Sunday, November 19, 2006

John Mayers new Album!

Don't listen to the bad reviews, I am telling yas all that John Mayers new album is a peach. I absolutely love it and listen to it several times a day. Last night I uploaded it to my Ipod so now I have some wonderful more mellow music to jog to. While I was there I removed some old stuff I don;t listen to anymore.

No jogging this week due to the wet weather and me not feeling the best, however there have been a few mothers group events and even a girls night here at my place Friday night and I have been shoveling the naughty food in and when I went to put my fav pants on yesterday they were way too tight.......un-wearable so I have to pull my head in and get back out there. Last night I did a nice 40min session on the bike, was very enjoyable till the idod went flat. I can run without music but I can't sit on a startionary bike without music. This morning Poppy & I are going to go for a nice long walk to the park maybe then to the shop. I bloody forgot to stretch after the bike last night and my legs a a tad tight and need to be stretched out. It's meant to get hot today so I would like to go soon before it gets too hot.

So that's it, this lazy fat cow has nothing much to report. Hubby has a couple of days off during the week so maybe ill be able to get out for a jog Tuesday morning. I wonder if my running gear still fits my fat arse LOL.

WOuld still like to do the SIS #3 but I think pride will stop me from entering.

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Crissyjt said...

Gee, where has this slack peahen come from! Give back the old K!!!
You monster!