Monday, October 09, 2006

Monday 9th October - Bike session again.

Another bike session today, I did 40mins on the vigorous program again then 20mins of basic peddling. I really worked up a sweat today and my legs were burning.....felt great.

Looks like hubby may not have to go to his meeting on Wednesday so I will be able to get out for a run in the morning before he has to go to bed to rpe[are for nightshift. I can't wait. I am keen to see if the bike is helping my running yet.

I was going to walk to the shops when Poppy wakes up but my shopping list is getting to big to get everything home. Plus she doesn't seem in a hurry to wake up. I put her down just after 11am and it's now 2:43pm. I heard her stir about an hour ago but she has been quiet since. Maybe it's time I went in and gently woke her LOL. I'd say she needs the sleep cos she decided that she wanted to party all night last night. My guess is it had something to do with all the sugar pumping through her veins from all the junk party food! So Hubby & i got stuff all sleep AGAIN last night. I am lucky I am able to stay home and exercise which helps me when i am tired but he has to work through a 12 hour shift Poor bastard!

Just a little footnote: I have been suffering terrible dizzy spells for about 3 weeks now. I have not actually fainted yet but come pretty close a few times, once in a sports shop in frankston which was nice & embarrasing. I got my blood pressure checked and it's perfect, she recons that maybe when it's happening it's caused by a normal drop but it doesn't come back up as quick as it should and told me to just lie doqn when I am feeling light headed. It's a pain in the arse and a bit of a worry, esp when i am holding the baby and I feel like I am gonna go!

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