Wednesday, August 30, 2006

No Running :-(

The title says it all. I missed Mondays run as Poppy was sick. She slept in my arms most of Sunday and had a nasty temperature. Monday she was a tiny but better but still quite sooky, clingy and sleepy so I took her to the docs which took most of the afternoon. So I thought I would run Tuesday instead but Nooooooooo. It wasn't meant to be. I woke up during the night with bad stomach cramps and bloating. I didn;t have anything in my tummy but was throwing up all day anyway. Now today I still have a sore tummy but I also have very sore tummy & lower back muscles from heaving over the dunny all day yesterday. I have no energy and running is the very last thing on my actually I lie cos I was just thinking what a beautiful day it is and how nice it would be to go for a run and how it may help my back feel better.....Mind you I walk from one end of the house to the other and have to sit down & rest.

My guess is that I have whatever virus Poppy had but it is affecting me differently. I have Mum's group here at 9am tomorrow morning and have housework & baby profing to do before then......why isn;t my house already baby proof you say? Well that's cos we havn't needed to. We have taught Pop from the word go what she can & can't touch and we are lucky she understands the word "no" & "Don't touch".....having said that I do not leave scissors or the carving knife on the floor for her to play with but unlike the other babies she does know not to touch the little bin I use for Compost that is next to the fridge and stuff like that. She doesn;t even get into the cupboards so we have not bothered with locks but there are at least two of her friends in mums group who are obsessed with opening cupcoards so I am going to have to come up with a way to keep them shut.

Anyway sitting here crappin on about it in my blog is not getting all this done nor is it doing my back any favours.

I hope I am over this virus really soon, the last time I had something like this it had me zapped for weeks. I have really been loving my running lately and even seen some improvements........WHY DOES THIS HAVE TO HAPPEN NOW?

Friday, August 25, 2006


....Yeah you!

Nah your not in trouble I just wanted to let you know that I have been reading your blog but am having trouble leaving messages. I am a bit of a puter dud.

Thanks for the "suck up" on Poppy's pics. She is a sweety huh! And yeah I have been feeling really great & strong with my running ........till today LOL.

Anyway Hope you have settled into your new place nicely. Toodles XXX

Friday 25th August - Nuns walk 10km

FLAT....that is the best word for me at the moment.....I am physically & emotionally drained. It's been a tough day.

Did a nice slow and I mean SLOW 10km run this morning with Crissy. It didn't feel too bad, I had a hip flexor issue in my right leg before I even started and at the 8km mark I was feeling it in my left one but it wasn't too bad and I don't have any niggles now. But I did feel quite flat through the run, I could give the same effort I gave last Friday, I felt like I was running on the spot for alot of the run. It was frustrating but at the same time comfortable enough not to have any doubts that I would complete it, I often get doubts about completing a 10km run.

Anyway I will post the stats but can't be stuffed right now. After my run I had to get ready for my monthy Mum's group with the girls I was in hospital with. I love this mum's group as there are only 5 of us and it's nice & intimate. Anyway one of the other babies in the group is a bit of a rough nut and pushes, bear hugs and bites and she bit Poppy on the cheek today and drew blood. It was HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE.............I Never ever ever ever ever ever want to see my baby in that sort of pain again. She was screaming, trembeling, bleeding and her cheek was purple & swelling. She was gripping me so tight and screaming for her Daddy. My heat was breaking but I had to hold my tears back as the mother of the Biter was already crying as she felt terrible, she is at her wits end as this is not the first time and she blames herself and she is worries she will lose all her friends due to her babies biting. Anyway one of the other mums just happened to be videoing when it happened and caught it on camera and they kept watching it over and over again trying to analyse the biters behaviour. I couldn't watch but could hear it and let me tell you , to hear my baby screaming like that over & over & over & over & BLOODY over again was killing me inside. I managed to hold myself togteher while there but cried most of the way home while looking at my daughters bitten cheek in the review mirror.

Now she is tucked away safely in bed and I am sipping on some nice Cab Sav sobbing about the whole situation. Quite pathetic really I suppose. I thought motherhood would make me stronger but it has made me really soft LOL.

Just one more thought, I heard a chisel song in the car on my way home today and it fully reminded me of my carefree youth........I had a very overwhelming feeling, like home sickness.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Wednesday 23rd August - Pelican Park 6.6km

You know what I love the most about running? The way I feel afterwards. I feel so healthy, strong and alive. I don't think it's the running I am addicted to, it's the high I get afterwards. Especially after a good run.

