Saturday, December 19, 2009

A summary of Anna and Ryan 2009.......

..........In photos of course.

Anna blog

Ryan Blog 2009

A collection of some of my fav portraits from this year.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Foreground, Middleground & Background.

Man it has been a while since I posted.....I know.

So much has been happening, I have been counting cals, exercising and losing weight and finally back to my pre-Ryan size pretty much. I have not picked up the camera much, but have had some wonderful wins at Camera club.

I have so many photos to share on here, a special family members wedding, my babies growing up, my hair all chopped off and some special trophies.....however at the end of this rather busy day it all seems to be too much effort and I can't be bothered. I hope that I can update my blog properly one day.

The main thing I wanted to blog about tonight was a "special moment" today. Other photographers will appreciate this. A perfect "foreground, middleground and background". The only thing missing was the blissful sound of the shutter on my camera.

Foreground: The outer edges of our Xmas tree, silver and purple decorations and simple clear fairylights.

Middleground: Anna and Ryan playing with Anna's Disney princess cards in the theater room in front of the window, the evening light creating a stunning halo around them.

Background: Cam "rolling" the cricket pitch outside the theater room. The enthusiasm amuses me.

I was kicking back at the kitchen table when I saw this and was mesmorised, too scared to go get the camera incase I missed the moment so I decided to enjoy it without the capture.

After being exposed to some rather depressing crap on the internet lately it was a welcome uplifting moment that I really really appreciated, and on that note I might go and watch a Jane Austen movie in bed while Cam watches the cricket.

Jodi, if you read this I hope you and your lovely new husband enjoyed your honeymoon in Australias most beautiful state. I hope you are both well. I also hope you guys loved Port Arthur as much as we did. I also hope you got to see Richmond, the Richmond Jail was especially interesting.

I really have so much more to post about and so many photos to share but really where do I start? I have been so slack I am so behind. Best I leave it till after Xmas.....then after the New Year.....Then after a special family visit LOL. Perhaps I will catch up before the busy April B'day Rush.