Saturday, November 11, 2006

Nuns Walk - 30min jog.

Well, miss Poppy has been waking us up at 5:30am on the dot for the last few mornings AGAIN.....this morning I decided I would get up at 6:30 and head out for a jog. We had plans this morning then Hubby would be off to golf so it was my only chance and I was takign it. The weather was perfect this morning.......No wind at all. I parked at my usual spot but almost missed out on a park cos there were so many boats trailers in the car park....awesome morning for fishing.

I LOVED this mornings "Jog". I managed to stay at a consistant pace for most of it and fould it a little easier to pull myself back when I started to get faster. I decided to go for 30mins today cos I was enjoying it so much. At the pace I was going I could have gone all day LOL.

A very very enjoyable jog! Left me wanting more!


Em said...

A perfect day today, I bet the morning down your way was glorious you lucky thing, easy motivation for a run I am sure :-)

Crissyjt said...

Good stuff girl. U have me feeling guilty about todays lack of running.
So when are we gunna get together for one of these nice and easy 'jogs' u seem to be loving so much?
I will be back to the normal routine next week. M,W,F, (maybe sat too )
Fri any time is avail atm.
Will keep my fingers crossed.

Vicky said...

Quote: "Left me wanting more"

Thats great - exactly as it should be! Well done you!