Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Changes to blog

I found my blog a fantastic motivational tool with my running so I have decided to use it as a motivational tool for exercising while pregnant. As great as it would be to still be running the fact is that I'm not and it doesn't look like I will be anytime soon cos I don't think I am fit enough to do so and keep my HR under the recommended I could give up completely and sit on my ever so quickly growing arse but I have decided to make a positive out of not running and concentrate on just doing any kind of general exersice I can manage.

You see I didn't do much other than the odd walk when I was pregnant with Poppy, I was always so damn tired after work and early starts that I just couldn't be bothered but then I had complications carrying her and an extremly long & difficult labour that I feel I could have handeled better if I was much fitter. So this time I am determined to maintain some sort of level of fitness and strength.

SO far I have been using my bike quite alot but have been a little relaxed for the last few weeks due to a bit of a scare with the baby's health. I was also using my resistance band but certainly not often enough.

I am planning on keeping up the bike as much as I can, I just love using it and I manage to easily keep my HR to a safe level. Infact I found out today I can go a little harder than I have been and still be safe WHOO HOOOOO. I am also aiming to do a pregnancy fitball workout that will hopefully aid in maintaining my leg strength and strenthen my abs, I had Ab separation with Pop and if this baby is as big or bigger than her I will definately get it again......damn I will prob get it no matter what but I am not gonna go down without a fight. There are so many reasons to keep up core strength while pregnant, I have to keep reminding myself that whenever I am feeling lazy.

Hopefully when the weather gets hot hubby & I will be able to take the kayaks out a couple of times and will spend some time at the beach so I can do some walking in the water, cardio & resistance all in one LOL.

I think the main thing is that I just try to keep moving and watch the crap I put in my mouth. I don't want to put on as much weight as I did last time. So far I am 1kg lighter than I was at the same stage in my last pregnancy and I must be a bit smaller cos the jeans that I couldn't wear at 6 weeks last time still fit me....not for long though I am sure....belly is popping. Still I am alot bigger than I was when I was running consistantly.

Right, so that's it. I think I really need to do this with my blog to stay motivated.

I will add that while I was on the bike today I found a blissfull rythem that reminded me of that rythem you find when running. It's never happened on the bike before. I can never decide what to do with my arms so today I pumped tham as I do when i jog, keeping my shoulders back & dropped to open up my airways. Must have look a right tool but I was in heaven. Made me really miss that feeling you get when you are running and everything is working properly and you seem to just glise smoothly along the track *sigh*.

On that note I am off. Time to serve up Poppy's dinner.


Stu said...

All the best with the exercise.

Stu was here

Lee said...

It sounds all good to me Karina :-). Just keep moving but if you are anything like me in the food department that will be a little tougher. I swear I turned in to a cromlins bin (?sp), lol when I was pregnant!!!