Saturday, July 28, 2007

5 is bliss!

Wow, what a ride this has been so far and Ryan is only 5 weeks old. This week has been fantastic.....why you ask? Well because finally all our hard work with the feeding is paying off. Ryan is finally fully breastfed, I have to be honest and say that my negative side had come out and I have given into the thought that we would be comping him with bottles and formula untill he is no longer milk fed but after making a few changes we saw a huge improvement and he was taking less and less from the bottle, then I had some extra help with a prescription drug. Anyway it is going fantastic and Ryan is much much happier. He was a tad unsettled on the forumla and things just wern;t working like they should but it's all good now.

I am loving having a new baby in the house, I missed out on so much when Anna was first born due to personal issues. It's going to be hard stopping at two LOL.

Anyway have been very busy taking loads and loads of photos of the kids. We are going to need a new hard drive. I was hoping to have lost some weight by now but the first few weeks of feeding dramas saw me turning to one to many packets of chockie bickies and I have managed to put on weight rather than lose any. I think that is about to change now though cos I am much happier and not craving the crap food anymore, I am however obsessed with Porriage and just ate my second bowl for the day. The feeding makes me so hungry, I love my porriage with honey, sultanas and banana. Someone told me it was good for milk production and that is what started me on it.

OMG Stepford wives is on......what an odd looking movie. Anyway check out the new LO's, I just whipped them up quickly this arvo after taking the photos to mark him turning 5 weeks today. Oh he really is a wonderful baby. Anyone who knows Anna wont be surprised when I say she is quite the character. while I am feeding Ryan she feeds dolly and says "feed the boobie" LOL, she then makes dolly fart and announces that she stinks and needs a change. She doesn;t miss a beat that girl. I will have to do a few Anna lo's so you all don;t think I only take photos of Ryan.

Anyway am off to check out what everyone else has been up to in blogland. Life truely is BLISS XXX

Sunday, July 22, 2007


......Yes I am obsessed with taking photos of my kids especially my new baby as he doesn't move as much. Actually that is a lie cos during this particular photo session he rolled over a total of 7 times from his front to back. Yes he is only 4 weeks old and he has been doing this for almost 2 weeks, yes I have given birth to a freak it would appear LOL.
Anthea: I have to agree that the girls clothing sections are always at least twice as big as the boys. I have some awesome stuff here for Ryan to grow into from this years Myer Stocktake Sale, very trendy indeed. Even Target have great boys stuff, especially in winter. I love the Hoodies. Oh And the boys bonds jeans are a MUST! I have the girl ones for Anna but have seen the boys ones on and they look so cute. Anyway I am off to perve at your wonderful blog now XXX.
Edited to Add: Wow Anthea....I looove your blog! The latest LO's are sensational as always.

4 weeks old AAGGGHHHHH

OMG, can you believe my little man is already 4 weeks old! I am kinda in shock, it feels like only yesterday he was born.

Besides one teary two nights ago everything here is fantastic, the feeding is going well. We still have to top him up but not as much, he is a fantastic feeder on both breast and bottle so at least we know he wont starve for the next 5-6 months. I still would have liked to exclusively breastfeed (hence the teary a few nights ago) but it is looking unlikey.

I got my new Camera, we got the Nikon in the end and I loooove it. I have taken so many pics of Anna and Ryan already. Anna is at that age where she likes having her photo taken and the new camera brings out the best in her already amazing eyes. She had her little boyfriend over yesterday and I snapped them kissing, will post that pic next time LOL.

Hubby is back to work in a few days, something we are both dredding.

Sorry Anthea, have to agree with Stu on the boy clothes, I used to think there was not much out there for boys....I suppose there still isn;t compared to girl stuff but there is certainly some trendy stuff out there for boys, but not so much for this age. Everything seems to be powder blue at this age. The 000 stuff is all very cool but that wont be fitting Ryan for some time yet. I have had some awesome stuff handed down to us that I can;t wait for him to fit into. Scrapbooking gear and manchester is a whole new story though!!!

Well it certainly is a frosty old morning here, thinking of everyone on thier long runs today that is for sure. OMG hubby just came back from walking the dog and he said there is ice on everyones roof. We were lucky enough to be kept up all night by the party across the road last night, we camped out in the loungeroom but it was still really load, they had a Karioke machine and were doing thier best to kill every song they attempted. Lucky for me it's Sunday and a pot of good quality tea is definately on the cards.

Monday, July 16, 2007

More LO's

Yes I have been busy, I whipped these up two nights in a row while waiting to do the last feed for the night. The first two were made using the Mary, Mary Quite Contrary Kit by Sande Krieger found at Two peas in a bucket The second two were made using bits and pieces from
I have had to download some more gear as most of my stuff is very girly. It's hard to find stuff for boy digi scrapping.
Hubby and I are researching Digi SLR Cameras. I think he is finally agreeing to letting me have one. Looks like we are gonna get a Nikon D40 Kit DX 18-55mm EDII. It is a bit cheaper then the Canon EOS 400D and got a much better write up from "Choice" but everyone seems to have the Cannon so I am having trouble finding out what people think of the Nikon. AAAGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

3 Weeks old today

( LO made with "Festival" Kit from Shabbyprincess)
OMG, my little man is 3 weeks old today ALREADY.......AAAGGGGGHHHHHHH. Things are going great, he is such a beautiful baby and family life is wonderful. He is a very hungry baby and feeds pretty much 3 hourly around the clock so hubby and I are very very tired. I am still breast and bottle feeding and it is going well. Ryan gained 240gms last week.

No-one is going to believe me but he has rolled from his front to back 5 or 6 times. It is very odd and annoying when I am trying to give him infant massage or take photos of him.

I went for my fist walk this Tuesday, I felt every step in my pelvis but it still felt great to be out and mobile. I only had Ryan in the pram, would hate to think how sore my pelvis would have been with my boofa little girl in there too LOL. In general my pelvis is doing much better though, I think I am ready for the exercise bike, I just have to watch what little milk supply I have.

Thankyou everyone for the congratulations and kind words. This is such an exciting time for us and we are enjoying it so much though hubby is a little grumpy at Ryans night feeding habbits, anyone would think it was him sitting with his boozies out in the middle of the night LOL.

We are going away in a few months for Grandfinal weekend, I am so excited as we have not been away since May last year. We are going with other familys so it is gonna be great for Anna. I am very excited about the whole thing, we never did anything when Anna was a tiny baby but nothing is gonna stop us this time LOL.

Well that's it, Poppy is being very very cute right now so this post is taking FOREVER LOL.

Toodles XXX