Friday, September 01, 2006

It gets worse!

That's right, just as I thought I was at my sickest it got worse. At midnight Wednesday night the Gastro bug hit hard.....won't go into the embarrasing details but its' safe to say that my body hasn't been holding on to much since. Not even water.

Of course I cancelled the Mums group I was meant to have here yesterday morning which was good cos I was having trouble preparing the food for it Wednesday night as the smell of food sent me rushing to the toilet twice....eventually I gave up and watched Wolf Creek with hubby. I spent the best part of 10 hours yesterday in the bathroom then the rest of it in bed in a lethargic/dehydrated state. Hubby woke me every 10mins to sip water and after 1.5 hours of this I started to perk up.

Still having "digestive" troubles. Have had some saladas and some chick noodle soup and still sipping that water. I am so lucky that Hubby had organised to take these next three shifts off anyway so he has been looking after Pop for me. I am so tried and my energy levels are ZERO. I don;t know when I will be able to go for a run but I am thinking the first one back should only be 4km.

Have lost a few kg's, of course that's understandable when i am having trouble holding onto anything.

On a good note Hubby & I are going to a concert in a few weeks and Hubby has booked us a room in St Kilda so we get to have a night away.....Just the two of us. I think this is just what we need. Can't wait. Hopefully my guts have stopped churning by then.

Thanks for your messages guys. Esp Boston & Lee, welcome to by blog which is full of useless info and mainly consists of me crapping on about nothing in particular.

Right that is about as long as I can take sitting here.....back to the couch for me. Toodles everyone XXX


Em said...

Oh no!! you poor thing, Gastro is the worst, you cop it from both ends (euowww, sorry). When I had a bad flu a few years ago I couldn't hold anything down and got very dehydrated. Then I discovered Frosty Fruit icy poles, I reckon I ate a pack a day for 3 days straight, but I kept them down and they kept the fluids up.

Hope you are fighting fit soon my dear.

Peahen said...

Hmmmm, Frosty Fruits were my ultimate hangover food a few years ago. I could go one of them right now actually.

Thanks for the well wishes Em

Lee said...

Oh thats disgusting! I hate being sick. Hope you are on the mend real soon.
As for your blog, I have become a total blog addict. I love reading about other peoples running and it does help to motivate me at times. I also like the fact that you have a little one as well because it actually makes me feel normal, in regards to trying to have a life outside the children. Note, I said trying, lol!!