Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Our baby boy turns TWO!!!

Can you believe it? Our baby boy turned two today! We had a great day, it started off with pressies after breaky. He got a Tonka truck off Anna and a tool bench and drill off us. I then whipped up a quick batch of cup cakes then we all headed off to Rain Hayne and Shine farm in Balnaring. Ryan loves chickens and took a liking to one in particular, he was chasing it saying "pat pat pat" so I tried to catch it for him....however I am terrified of fowl, they creep me out and I chicked out (LOL, get it....chickened) anyway I chickened out everytime I got close.

Ryan had a great time....Anna not so much, she was scared of everything and complained the whole time. I did a bit of complaining myself, there was poo everywhere at the farm and I got some on my camera bag and it STINKS.....Not happy.

AFter Ryan's nap we took the traditional family "birth time" photo then we did the "cake" we did not go all out for Ryan's cake, we decided to do it cheap and just go with cupcakes. Infact.....I am so tight that I only decorated 4 of them then froze the rest for a future Mum's Group LOL. Nevermind....he loved it. That's it...we had a family afternoon tea on Sunday to celebtrate his B'day so we kept today very low key and just to the four of us. It was great.

Of course I have a few pics to share. OMG I have not blogged about our holiday.....crikey I had better get some sample boards done up of that so I can blog all the photos. Watch this space.

The B'day Cupcakes.

Blowing out the candles and stuffing his face.
P.s......Hi Jodi XXXXXXXXXXX