. We had a nice view of the beach and every few mins a runner or two would go past. I have never seen so many runners and just wanted to get out there myself, the concrete was a bit of a deterance as were the high wedge shoes I was wearing LOL. ANyway before too long it was time to head over to the Palais.

Jo and I left the guys and headed up to the bar there, the support band started but we decided to hang out upstairs and have a few drinks LOL. I also had another friend there somewhere, she was messaging me to tell me they were still picking up thier tickets but we finally managed to bump into each other at the bar just before heading into our seats.

The next two hours were spend dancing, singing and clapping my hands wishing I had a bottle of water LOL. I was a blast. My hubby stayed at out seat as the rest of us got as close to the front as we could, I could almost smell JD's sweat lol. As he was taking his shirt off I was getting all set for a perve on a nice buffed upper body but dissapointed to discover he is quite scrawney......Not much to perve on there. I was sure he was more muscley than that. Oh well, lucky I was there for the music. I did go back and join hubby for the last few songs, he was not peeved that I deserted him.

After that we headed off to find somewhere to have a drink......I kept saying "That was awesome" and I think the others were ready to smack me over the head. But it was just Awesome.....I would have gone back the next night if I could. Anyway we found a small cafe/bar that was giving latin dance classes upstairs so Jo and I went up to watch that while the boys sat outside and had a drink. Jo & I had a nice perve on the band....especially the drummer who just happened to have the nicest set of arms I have EVER seen, then we joined the boys downstairs. We tired finding somewhere else to hang out but then decided the night was over and went our separate ways.....that is the end of a fantastic night out as far as you guys are concerned....the rest is PRIVATE lol. A great night all round, was great for us to get out and have a good time. the next morning we found a nice cafe to have breaky, Hubby ordered a massive cooked breaky with bacon, poached eggs, tomato & mushrooms, I had pancakes and a terrible cup of tea. Then we headed home as we were both missing Poppy terribly.

I can't wait till we have a night away again. Might have to take Pop next time though, I'm thinking the Yarra Valley, will be back later to post about the run I am going on this arvo.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

FINALLY....Sunday 17th September

.......I have something to report LOL YIPPEE. Nuns Walk 5km.

Yep that's right, I finally dragged my un-motivated lazy arse out for a run and it felt FANTASTIC. I feel terrible about the last 3 weeks, the worst lull I have been in since I started running, I was even contemplating giving up completely cos I figured I had had too much time off and thought "what's the point". Everyday I would think "will I run today" some days i would make excuses and other days I had legitimate excuses. Today I had NO EXCUSES and was itching to get out into that sunshine. Hubby looked at me all dressed in my gear (which is fitting quite snuggly I might add) and said "you off running love?" I answered "I was mean to be doing the first Spring into Shape today, I feel terrible and am off for a run. It's not going to be pretty." and off I went.

I started out wayyyyy too fast of course. My legs have been protesting about doing nothing for the last 3 weeks and were a little excited about being let out LOL, it felt great though so I tried not to hold back too much and just figured I would only do 4km. Come 2km I was starting to realise how much cardio fitness I had lost but decided to push on for another 500m to make the total run 5km. What the hell, I can always stop & walk if I have to. AFter I turned around I felt like I was going sooooooo slow, maybe even struggeling a little. There were heaps of runners on the track today and I was in heaven......especially when two extremly spunky men ran past, one of them not wearing a top YUMMY (sorry honey but you would say the same thing if it were two women with crop tops on) I was really enjoying my run and has a smile plasterd on my face already anyway but that made my grin even bigger LOL.

Anyway I bumped into that chick who was in my pre-natel class (the one who kicked mine & Crissy's butt in the Bay run) during the 4th km and I stopped very briefly and hit the wrong button on my watch so that km's data is was definately my slowest km and the inclined were killing me. Spewing cos before my "break" I had really improved on that bit, hopefully it wont take me long to get back on track.

By the 5th km I felt like I was running in slow motion and my breathing was not great. I have certainly struggeled more than I was though and I knew it was almost over and I could do it. I can be quite negative towards myself while running but today it was all positive, maybe cos I had such low expectations LOL. Anyway I have my watch set up so I can't actually see how long the total runnis taking, I can only see how long each km is taking and I don't really pay much attention to it anyway, most of the run felt like I was plodding in slow motion so I was thinking it would be something like 34mins, it certainly felt like I had been out there forever but I finished in 30.12.58 which really did shock me. Here are the stats.

1st km - Time=5.47.67...Pace=5.43
2nd km- Time=5.57.71...Pace=4.45 (11.45.35)
3rd km - Time=5.45.61...Pace=5.58 (17.30.96)
4th km (24.12.30)
5th km- Time=6.0.28...Pcae=6.01 (30.12.58)

I havn't bothered with speed cos I am keeping a book with all my data in it...I don't need it all for my blog. SO anyway all in all it was a good run, much better than expected and very enjoyable. I have the bug back and can't wait to get back out there. It's unfortuneate that I took the time off and I am paying for it but am looking forward to getting back on track and hopefully participating in the next Spring into Shape hopefully the 8km.

