Sunday, September 17, 2006

FINALLY....Sunday 17th September

.......I have something to report LOL YIPPEE. Nuns Walk 5km.

Yep that's right, I finally dragged my un-motivated lazy arse out for a run and it felt FANTASTIC. I feel terrible about the last 3 weeks, the worst lull I have been in since I started running, I was even contemplating giving up completely cos I figured I had had too much time off and thought "what's the point". Everyday I would think "will I run today" some days i would make excuses and other days I had legitimate excuses. Today I had NO EXCUSES and was itching to get out into that sunshine. Hubby looked at me all dressed in my gear (which is fitting quite snuggly I might add) and said "you off running love?" I answered "I was mean to be doing the first Spring into Shape today, I feel terrible and am off for a run. It's not going to be pretty." and off I went.

I started out wayyyyy too fast of course. My legs have been protesting about doing nothing for the last 3 weeks and were a little excited about being let out LOL, it felt great though so I tried not to hold back too much and just figured I would only do 4km. Come 2km I was starting to realise how much cardio fitness I had lost but decided to push on for another 500m to make the total run 5km. What the hell, I can always stop & walk if I have to. AFter I turned around I felt like I was going sooooooo slow, maybe even struggeling a little. There were heaps of runners on the track today and I was in heaven......especially when two extremly spunky men ran past, one of them not wearing a top YUMMY (sorry honey but you would say the same thing if it were two women with crop tops on) I was really enjoying my run and has a smile plasterd on my face already anyway but that made my grin even bigger LOL.

Anyway I bumped into that chick who was in my pre-natel class (the one who kicked mine & Crissy's butt in the Bay run) during the 4th km and I stopped very briefly and hit the wrong button on my watch so that km's data is was definately my slowest km and the inclined were killing me. Spewing cos before my "break" I had really improved on that bit, hopefully it wont take me long to get back on track.

By the 5th km I felt like I was running in slow motion and my breathing was not great. I have certainly struggeled more than I was though and I knew it was almost over and I could do it. I can be quite negative towards myself while running but today it was all positive, maybe cos I had such low expectations LOL. Anyway I have my watch set up so I can't actually see how long the total runnis taking, I can only see how long each km is taking and I don't really pay much attention to it anyway, most of the run felt like I was plodding in slow motion so I was thinking it would be something like 34mins, it certainly felt like I had been out there forever but I finished in 30.12.58 which really did shock me. Here are the stats.

1st km - Time=5.47.67...Pace=5.43
2nd km- Time=5.57.71...Pace=4.45 (11.45.35)
3rd km - Time=5.45.61...Pace=5.58 (17.30.96)
4th km (24.12.30)
5th km- Time=6.0.28...Pcae=6.01 (30.12.58)

I havn't bothered with speed cos I am keeping a book with all my data in it...I don't need it all for my blog. SO anyway all in all it was a good run, much better than expected and very enjoyable. I have the bug back and can't wait to get back out there. It's unfortuneate that I took the time off and I am paying for it but am looking forward to getting back on track and hopefully participating in the next Spring into Shape hopefully the 8km.

Wow what a great day, I am just gaving one of those days that i feel so damn happy. I had a great run and then come home to continue the stretches I started on the lookout admiring my fav view, while stretching I watched hubby play his new playstation game where you play a know my hubby is actually a fantastic guitarist and he was playing professionally when I met him. Now I have a little runners high, my baby just woke up so we will have a little play then head outside for a play once the lawns are mowed. Then tonight we are going to my Sister Inlaws house for my nieces 19th b'day. Tomorrow night we are going to the INXS concert and staying the night in St Kilda. The only thing I have to complain about is my weight and it's my own bloody fault and complaining isn't going to shift it.

One last thing (if you have got this far you deserve an award) thanks to everyone who posted comments while I was in motivation hell. Your support is priceless. XXX


Lee said...

Well bloody done Karina!! I was hoping you would don those running shoes of yours and hit the track again.
It was a truly beautiful day for running today and I really do hope to see you at the next SiS2 :-)

Crissyjt said...

Good on ya love!
You did it. And a damn good effort i might add.

OK, next Fri we gotta run together. Esp if those spunky fella's are going to be out. lol

Motivation is back, so now we just have to keep the ball rolling.

Have a ripper night tmw.
(don't forget the new little blue number ;-)

Peahen said...

PMSL Crissy it is packed & ready to go, I could prob run with ya Wed arvo aswell if the olds can watch Pop. I am also up for Friday morning.

kathrynoh said...

Well done.

The last time I perve on a spunky runner, I tripped over and totally embarassed myself.

Em said...

Hey well done sweetie, maybe a bit more running on your measured course without a watch might to the trick. Just enjoy the experience and regain some fitness before you start timing yourself again, just a thought!

PMSL at your comment about the topless boys, there was stacks of that tonight where I was training, trust me, I nearly tripped over myself several times :-)

Chris said...

Good work K!

I've just come through a flat spot and feel like I'm back to square one as well, but the feeling I have when I finish a run is sensational still.

Hope INXS was good and dinner at the Stokehouse is always mighty fine.

See you at SiS II!