Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Wednesday 23rd August - Pelican Park 6.6km

You know what I love the most about running? The way I feel afterwards. I feel so healthy, strong and alive. I don't think it's the running I am addicted to, it's the high I get afterwards. Especially after a good run.

I am finally feeling some improvement in my running. Having this GPS watch has been great for my confidence as I am able to see my improvement aswell. Today I ran at Pelican park with Crissy and for the first time we were able to find out exactly what distance the track is's 2.2km. That .2km doesn't sound like much but you times that by 3 and you have over .5 of a km and maybe I am being petty here but a few months ago when I completed my longest training run there and I thought it was 10km, it was actually 11km. No big deal but only 1km off my next goal.

Anyway todays run was kinda weird. Both Crissy & I were puffing more than usual and both having leg issues. Crissy had to pull out after the second lap due to a persistant shin niggle, better cut todays short than not be able to run Fri or sat. My legs were a little tight and kinda achy. I was having a niggle somewhere down near my foot but as usual it all got better once we picked up the pace in the 3rd km. The 5th km was my most comfortable, I really enjoyed that last lap. I am happy to report that I got to the 5km mark in under 30mins again, and even 10secs faster than Monday. WHOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO YEEEEEEEEE HAAAAAAAAAAA.

Anyway here are the boring Stats.

1st km: Time=6.18.61....Pace=6.07....Speed=9.6
2nd km: Time=5.48.81....Pace=5.56....Speed=9.9 (12.07.42)
3rd km: Time=5.53.35....Pace=5.52....Speed=10.1 (18.00.77)
4th km: Time=6.01.61....Pace=5.48....Speed=10.3 (24.02.68)
5th km: Time=5.31.69....Pace=5.48....Speed=10.3 (29.34.37)
6th km: Time=5.43.75....Pace=5.40....Speed=10.4 (35.18.12)

All up with the extra 650m on the end the run took 38.52.32. It's actually handy finishing the 6km before I complete the 3rd lap cos it forces me to run a cool I just need to slow down for that whole 650m cool down rather than charge like a bull when I see the car.

I am feeling a little more confident about picking up the pace during the run rather than save all my energy for a sprint at the end, I am finding I don't have as much energy left for that sprint but it is more effective to generally lift my pace throughout the run. Crissy has been telling me I can do it for ages but I was scared that I would crash & burn and not be able to finish my runs. This is such a head game but what a way to learn more about yourself.

Thank goodness for Mum & Dad being able to look after Poppy sometimes, it can be really hard getting 3 runs in a week. I would love to run 4 times a week but I think that would stretch a few friendships.

Fingers crossed Crissy has done some more stretching and is icing that shin and will be up for another run with me on Saturday, however I could be tackling my first long run solo if she has plans. Again I have crapped on long enough. XXX

Hang on, one more thing......thank-you so much Stu & Paul for your kind words re: my pics of Poppy. Stu you must have commented as I was typing this novel so I had to pop back in and thank yas. It's so nice to get feedback.


Em said...

Well done, every metre counts, especiall those extra 200 metres!!

I reckon running is about 50/50, that is 50% mental 50% physical. You know some days it is only your mental toughness that gets you through. When I do speedwork in particular half the battle is inside my head.

Cute pics of Poppy yesterday too, what a little sweetheart :-)

Chris said...

Great running K!

I would mention how cute the photos are as well, but I don't want to look like I am sucking up for a thanks like Em! :)