Wednesday, August 30, 2006

No Running :-(

The title says it all. I missed Mondays run as Poppy was sick. She slept in my arms most of Sunday and had a nasty temperature. Monday she was a tiny but better but still quite sooky, clingy and sleepy so I took her to the docs which took most of the afternoon. So I thought I would run Tuesday instead but Nooooooooo. It wasn't meant to be. I woke up during the night with bad stomach cramps and bloating. I didn;t have anything in my tummy but was throwing up all day anyway. Now today I still have a sore tummy but I also have very sore tummy & lower back muscles from heaving over the dunny all day yesterday. I have no energy and running is the very last thing on my actually I lie cos I was just thinking what a beautiful day it is and how nice it would be to go for a run and how it may help my back feel better.....Mind you I walk from one end of the house to the other and have to sit down & rest.

My guess is that I have whatever virus Poppy had but it is affecting me differently. I have Mum's group here at 9am tomorrow morning and have housework & baby profing to do before then......why isn;t my house already baby proof you say? Well that's cos we havn't needed to. We have taught Pop from the word go what she can & can't touch and we are lucky she understands the word "no" & "Don't touch".....having said that I do not leave scissors or the carving knife on the floor for her to play with but unlike the other babies she does know not to touch the little bin I use for Compost that is next to the fridge and stuff like that. She doesn;t even get into the cupboards so we have not bothered with locks but there are at least two of her friends in mums group who are obsessed with opening cupcoards so I am going to have to come up with a way to keep them shut.

Anyway sitting here crappin on about it in my blog is not getting all this done nor is it doing my back any favours.

I hope I am over this virus really soon, the last time I had something like this it had me zapped for weeks. I have really been loving my running lately and even seen some improvements........WHY DOES THIS HAVE TO HAPPEN NOW?


Crissyjt said...

Oh K, i hope you feel better soon.
As for your kitchen cupboards, (can't remember what they look like) try using some strong elastic bands. My parents use them and they do the job. Or you can go to hardware shop and get some latch thingys that go around the knobs.
Or just get the wooden spoon out and give em an almighty whack when they get into them. lol

P.S i hope you're keeping your CLEAR fluids up.

Boston said...

Half of the people I know are sick right now... the virus seems to be affecting everyone I think. You shall recover soon and get back to feel yourself once again. Interesting blog...!

Scallywag said...

Hi Blossom!!! I haven't run either - but my excuse is a bit of laziness and a bit of not time to scratch myself all rolled into one! Hope you are feelnh better:)

Lee said...

The reason it happens Karina is because we are Mum's!! It's like some higher power wants to test us to the maximum, lol!
As for child proofing, I was the same with my first born, never had to worry about anything but number 2 is a damn shocker. Into absolutley everything. I caught him the other day shaving his leg with my electric shaver, doh. Talk about monkey see, monkey do, lmao!
Hope you are feeling well soon.