Sunday, February 11, 2007

Food Porn!

Just another motivational tool. Yum Yum YUMMMMMM!!!!

Friday, February 09, 2007

Still here, still exercising.

Thought I had better check in. I am still trying to exercise....I have started a new relationship with walking LOL. Once I took up running I hated walking, found it kinda boring but I have been taking Poppy out in the stroller just for a bit of variety from the bike.

I have however been having terrible sciatica troubles and lower back probs not to mention general leg pain for some reason, mainly my right leg. So yesterday I decided to bring the 3 wheeler out of retirement and go for our walk down my old running track off the concrete. Oh it was nice. We went for a quickly paced 5km walk. I wore my HRM and even had to back off a few times, funny cos I never once felt like I was puffing or I was uncomfortable but my HR was right up there LOL. I had to stop a fair few times, Poppy is not the best passenger and gets very restless, I took a sandwhich for her and plenty of her fav toys but she still got quite sooky towards the end. Lucky for me I had my trusty Ipod and just turned it up.

Anyway I had packed some cut up oranges in a cooler bag (my main craving these days) so after our walk we both sat at the lookout where I parked and dined on our nice cold and juicy oranges. Will certainly be making this a regular feature in my exerciese regime, it was much nicer than walking on the concrete paths around the estates.

I have been walking more than using the bike lately, mainly cos I just love the outdoors but when i do use the bike i am going really well and still enjoying it, except my left toes seem to always go numb.

As for my right leg and sciatica troubles, I saw my chiro today and she straight away asked what problems I have been having with my right leg as she notes my pelvis was twisted more then it ever has been. I suppose all I can do is keep having it adjusted and keep wearing my orthotics.

Baby is doing really well, kicking away as I type. My belly has popped heaps this week and I feel massive, I feel very pregnant and even feel like I am slowing. I have put on weight but not telling yas how much lol. I am trying not to but my whole body is changing, my arms are looking so flabby. My Jeans still fit but I can not do my buttons up.

Well that's it for this week. I think I am doing well but definately need to get bak to the core work, i spoke to my chiro about that today and she said I can still do planks so I will start those again. Hopefully that will help my lower back pain.