Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Monday 14th August - Nuns Walk 5km

I really need to get my arse into gear, I need to stop eating crap and I need to start cross training again. I tried to get that 30min 5km again today and failed. I keep getting pretty much the same time LOL. It is clear to me that I need to start cross training again, my legs feel weak as does my core. SO here is the new plan:

Run 3 times a week still but on my off days I will aim to do some work on the bike aswell as some resistance work with my resistance tube, some push-ups, some core work and squats & lunges oh and some crunches of course as I am beginning to look pregnant, O.K I aready looked pregnant now I am looking 5 months pregnant.

Of course all that extra work will be a complete waste if I keep eating the way I am. Admittedly I do eat well. I eat plenty of good healthy food but I have also been sneaking in some terrible stuff........whoever invented choc coated sultanas has alot to answer for and of course there is always room for improvement in my overall diet. I am feeling quite lethargic and need to step up the vegies. My iron levels are low right now and I have been having dizzy spells the last two days as well as headaches, why do I keep forgetting to take my multi vitamins?

Anyway, yesterdays run. My legs felt quite heavy though most of it, I recon I have stacked on the weight and my legs were complaining about carrying it. I took my watch but forgot to hit the lap button after the first km so the first two are together. I really felt like I was struggeling today, Scallywag described as the start of her last run feeling like she was running through quicksand, that is how most of my run felt today. I just felt sooo damn heavy (I refuse to weigh myself but I know I am dragging extra weight). Anyway I really wanted this 30min run so I kep pushing and pushing and when I came to the incline that has been known to beat me on occasion I shortened my stride and really pumped my arms and it even felt like I managed to pick up the pace instead of dropping it this time. Felt great not to struggle up that hill for once. I was hoping my work would pay off but I was struggeling to pick up the pace much more than that and nearing the end of the run I didn't have my usual sprint in me....I was stuffed LOL. Here are the Stats:

1st & 2nd km: Time=12.26.17.....Pace=6.11.....Speed=9.6
3rd km: Time=6.07.55.....Pace=6.02.....Speed=9.8
4th km: Time=5.58.40.....Pace=6.03.....Speed=9.8
5th km: Time=5.40.47.....Pace=5.37.....Speed=10.6

Finishing time = 30.12.59

Better luck next week huh LOL. I'm not gonna try for the rest of this week. I am hoping for a long run with Crissy on Friday if she is up for it. Don't know what i will do Wed morning, was thinking of a slower 6 or 7 km......Dunno yet! I am gonna scream if I keep getting these 30.12 times hehe.

Rightio, I think Poppy is amlost ready for her nap so I am gonna go get the bike ready for a good workout. Toodles!

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