I am finally feeling some improvement in my running. Having this GPS watch has been great for my confidence as I am able to see my improvement aswell. Today I ran at Pelican park with Crissy and for the first time we were able to find out exactly what distance the track is's 2.2km. That .2km doesn't sound like much but you times that by 3 and you have over .5 of a km and maybe I am being petty here but a few months ago when I completed my longest training run there and I thought it was 10km, it was actually 11km. No big deal but only 1km off my next goal.

Anyway todays run was kinda weird. Both Crissy & I were puffing more than usual and both having leg issues. Crissy had to pull out after the second lap due to a persistant shin niggle, better cut todays short than not be able to run Fri or sat. My legs were a little tight and kinda achy. I was having a niggle somewhere down near my foot but as usual it all got better once we picked up the pace in the 3rd km. The 5th km was my most comfortable, I really enjoyed that last lap. I am happy to report that I got to the 5km mark in under 30mins again, and even 10secs faster than Monday. WHOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO YEEEEEEEEE HAAAAAAAAAAA.

Anyway here are the boring Stats.

1st km: Time=6.18.61....Pace=6.07....Speed=9.6
2nd km: Time=5.48.81....Pace=5.56....Speed=9.9 (12.07.42)
3rd km: Time=5.53.35....Pace=5.52....Speed=10.1 (18.00.77)
4th km: Time=6.01.61....Pace=5.48....Speed=10.3 (24.02.68)
5th km: Time=5.31.69....Pace=5.48....Speed=10.3 (29.34.37)
6th km: Time=5.43.75....Pace=5.40....Speed=10.4 (35.18.12)

All up with the extra 650m on the end the run took 38.52.32. It's actually handy finishing the 6km before I complete the 3rd lap cos it forces me to run a cool I just need to slow down for that whole 650m cool down rather than charge like a bull when I see the car.

I am feeling a little more confident about picking up the pace during the run rather than save all my energy for a sprint at the end, I am finding I don't have as much energy left for that sprint but it is more effective to generally lift my pace throughout the run. Crissy has been telling me I can do it for ages but I was scared that I would crash & burn and not be able to finish my runs. This is such a head game but what a way to learn more about yourself.

Thank goodness for Mum & Dad being able to look after Poppy sometimes, it can be really hard getting 3 runs in a week. I would love to run 4 times a week but I think that would stretch a few friendships.

Fingers crossed Crissy has done some more stretching and is icing that shin and will be up for another run with me on Saturday, however I could be tackling my first long run solo if she has plans. Again I have crapped on long enough. XXX

Hang on, one more thing......thank-you so much Stu & Paul for your kind words re: my pics of Poppy. Stu you must have commented as I was typing this novel so I had to pop back in and thank yas. It's so nice to get feedback.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Creative Day

While Poppy was outside playing this morning I had an idea pop into my head while marveling the blossoms on my Almond tree, I grabbed my camera and started snapping away on Macro then dumped the pics on the puter, played around with them in my fav program and here is the end result, pretty much exactly the picture that was in my head while looking at that tree this morning. I have printed them both out, "So much Beauty" I did in an 8x8 scrapbooking format "Blossom" I did in a simple A4 format. I am really happy with the results.

I have been feeling like total crap today so this end result has really cheered me up. Don't you just love it when things work.

Just edited to add another one I just finished. Now I am gonna have a break to start preparing dinner.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Monday 21st August - Nuns Walk 6km

Again gonna make this one quick as I don't have much time to sit here. First I will appologise for the stats in the last entry, I just copied & pasted them from the email I send Crissy and it came out all funky. I will try to figure out a better way to post them sometime.

Anyway here are the stats for todays run:

1st km: Time=6.00.67....Dist=1.009....Pace=5.56....Speed= 9.9 (6.00.67)
2nd km: Time=6.22.62....Dist=1.052....Pace=6.03....Speed= 9.8 (12.23.29)
3rd km:. Time=5.35.74....Dist= .946....Pace=5.54....Speed=10.1 (17.59.03)
4th km: Time=5.37.90....Dist= .967....Pace=5.49....Speed=10.3 (23.36.93)
5th km: Time=6.07.36....Dist=1.036....Pace=5.53....Speed=10.1 (29.46.29)
6th km: Time=5.28.50....Dist= .994....Pace=5.30....Speed=10.7 (35.12.79)

Hmmmm, I hit 5km in 29.46.29, my goal has been to get my 5km runs in 30mins or under. Does this count as reaching my goal or is it void cos it was in a 6km run. I can;t help but get a little excited about reaching my goal but cos I reached it while not really trying to as such it just doesn't seem right. Also why am I able to run 5km in under 30mins while running 6km but not while I am actually trying to in a 5km run?

