Monday, December 25, 2006

What do two lines mean?

Yes, we have a little something extra to celebrate this Xmas. We are 12 weeks today and due on July 9th. I was not going to announce it untill after our scan but I just can't wait any longer. I have been feeling pretty good except for the extreme bloody exhaustion LOL, up untill this week that is when I decided now would be a great time to add morning sickness to the mix.

A very merry Xmas to all you fellow bloggers and here's to a fantastic new year.

Now just to touch on the running, it has been non existant. I have been keeping up my fitness on the bike however untill a bit of a scare over a week ago....since I have been taking it easy but I recon I am ready to get back into the bike now.

A few factors have contributed to me losing interest in running but I wont go into them now as I am FREEZING and dying to have a hot shower then climb into bed to read my book.

Merry Xmas again everyone XXXXX


Lee said...


What a wonderful Chrissy present!! Take care of yourself Karina and I hope that blessed nausea passes soon.

Have a safe, healthy and Happy New Year :-).

Jaykay said...

Fantastic news Karina.

Hope everything goes well for you.

Celeste said...

Congratulations Karina!! What a wonderful Christmas!

Em said...

Congrats Karina, that is wonderful news.

Hope you held onto that baby jogger ;-)

Peahen said...

I did Em but I am gonna get rid of it cos it's a piece of crap, I trashed it running with it cos it's not a "real jogger". Gonna get a nice shiney new one WHOO HOOOO.

Thanks for the congrats guys.