Friday, August 25, 2006

Friday 25th August - Nuns walk 10km

FLAT....that is the best word for me at the moment.....I am physically & emotionally drained. It's been a tough day.

Did a nice slow and I mean SLOW 10km run this morning with Crissy. It didn't feel too bad, I had a hip flexor issue in my right leg before I even started and at the 8km mark I was feeling it in my left one but it wasn't too bad and I don't have any niggles now. But I did feel quite flat through the run, I could give the same effort I gave last Friday, I felt like I was running on the spot for alot of the run. It was frustrating but at the same time comfortable enough not to have any doubts that I would complete it, I often get doubts about completing a 10km run.

Anyway I will post the stats but can't be stuffed right now. After my run I had to get ready for my monthy Mum's group with the girls I was in hospital with. I love this mum's group as there are only 5 of us and it's nice & intimate. Anyway one of the other babies in the group is a bit of a rough nut and pushes, bear hugs and bites and she bit Poppy on the cheek today and drew blood. It was HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE.............I Never ever ever ever ever ever want to see my baby in that sort of pain again. She was screaming, trembeling, bleeding and her cheek was purple & swelling. She was gripping me so tight and screaming for her Daddy. My heat was breaking but I had to hold my tears back as the mother of the Biter was already crying as she felt terrible, she is at her wits end as this is not the first time and she blames herself and she is worries she will lose all her friends due to her babies biting. Anyway one of the other mums just happened to be videoing when it happened and caught it on camera and they kept watching it over and over again trying to analyse the biters behaviour. I couldn't watch but could hear it and let me tell you , to hear my baby screaming like that over & over & over & over & BLOODY over again was killing me inside. I managed to hold myself togteher while there but cried most of the way home while looking at my daughters bitten cheek in the review mirror.

Now she is tucked away safely in bed and I am sipping on some nice Cab Sav sobbing about the whole situation. Quite pathetic really I suppose. I thought motherhood would make me stronger but it has made me really soft LOL.

Just one more thought, I heard a chisel song in the car on my way home today and it fully reminded me of my carefree youth........I had a very overwhelming feeling, like home sickness.


paul said...

Hope Poppy is ok. It's always hard
when something happens to your kids.
I know exactly how you feel re: your
last thought about your carefree youth. I get that feeling more and
more these days and it is sparked off
by just about anything!


Jaykay said...

I hope Poppy is much better now. Nothing worse than seeing your child in pain and not being able to do anything about it.

Funny you should talk about looking back on your youth. Me and hubby were doing this last night, remembering all the great clubs we went to when we were in the UK!!