Also may add I did the same as last wednesday and parked at fisheys beach, I much prefer running in the opposite direction for the first half of the run. The change seems to have done me good, I feel I have been running much better the last few runs.

May also add that I beat last weeks 6km time, not by too much but still I beat it which is nice. Well we are off to take poppy to the park now, toodles.

Friday 18th August - Nuns Walk 10km

While this was one of the best runs I have ever had I have not bothered posting about it cos we have used our Broardband usage this month and been put onto a painfully slow dial-up speed, it should be back to normal soon. Anyway it has taken aged for me to get into blogger so I will keep this short as I have todays run (MOnday) to blog aswell.

Here are the stats for Fridays run:

Km: Time: Dist: Pace: Speed:
1st&2nd 13.01.20 2.007 6.28 9.1
3rd 6.25.51 1.009 6.21 9.3 (19.26.71)
4th 6.15.28 .993 6.17 9.4 (25.41.99)
5th 6.03.60 .996 6.04 9.8 (31.45.59)
6th 6.50.43 1.069 6.23 9.3 (38.36.02)
7th 5.25.21 .935 5.47 10.3 (44.01.23)
8th 5.46.51 .999 5.46 10.3 (49.47.74)
9th 6.08.03 1.009 6.04 9.8 (55.55.77)
10th 5.20.81 .983 5.25 10.9 (60.01.16)

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Food Porn

I just loved Sharon's last blog entry with the "Food Porn" and it gave me the idea to post a pic of a typical dinner for us here in the Peahen Household.

My carrots are very carefully placed not touching the rest of the food because I HATE cooked carrots but love to eat them raw but if they touch the warm food I can't eat them and if they touch the warm food for too long they begin to cook. I have been known to actually remove the carrots from my plate and place them on the table next to my plate so they don't get warm.

The rest is Broccoli of course (the only green I eat), mashed potato and chicken breast with mustard & honey sauce. I buy free range chicken and get 3 fillets out of one breast thanks to my Super Duper fileting knife.

Poppy gets the exact same dinner as us, but I don't give her the sauce. The little piggy has a portion not much smaller than mine. I am so glad she eats her vegies and hope she continues this way.

You see, I do eat other things besides choc coated sultanas........Now Crissy it is your turn for food Porn. Oooooh I will have to post a pic of our Thai feast Friday night. It can be my blog "centerfold".

Wednesday 16th August - Nuns Walk 6km

Even some of you that don't know me very well know that I don't like change and this is why I always run at the same place, plus it just happens to be a sensational track but I don't even like parking up the other end and running in the opposite direction. But I had decided yesterday that I would make todays run different. I would have a break from trying to kill this 5km time and run an easy relaxing 6km instead and to top it off I would park at a different part of the track and run in the opposite direction. I followed my plan to the letter.

I had a disturbed sleep last night, something I did yesterday agrevated that hip flexor I had trouble with a few months back and everytime I turned over in bed I copped shooting pain. I woke up this morning with sore quads and chest muscles aswell. Here I am thinking I didn't do much yesterday and I wan't gonna pull up sore. I decided to have a shower before my run this morning to warm up my legs enough to stretch my quads & calves. I also gave my legs a little rub with that ICE stuff. I chucked my IPOD on under my shirt today. I havn't been running with it lately but thought that it would be nice to have some music to plod along to today.

