Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Tuesday 15th August - At home workout

It's been so long since I did a good at home workout but I am certain it is what I need on my non-running days to get my strength back. I knew I was weaker but wasn't sure to what extent till this mornings workout.

I started on the Bike and did 30mins on my old fav setting. I used to be able to get to over 7km in 30mins but only made it to 6.51km today and my legs were sore at the start and like jelly and shaking by the end. I am so embarrased that I let it get to this. Anyway after that I did:

*Some squats
*Some standing Lunges
*Push-ups.....I can surprisingly still manage full body ones but only did 10
*Resistance band stuff.....Rowing, Bicep curls, upright rows, tricep thingies.
*More lunges.....Forwards & Backwards ones (Scallywag you would have peed yaself laughing as I kept almost falling over withthe backwards ones.
*Crunches on the fitball (50)
*Toe taps (100)
*Finished off with some core stuff, can't be stuffed explaining, Scally you will know what I mean if I just say the ones where your on all fours and stick out oppostie arms & legs, then the same arm & leg then just balancing on one leg.

I think that was about it. I didn't want to go too nuts cos I realise I have not been doing much lately and don't want to pull up sore as I still want to run tomorrow. I has a shower before I stretched because I knew Poppy was due to wake up and I wouldn't get one otherwise. I did some of my arm stretches in the shower actually then just as I was getting out she was stiring so my timing was excellent. Now I am really craving a bag of choc coated sultanas, Poppy and I are about to go for a walk to the shops to get something for dinner, surely if I walk I am allowed to get my choc coated sultanas........You don't understand its a girly thing. I NEED THEM!

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