Wow what a great day, I am just gaving one of those days that i feel so damn happy. I had a great run and then come home to continue the stretches I started on the lookout admiring my fav view, while stretching I watched hubby play his new playstation game where you play a know my hubby is actually a fantastic guitarist and he was playing professionally when I met him. Now I have a little runners high, my baby just woke up so we will have a little play then head outside for a play once the lawns are mowed. Then tonight we are going to my Sister Inlaws house for my nieces 19th b'day. Tomorrow night we are going to the INXS concert and staying the night in St Kilda. The only thing I have to complain about is my weight and it's my own bloody fault and complaining isn't going to shift it.

One last thing (if you have got this far you deserve an award) thanks to everyone who posted comments while I was in motivation hell. Your support is priceless. XXX

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

So Bloody tried. Stu to put a dampener on the chockie. I feel heaps better but my energy levels are ZERO....I was meant to try a run today but it's raining and to be honest I just can't be bothered. This always happens when I have a break, now I am going to struggle to get motivated again. AAAGGGGHHHHHHH.

I was mean to do an at home workout yesterday too but Anna & I spent most of the day out window shopping and I ran out of time. It was my first day out in 5 days and I had a great time looking at shoes & lingerie.....two things I love but can't afford so I tease myself by looking.

I am quite worried about my attitude towards running. WHile I am doing it consistantly I LOVE it but whenever I am forced to take time off due to illness or injury I have alot of trouble getting motivated to get back into it. I even sometimes wonder why I even bother, like I am kidding myself anyway and I am a bit of a bloody joke. Then again I think I was starting to make progress and actually improve and the last couple of weeks before I got sick were my best and I was really enjoying it.

I'm just so tired and can't be bothered. I am feeling very nesty at the moment. I am really enjoying playing with Poppy and trying to spend more quality time with the hubby. Ill be honest with you's after 3pm and I am still in my PJ's. A large part of me is feeling very guilty and a little depressed about not getting out and running but another part of me just can't be bothered and doesn't want to.

I do always manage to pull myself out of these ruts and this time wont be any different......I just have to do it.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Finally Better

Well guys, I am finally feeling better. That was the WORST Gastro I have ever had and that's saying something as I copped a nasty bout only 3 months ago while on holiday that l left me passed out on the grass at Seaworld.

Anyway I have kept food down (in) since yesterday morning and even managed some, ok ALOT of chocolate. I am certain Chocolate is great for Gastro, hubby said it would help my energy levels LOL. Now I can't wait to get out for a run. I am gonna fill up on vegies for dinner tonight and do a little at home workout stuff tomorrow like a few squats and lunges and a little bike. Only a tiny bit mind you, just enough to get the blood pumping in my legs and wake them up a bit. Then I thought I might try a 4km run on Wednesday.

Wow, that was kinda scarey. I have to admitt that on Saturday night I was sooooo crook that I was starting to think hubby would have to take me to hospital.....not a car ride that I was looking forward to. Yesterday morning started off nasty but then it just all stopped which was lucky as Hubby had gone to the footy and left me with the baby. I was whacked out on the couch by 2:30pm.

Thank goodness that's all over. Now back to running, as always I am frightened about energy levels and fitness after having a break. I have not run in over a week.

Friday, September 01, 2006

It gets worse!

That's right, just as I thought I was at my sickest it got worse. At midnight Wednesday night the Gastro bug hit hard.....won't go into the embarrasing details but its' safe to say that my body hasn't been holding on to much since. Not even water.

Of course I cancelled the Mums group I was meant to have here yesterday morning which was good cos I was having trouble preparing the food for it Wednesday night as the smell of food sent me rushing to the toilet twice....eventually I gave up and watched Wolf Creek with hubby. I spent the best part of 10 hours yesterday in the bathroom then the rest of it in bed in a lethargic/dehydrated state. Hubby woke me every 10mins to sip water and after 1.5 hours of this I started to perk up.

Still having "digestive" troubles. Have had some saladas and some chick noodle soup and still sipping that water. I am so lucky that Hubby had organised to take these next three shifts off anyway so he has been looking after Pop for me. I am so tried and my energy levels are ZERO. I don;t know when I will be able to go for a run but I am thinking the first one back should only be 4km.

Have lost a few kg's, of course that's understandable when i am having trouble holding onto anything.

On a good note Hubby & I are going to a concert in a few weeks and Hubby has booked us a room in St Kilda so we get to have a night away.....Just the two of us. I think this is just what we need. Can't wait. Hopefully my guts have stopped churning by then.

Thanks for your messages guys. Esp Boston & Lee, welcome to by blog which is full of useless info and mainly consists of me crapping on about nothing in particular.

Right that is about as long as I can take sitting here.....back to the couch for me. Toodles everyone XXX