I parked at fishies beach in Mornington and headed towards Mt Martha from there, the plan was to turn around at the 3km mark and head back. It was nice to tackle the inclines in the first half of the run for a change. Somewhere in the 2nd km I bumped into a woman who was in my Pre-natel class. I have never seen her on this track before but Crissy & I did watch her kick our arses in the Mornington Bay Run......WITH A PRAM This woman is a machine. Anyway it was strange that I bumped into her as I was only thinking about her this morning. I am aware that she ran through most of her pregnancy and wanted to pick her brain about it, she seemed happy to chat so I hit stop on my watch and I recon we must have chatted to close to 10mins. Ordinarily I wouldn't do this as it makes me feel like I am cheating in a run but I didn't care today as it was a "No rules" run and was meant to be easy and relaxed. After that break I felt like I was running a little fast and started to worry that I was gonna burn out but just decided to keep rolling with whatever pace my body was comfortable with. I continued like this for the rest of the run with no issues. My legs felt great and my breathing was EASY. Here are the stats. I was a little slack at hitting the lap button at the right times today so I better include the distances.

1st km: Time.=6.25.47....Distance=1.015....Pace=6.19....Speed=9.3
2nd km: Time=6.29.72...Distance=1.067....Pace=6.04....Speed=9.8 (12.54.72)
3rd km: Time=5.44.99...Distance=0.92.....Pace=6.14....Speed=9.4 (18.39.71)
4th km: Time=5.59.97....Distance=1.007....Pace=5.56...Speed=9.9 (24.39.68)
5th km: Time=5.50.11....Distance=0.996....Pace=5.50...Speed=10.1 (30.29.79)
6th km: Time=5.28.61....Distance=0.994....Pace=5.29...Speed=10.7 (35.58.40)

I am pretty happy seeing how I was only out for an easy relaxing run today. I think my time wasn't too bad seeing how I really wasn't trying. I really did feel great & relaxed though so that along with the chat break I had must have really helped LOL.

I really loved todays run. I enjoyed every minute of it and must have looked pretty goofy running along with a huge grin on my face. Got to kick back and watch the waves rolling in while I sipped some water afterwards.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Tuesday 15th August - At home workout

It's been so long since I did a good at home workout but I am certain it is what I need on my non-running days to get my strength back. I knew I was weaker but wasn't sure to what extent till this mornings workout.

I started on the Bike and did 30mins on my old fav setting. I used to be able to get to over 7km in 30mins but only made it to 6.51km today and my legs were sore at the start and like jelly and shaking by the end. I am so embarrased that I let it get to this. Anyway after that I did:

*Some squats
*Some standing Lunges
*Push-ups.....I can surprisingly still manage full body ones but only did 10
*Resistance band stuff.....Rowing, Bicep curls, upright rows, tricep thingies.
*More lunges.....Forwards & Backwards ones (Scallywag you would have peed yaself laughing as I kept almost falling over withthe backwards ones.
*Crunches on the fitball (50)
*Toe taps (100)
*Finished off with some core stuff, can't be stuffed explaining, Scally you will know what I mean if I just say the ones where your on all fours and stick out oppostie arms & legs, then the same arm & leg then just balancing on one leg.

I think that was about it. I didn't want to go too nuts cos I realise I have not been doing much lately and don't want to pull up sore as I still want to run tomorrow. I has a shower before I stretched because I knew Poppy was due to wake up and I wouldn't get one otherwise. I did some of my arm stretches in the shower actually then just as I was getting out she was stiring so my timing was excellent. Now I am really craving a bag of choc coated sultanas, Poppy and I are about to go for a walk to the shops to get something for dinner, surely if I walk I am allowed to get my choc coated sultanas........You don't understand its a girly thing. I NEED THEM!

Monday 14th August - Nuns Walk 5km

I really need to get my arse into gear, I need to stop eating crap and I need to start cross training again. I tried to get that 30min 5km again today and failed. I keep getting pretty much the same time LOL. It is clear to me that I need to start cross training again, my legs feel weak as does my core. SO here is the new plan:

Run 3 times a week still but on my off days I will aim to do some work on the bike aswell as some resistance work with my resistance tube, some push-ups, some core work and squats & lunges oh and some crunches of course as I am beginning to look pregnant, O.K I aready looked pregnant now I am looking 5 months pregnant.

Of course all that extra work will be a complete waste if I keep eating the way I am. Admittedly I do eat well. I eat plenty of good healthy food but I have also been sneaking in some terrible stuff........whoever invented choc coated sultanas has alot to answer for and of course there is always room for improvement in my overall diet. I am feeling quite lethargic and need to step up the vegies. My iron levels are low right now and I have been having dizzy spells the last two days as well as headaches, why do I keep forgetting to take my multi vitamins?

