Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Wednesdays 27th September - Nuns Walk 5km

Will try my hardest to keep this short cos I am snowed under here.

Todays run was not the best. My GPS dropped out again I have no idea what is going on with it. I am getting a battery system on my watch but the reciever thingy should last a year without needing a battery change. We will change it and see if it helps anyway. So anyway it was a crap day for running again, I am sure we are all copping th crappy wind conditions and I should be thankfull that at least my running track is a little protected. I decided to start where I used to start today cos I did have a feeling the GPS may play up again and at least this way I know where the 2.5 turn around point is and I would still be able to time the run properly. BUT for some reason when the GPS dropped out the stop watch stopped aswell, maybe I het a button without meaning it....I don;t know. So here I am running quite hard for me cos I wanted a good time for this 5km but I wasn't even timing it. Once I realised that I backed off a fair bit.

The wind was making it quite hard at times, I had to jump a fallen tree, there were two really old people on bikes on the track and they were barely peddeling.....they kept tilting to one side and almost falling off. There are actually no bikes allowed on this track and I was really pissed at them. On the way back I copped them again and I had to stop and climb around them. THEN not too far from my finish there was a car blocking the track, I run through two very small car parks before I get to the one I park in and some dickhead had parked right across the park. Crissy may be able to picture this. Judging by the hat on the front seat it was a Nana. SO I had to half climb up the side of the car to get aorund it.

Anyway it was a bad run, it didn;t feel great while I was running but I finished strong and I know the next one will be better. Another positive is that I really wanted to give up a few times but I didn;t so when I finished I had that to be thankful for.

Now I have Mums group here tomorrow and have alot of food prep to get on with, then I have another lunch on here on Friday with the girls I was in hospital with, yes how awesome is that I am still in contact with the women I was in labour with.

Just one last exciting snippet, my little girl is cutting her thirt tooth FINALLY. She is just about 18months old and only has her two bottom teeth, most other babies her age have a full set LOL. So the next ones we were expecting were the top two but NOOOOOOOOO, not our little Text Book rebel, she has to go and cut a Molar for her third tooth.

ANyway this is much longer than I expected and I am rushing so much so I better go. Toodles.


Crissyjt said...

Sorry baby, but that was hillarious. I did visualise the nana hatted car blocking off the track.

Hey, next time the bike riders are on the track, run up nice and quietly, then BOOM, make a racket right behind them. Then they should fall of into the bushes and out of your way.

Peahen said...

They were doing a good enough job of falling over without my thought they were bad drivers.....Old people shouldn't be allowed out at all. Lock em up with crosswords & jigsaw puzzles I say.

Of course I am not talking about the 90 odd year ols's that can out run me....just the ones that are a mennace.

Stu said...

K, you shouldn't be so hard on old ppl..... look for the postivies and start to enjoy your runs again for what they are, relaxing and your time!