Monday, October 16, 2006

Lucky Me!!

I consider myself extremly lucky that I live in such a beautiful part of Australia. I think too many people take places like Mornington & Mt Martha for Granted. How many people get to go for a run on a trail with a view of the beach & Bay? How many people get the pleasure of stretching on the beach while watching thier Hubby & Daughter play? I am certainly one of those who enjoys the simple pleasures in life and this morning I enjoyed a fantastic short 4km run finishing in my best time yet then stretched on the beach. Had to share some pics. Will post about runs later cos I am going on an even shorter 2.2km this arvo with Crissy.

O.K, it's not much later in the arvo and I'm just popping back to post about todays runs. This is the first time I have ever run twice in one day. Infact I have only ever run two days in a row once so I prob had no business doing this today but what's done is done. I didn't think it would be all that bad cos I made this mornings run 4km and was only meant to do 2.2km this arvo but Crissy was feeling great while running and wanted to do an extra lap and I couldn;t resist so I did 4.4km this arvo making todays total 8.4km. My legs were killing during the second lap of that last 4km LOL, and I mean KILLING. They are feeling quite fatigued now.

Anyway this mornings run was a ripper, my best 4km training time yet, have a look!

1st km: Time=6.16.40.....Pace=6.02
2nd km: Time=5.40.07.....Pace=5.49 (11.56.47)
3rd km: Time=5.49.82.....Pace=5.47 (17.46.29)
4th km: Time=5.20.90.....Pace=5.21 (23.07.19)

I am pretty happy with that, can't help but wonder what sort of 5km time I would have got if I kept on going, yes Vicki I am obsessed with time & distances.....i just can't realx on it but you will be happy to know that when I ran this arvo I took nothing. No GPS and no watch. Ok I took my watch but I didn;t use it. Crissy recons it took about 27mins.

Chris, I have commented on your blog about the 28th. How exciting. I will have to drop Pop around to my parents of course so I will try to get her there as early as possible. I know my partner in crime will be pretty excited.

Well done today Crissy. An excellent run in general, but an exceptional one considering it was your first post Op. Good to have you back, now you can get my arse into gear.


Chris said...

Are you and your partner in crime about for a run on the morning of the 28/10?

I'm in Mt Eliza for a bucks weekend, but while a few of the lads surf on the Saturday morning I was keen for a jog to get rid of the previous nights excesses prior to the Saturday festivities.

Crissyjt said...

Great time for this morning's run.
As for running with Chris... does he realise that our times are usually our best efforts? so an easy run would be even slower!
ANyway. we'll see.

Lee said...

Those photo's look absolutely beautiful,Karina! I would kill to be able to run in surroundings like that.
Great splits, especially the ones under 6m. How do you get to move your legs so fast and not pass out, lol??

Stu said...

Running twice in one day........ hmmm, I think you know my opinion regarding that strange decision!!!