Anyway, yesterdays run. My legs felt quite heavy though most of it, I recon I have stacked on the weight and my legs were complaining about carrying it. I took my watch but forgot to hit the lap button after the first km so the first two are together. I really felt like I was struggeling today, Scallywag described as the start of her last run feeling like she was running through quicksand, that is how most of my run felt today. I just felt sooo damn heavy (I refuse to weigh myself but I know I am dragging extra weight). Anyway I really wanted this 30min run so I kep pushing and pushing and when I came to the incline that has been known to beat me on occasion I shortened my stride and really pumped my arms and it even felt like I managed to pick up the pace instead of dropping it this time. Felt great not to struggle up that hill for once. I was hoping my work would pay off but I was struggeling to pick up the pace much more than that and nearing the end of the run I didn't have my usual sprint in me....I was stuffed LOL. Here are the Stats:

1st & 2nd km: Time=12.26.17.....Pace=6.11.....Speed=9.6
3rd km: Time=6.07.55.....Pace=6.02.....Speed=9.8
4th km: Time=5.58.40.....Pace=6.03.....Speed=9.8
5th km: Time=5.40.47.....Pace=5.37.....Speed=10.6

Finishing time = 30.12.59

Better luck next week huh LOL. I'm not gonna try for the rest of this week. I am hoping for a long run with Crissy on Friday if she is up for it. Don't know what i will do Wed morning, was thinking of a slower 6 or 7 km......Dunno yet! I am gonna scream if I keep getting these 30.12 times hehe.

Rightio, I think Poppy is amlost ready for her nap so I am gonna go get the bike ready for a good workout. Toodles!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Friday 11th August - Nuns Walk 5km

Todays run was a disaster from the beginning LOL. Crissy was in rushing about mode and we started the run way too fast. Then Crissy mentioned her HRM giving her a strange reading, not long after that I noticed my watch had stopped recording the distance at just over 500m. We decided that they must have been interfering with each other. It's the best explaination we can come up with. Must be an un common problem though. Anyway Our pace was all over the place. I was trying to get my watch to work and we were talking a fair bit about our watches and my breathing was all over the joint. What was meant to be an easy enjoyable run was turning into a struggle.

My left ankle was starting to hurt I think just before the halfway point. Now this only ever happens when I run with Crissy, we discussed it after the run and both think that your stride changes when you run with a partner. I shorten mine and get foot & ankle probs so this is something I have to concentrate on next time we run together.

I figured as todays run was already stuffed I would play with trying to pick up my pace at the 3.5km mark as Stu suggested. Now the 3.5km mark just happens to fall upon the biggest incline in the track and is where I usually struggle but I gave it a shot anyway and felt like I powered up the hill quite well, recovered well and kept my pace up afterwards. Looking at my watch I decided that I was gonna try to get that 30min 5km again LOL. Yeah I know I wasn't meant to today but I was really running this last 1.5km well and I thought I had a good chance. Actually I thought I was gonna kill it......I was wrong. 30.28.41 was my finishing time......Still I wont complain, I feel more confident about running that last 1.5km faster so I did get something out of the run.

Must also note that after picking up the pace and of course lengthening my stride my ankle felt much better. Mind you while we were doing our cool down walk I was limping on it and having sharp pains thought it. I forgot to ice it when I got home but it feels fine now.

We have been having terrible computer trouble, we have sent it to two different places to get it fixed, the first charged us over $200 and didn't fic it. The second were a more honest mob and I think charged us a standard fee of about $20 and told us they couldn;t find what was causing it to crash all the time. We have since tried all sorts of things but the bloody thing keeps crashing. ANyway Hubby has finally had enough and decided yesterday we would get a new computer, so hopefully this is the end to our puter probs. Hubby spent all yesterday arvo setting this one up so this is why I am blogging today instead of yesterday.

I am so excited about the C2S tomorrow. I watch it every year but this year my very good friend Crissy is running it. OMG IT'S SO EXCITING! I just hope she managed to get up early this morning after a late-ish night out last night LOL.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Wednesday 9th August - Nuns Walk 5km

You would think that after Mondays nice run I would have been gagging to get out today not nooooooo. It looked like rain so it was a real struggle to get out that front door. I was even going to pike it and use the exercise bike instead but given all the times I would love to run but can't due to motherly duties I would have kicked myself if I didn't take advantage of Hubby being home today and forced myself out the door.

