Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Wednesday 16th August - Nuns Walk 6km

Even some of you that don't know me very well know that I don't like change and this is why I always run at the same place, plus it just happens to be a sensational track but I don't even like parking up the other end and running in the opposite direction. But I had decided yesterday that I would make todays run different. I would have a break from trying to kill this 5km time and run an easy relaxing 6km instead and to top it off I would park at a different part of the track and run in the opposite direction. I followed my plan to the letter.

I had a disturbed sleep last night, something I did yesterday agrevated that hip flexor I had trouble with a few months back and everytime I turned over in bed I copped shooting pain. I woke up this morning with sore quads and chest muscles aswell. Here I am thinking I didn't do much yesterday and I wan't gonna pull up sore. I decided to have a shower before my run this morning to warm up my legs enough to stretch my quads & calves. I also gave my legs a little rub with that ICE stuff. I chucked my IPOD on under my shirt today. I havn't been running with it lately but thought that it would be nice to have some music to plod along to today.

I parked at fishies beach in Mornington and headed towards Mt Martha from there, the plan was to turn around at the 3km mark and head back. It was nice to tackle the inclines in the first half of the run for a change. Somewhere in the 2nd km I bumped into a woman who was in my Pre-natel class. I have never seen her on this track before but Crissy & I did watch her kick our arses in the Mornington Bay Run......WITH A PRAM This woman is a machine. Anyway it was strange that I bumped into her as I was only thinking about her this morning. I am aware that she ran through most of her pregnancy and wanted to pick her brain about it, she seemed happy to chat so I hit stop on my watch and I recon we must have chatted to close to 10mins. Ordinarily I wouldn't do this as it makes me feel like I am cheating in a run but I didn't care today as it was a "No rules" run and was meant to be easy and relaxed. After that break I felt like I was running a little fast and started to worry that I was gonna burn out but just decided to keep rolling with whatever pace my body was comfortable with. I continued like this for the rest of the run with no issues. My legs felt great and my breathing was EASY. Here are the stats. I was a little slack at hitting the lap button at the right times today so I better include the distances.

1st km: Time.=6.25.47....Distance=1.015....Pace=6.19....Speed=9.3
2nd km: Time=6.29.72...Distance=1.067....Pace=6.04....Speed=9.8 (12.54.72)
3rd km: Time=5.44.99...Distance=0.92.....Pace=6.14....Speed=9.4 (18.39.71)
4th km: Time=5.59.97....Distance=1.007....Pace=5.56...Speed=9.9 (24.39.68)
5th km: Time=5.50.11....Distance=0.996....Pace=5.50...Speed=10.1 (30.29.79)
6th km: Time=5.28.61....Distance=0.994....Pace=5.29...Speed=10.7 (35.58.40)

I am pretty happy seeing how I was only out for an easy relaxing run today. I think my time wasn't too bad seeing how I really wasn't trying. I really did feel great & relaxed though so that along with the chat break I had must have really helped LOL.

I really loved todays run. I enjoyed every minute of it and must have looked pretty goofy running along with a huge grin on my face. Got to kick back and watch the waves rolling in while I sipped some water afterwards.


Chris said...

Glad to hear you had an enjoyable run!

Sometimes it helps to throw all plans and routines out the door, even if you love routine!:)

Crissyjt said...

That was a pleasure to read.
Sounded like you had a perfect unstructured run.
I like!