Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It's Black and White

As I mentioned in my last blog entry i have been working on my B&W's. MOnochrome has never been my thing. I love colour. But there was something the guest photographer at Camera Club sad that got my bum into gear and interested in improving my B&W's. I think I am finding my very own "grove" with it. These conversions are very very different to the "blown out" ones I used to do using actions. I am liking them though, I am even enjoying them. I seem to be finding my style in B&W much easier then in my colours whcih to me is odd. Anyway here they are.

Um, this one is only half processed........oops.

This one could very well end up on the wall.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

It's all about photography.

I am not going to lie to you, all I can talk about is photography. I know I am obsessed LOL. I just love it. I love nothing more than taking photos.

I have been hanging out to blog these photos I took for a friend off Parents Home but I wanted to wait untill she got her prints. This lovely Mum and her baby were an absolute pleasure to photograph. This baby boy was PERFECT. He slept and he curled. "Mum" ordered a 10x20 storyboard which I was stoked about but once I got it back from the printer I did not want to part with it LOL. I thought it would look quite nice on my wall, it's nice to be so proud of something.

Anyway here is a small selection of the photos.

The storyboard

He really was such a special little guy to work with. Still I learned heaps from the session, always learning.

I am loving Camera Club. I just entered my first Camera Club comp which is exciting. I am not expecting to do great in the comp but I am really looking forward to getting real constructive critisism from a pro photographer.

The photographer who judged the last comp gave us a little talk on B&W's so I have been working on my B&W conversions lately. I am actually having fun with that by developing a better understanding of tonal range in my B&W's I also improve on my colour work.

I have had two "girls nights out" was just last night. I am a real girly girl and LOVE getting out with a group of great gals and sharing some good food, wine and adult conversation. Last night was witht he Parents Home girls. I was so excited about it for two days leading up to it in my head I kept saying "WHEEEEEEEEEEEEE" every time I thought about it. It's a bit of an "in joke" now on Parents Home LOL.

Anyway, I am soooo tired. Cam is watching a horror movie in bed so I have been putting off going to bed. I just can't stomach that crap anymore. But I am barely staying awake now, have not been getting much good quality sleep lately. Everyone has been sick. Cam has had the flu (the real flu) and TBH has not been very pleasent to sleep next to (sorry honey but you know it's true) the kids have also had a nasty virus and when it's not one of them getting you up it's the other. Now Cam is much better but has this annoying dry cough, so yeah, no-one is getting much sleep and everyone is grumpy. We are going on a holiday soon, we all need it.

Anyway, that's it for now. I have so many photos to blog so I really have to get back in more often. Expect another entry soon after this one.