On my way to Nuns walk it started raining, I wanted to turn back but remembering that rain never used to bother me and one of my fav motivational quotes "Harden up Princess" I decided to stop sooking.

Todays 5km was not as easy as Mondays, my legs were a little heavy in the last half and I felt like I was a little more out of my comfort zone with my breathing. Reminding myself that Fridays run is gonna be an easy paced one I tried pushing myself a little harder when I was feeling like I was dragging my feet, this was my last chance this week to try and get a sub 30min 5km and I would kick myself if I didn't try hard enough.

I was concentrating on shoulders today, yes I know it's a common problem for me. In the last km when I was pushing my hardest I could really feel my shoulders tencing up and it was a constant battle to try to relax them. For obvious reasons I made sure I gave them a good stretch when I got home


1st km: Time=6.20.48.....Pace=6.14.....Speed=9.4
2nd km: Time=5.57.38.....Pace=6.00.....Speed=9.9
3rd km: Time=6.04.34.....Pace=6.04.....Speed=9.8
4th km: Time=6.15.20.....Pace=6.13.....Speed=9.4
5th km: Time=5.35.00.....Pace=5.38.....Speed=10.6

Finishing time: 30.12.40..............DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN....Must admitt that with the way I felt like I was running I didn't think I would beat Mondays time.

I am kinda looking forward to an easy paced run Friday, I should have fresh legs on Monday and hopefully be able reach my goal. If I can can my folks to look after Pop that is.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Forum Sigs/Showing off.

I finally taught myself how to make signatures for the parenting forums I use this week. I am really happy with my efforts. I must have the most beautiful baby in the world LOL. Looking back at her newborn photos makes me clucky. She makes me laugh most of the day, she has started to turn around in circles and then falls over, she dances infrom of the telly when ABC kids is on or dances infront of the stereo when I have the radio on. Actually I often turn to check on her in the car and she is bopping on her car seat while the radio is on. She is 16months in a few days, I am loving this age.

Monday 7th August - Nuns Walk 5km

I loved todays run. I have been hanging for an enjoyable run for ages. I was just saying to Crissy on Saturday that I am gonna stick to the 5km runs for a week or two, I have been struggeling with running and I miss being able to run 5km without niggles or struggle. I also really want to get my 5kms under 30mins and have not been working towards it.

So this morning I was excited to get out for my first run with my new watch. I was aiming for 5km in 32mins, the way I have been running lately I thought I would be lucky to make it but had to set myself something to work for.

AT the start of the run I felt shocking, thought I had no pain I think I was anticipating it. I felt really awkward and as if I was running on the spot LOL. I get the same feeling at the start of most runs.

The pain never came, all I could think about was the pain in my legs on Saturday and I was dredding it happening again today, but it never did. My legs felt great for the WHOLE run. I couldn't have been happier and I am sure I was grinning like a dork thorugh most of my run.

I decided to hit the lap button on my watch every km, I wanted to see what it did. Of course I would not know till I got home to play with it. I really liked having it on the distance setting, I did have a look at my pace a few times but decided it was best to keep it on distance and just occasionaly glance at it so I would know when to hit the lap button and to know when to turn around.

Turns out the 2.5km mark is a tad bit closer than I have measured out in my car. Not surprising I suppose seeing how the road is straight and the track has some bends in it, still it felt weird turning a little before I usually do, felt like I was cheating.

Before I knew it I was on my last km, I felt like I was picking up pace without even trying to, and of course as usual I know I picked it up near the end but I didn't sprint like I usually do. It was more controlled I think.

Anyway here is all the data from my watch.

1st Km: Time=6.18.56 Pace= 6.14 Speed=9.4
2nd km: Time=6.07.19 Pace=6.09 Speed=9.6
3rd km: Time=6.13.86 Pace=6.09 Speed=9.6
4th km: Time=6.15.95 Pace=6.18 Speed=9.4
5th km: Time=5.42.75 Pace=5.42 Speed=10.4

The 4th km is the one with all the inclines in it. It's the one that if I am struggeling I will feel like giving up in. I was not surprised to see it almost my slowest km. The pace & speed are averages of course. I am pretty happy with that last km.

My husband is tormenting my child so I have to go, I have had to listen to her cracking the shits the whole time I have been typing. Think it's time to open a can of Whoop Arse.

Oh should add that yesterday I went for a nice long walk with the watch to try to work it out. Maybe that is why my legs were so good today, cos I stretched out any niggles yesterday.

OMG: I almost forgot to add that my finishing time was 30.38.31....Gotta be happy with that when I thought I was being cocky setting out to finish in under 32mins. Oooh I like this font!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Saturday 5th August - Nuns walk 45 mins

I have not run since the Bay run last weekend. My legs were trashed for a few days then I got a nasty case of the "Can't be bothereds" I finally pushed myself out the door yesterday.

I has a visit from my Boot Camp Instructor Kylie on Friday. I havn't seen her for a while and it was great to catch up. She was keen to run with Crissy & I yesterday but something came up and she couldn't make it. Kylie if you read this I have to say that you didn't miss out on much. Crissy & I both stuffed up and it was an ordinary run.

First of all I have been so excited all week about finally getting my watch and getting out and having a go of it, I finally get off my arse for a run and the bloody thing isn;t working the way I think it should. The watch just kept beeping at me. Crissy & I must have spent at least 30mins trying to figure it out, I just wanted to take it off and stomp on it. I had a zero tollerance level yesterday and wasn't in the mood. Anyway we ended up leaving the arm band part that picks up the satelites in the car and took off without it. So I was wearing a $150 stop watch. I even said to Crissy "Great, I am wearing a $150 $17 Stopwatch was good enough for this". Anyway I am sure that my frustration and tension was not doing me any good and I was trying to relax my shoulders but my whole body felt very very tense.

Not long into the run my calfes, ankes & left foot were hurting. My left foot pulled up sore after the Bay Run, under the arch and it was aching as I ran yesterday., It was also sore on top of the foot where you bend it. Crissy was also experiencing pain in her left leg (I think) we are thinking Hip Flexor.

About 22mins into the run I told her that I may have to stop half way to stretch, we were planning on doing 30mins out then turning back. I have only ever done that once before, stopped halfway through a run to stretch. I don't like to do it but will if I have to and I knew I was gonna have to. Crissy said she was thinking the same thing for her sore leg and then as we approched a lookout we decided it was as good a time as any. Stretching my calfs I could really feel it, they were sore & tight. I did some Quad stretches aswell as they were a little tight. Crissy was trying to stretch hers out aswell. Not the easiest place to stretch, I was worries about her injury as I had it a little while ago and it was a shocker, hard to stretch. She has the City to Surf coming up so she is gonna have to sort this thing out ASAP.

ANyway after discussion we decided to turn around there and then after our stretches and head back. So instead of 30mins we only did about 23.30. Initially my legs felt a hell of a lot better, but then I got a stitch (not breathing properly) and as I shortened my stride to breath though it my legs started hurting again. At this point I was wondering why I was bothering at all. Who was I kidding, I am not built for running, I have never been the sporty type, I should have stayed home infront of the telly where lazy people belong. **sob sob*. LOL. I yelled back to Crissy "You know what? I am not in the Fing mood to work through this stitch" I just wanted to stop but kept going for some reason. I decided to pick up the pace a little and lengthen my stride, the change in breathing pattern must have been what I needed to get rid of the stubborn stitch cos it went quickly after that. I was really enjoying the slight increase in pace and my legs felt much better. Doesn't it suck when you find your Rythem and start to really enjoy a run when your not far from finishing! So that's it, the rest of the run was nice for me. I was worried about Crissy's Hip thingy while we were running up hill but she said it was the same. She mentioned something about taking off at the end and I told her that I am not going to today and my foot was hurting and I didn't want to risk stuffing it, I wanted to be able to run Monday. I then told her it wouldn't be a good idea for her either with her hip thingy and she agreed, she prob thought I was an idiot for even thinking it.

Anyway as usual I took off at the end, I did hold back a little but couldn't help but take off. It just happens. We fisnished off with some nice stretching in the park then took off to collect our offspring. So it was a crap run but at the same time it ended nicely. Once Hubby came home he looked at my watch for me and said I had the zone alert switched on and that's why it was beeping at me. I pretended to understand what he was talking about.

I think for the next few weeks I will just stick to 5km runs (at least the next 3 runs), I need to get my routine back.

Oh forgot to add my finishing time. I got 45:50 on my watch but I forgot to stop it when we were stretching so our times were different. We are guessing it was about 7km. If my Bloody watch worked I would have knoen exactly how far....AAAAGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH