Friday, June 30, 2006

Friday 30th June - Pelican Park 8km

I have been hanging for this run all week, I was looking forward to seeing if I could beat last weeks time BUT I had mum's group today and even though I promiced myself I wouldn't eat anything there, cos it's all naughty food, I still managed to walk out of there with a full belly AAAGGGGHHHHHH "I have to run in less than 40mins" I said. The girls found it amusing. Anyway I meet Crissy at about 3pm after dropping my girl off at Mums.

We were both not into it today, I think we both would have rathered been anywhere but out in the cold. Crissy started out really fast and I had to tell her to slow down. I am nursing a sore leg and thought it really important that I eased into the run, plus all that naughty food wasn't sitting well and I was worried about puking. As it was I got a stitch almost straight away and it took me about 1.5laps to get rid of it. After the second lap Crissy had a MRTH which called for an emergency stop for her but I kept going, we made plans that she would run the opposite way when she was finsihed and meet up with me that way. I used the time alone to get my breathing back on track without talking.

The last lap was a good one. We picked up the pace and talked a little about how well we are doing, we both struggeled to be there today but we made it and were on our last lap, even so I admitted that if someone were to dangle a bottle of JD in my face I would have stopped right there and then. It felt good to know we were gonna make it. We even managed the sprint to the car (my fav part, yes I have mentioned that before.) We were meant to do this run faster than last weeks, I decided I would be happy to just make the 8km today and didn't care if it was faster or slower but on that last lap I decided I really wanted to finish faster. Our finishing time was 53:45 mins. That is almost 3mins faster than last week. WHOO BLOODY HOO!

Great feeling, we had a nice stretch and a little chat but it was freezing so we didn't hang about too long. We were toying with the idea of a drink at the pub but I had to collect my daughter and hurry home to see the hubby before he left for work.

My legs are a little sore as is one of my shoulders. I have decided not to go to Mums group before a run EVER again. I am just waiting for the little one to go to sleep then I think I will hit the spa with a glass of red.

Thanks Mum for looking after the girl today and thanks Crissy for being there. I think we both pushed each other mentally today and we needed it.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Thursday, 29th June - Bike

You gotta love those "at home" workouts. Today's workout was my usual tension on the bike for 30mins then 5mins on the hardest tension followed by 5mins of easy peddle cool down. I had to get the baby up halfway through the workout, once she was up though I was able to crank the stereo. I love being able to exercise while watching her dance. Very entertaining. After the bike I did 2 sets of 35 crunches, 2 sets of 15 full body push-ups then some core work. I have been hating the core work lately so today I didn't do any "V" sits or planks, instead I did more gentle core exercises I learned in Boot Camp.

I did lots of leg stretching today, my right knee was a little sore on the bike so I didn't push it, I am so looking forward to tomorrows run and would be spewing if I couldn't give it my all cos of a sore knee.

Well my little girl and I are off the the supermarket now. Just as soon as I rug her up, it's bloody freezing out there.

Wed 28, June - Pelican Park 6km.

Again, my parents were absolute champions and looked after my little girl while I ran at the foreshore today, so I dropped her off at lunchtime and pretty much headed straight off. I was really looking forward to this run, I knew that it would have to be much better than my last attempt of 6km there (Last Monday I think).

I decided to wear my Ipod today and run in the opposite direction that I like to go, I don't know why. Anyway only about 4mins into the run it felt like I had been running forever and I was having head troubles already. I couldn't believe it and kept telling myself that it would all be sweet and become easier once my legs warmed up, which of course it did. I tried keeping a steady pace for the first two laps. The first lap took me 13:02 mins, the second took 13:13, then the last lap I decided to try and run it at a faster pace for 3/4 of the lap. I started the lap at the same pace I was doing but picked it up once I got to the first bend. I completed that lap in 12:12 mins. I felt like I pushed that last lap and don't think I could have done it much faster. The final time was 38:27.

My legs were heavy and hurting a little through the run, mainly the first 1.5laps. BUT I had no probs with my blisters and my shins have pulled up well. I have booked in for some nasty deep tissue massage for next tuesday though. It actually feels like I have fluid in one of my shins, I was trying to describe how it feels to Dad but it's a hard thing to describe. I am prob up for new shoes soon. I can't remember how long I have had these for.

After all that I went to Crissy's. She'd had one of those bad runs and was looking to get tanked I think. Crissy, we all have them. It has surprised me how much our heads have to do with our running. Once you let to much negative thoughts in your stuffed so brush that run off, don't think about it and use Fridays easy run as something enjoyable that will put a positive spin on running again. Im looking forward to trying to do it a little faster this time. See you then.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Nun's Walk - 5km

Hubby & I are at our wits end with a teething baby. She has a runny nose & a rattly chest and is extremly sooky and not up for sleeping. So even though this morning I woke up feeling extremly un-rested I still couldn't wait to get out for a run, infact I was hanging to get away from it all.

I could not decide what I wanted to do today, did I want to run 4mins past my turning around point or did I want to try to beat my last 5km time. I decided to make my mind up while I was out. I felt like I was going a pretty decent pace today while remaining comfortable so I decided to try to beat my last 5km time and if I still had it in me I would continue past the car afterwards to make my run a little longer.

I have never had a stopwatch to be able to see how long it takes me to get to the 2.5km mark, I think it was this point I knew I was gonna have to keep a good pace to get back faster than I got out and beat my last time. I thought I was going alot faster than I usually do and I felt comfortable doing so. I didn't feel like giving up at any point and even powered up the hill that I usually struggle with at a good pace, I even managed my usual bolt to the car time was still 32.22 whick is only a few seconds faster than my last time. SPEWING. I couldn't believe it. Very dissapointing. I kept jogging a little further to cool down the legs and get my breath back then jogged back to the car again and stretched on my fav little lookout. I took photos of the view and will post one when I figure out how to post photos.

It was great having a watch, felt good to push myself (even if it was for nothing) The new socks worked out well too.

Just have to add: Cam, you got up to our daughter last night and stayed up with her for a while. I do appreciate it, it was a huge help. Today you asked me to say something nice, well I couldn't imagine a better dad for our princess, you also have a beautiful shaped head. Now when you read this I will have a nice hot drink, hot chocolate with marshmellow hehe. XXX

Saturday, June 24, 2006

New Socks for me!

WHOO HOO, I got some new socks today from Rebel. Asics ones. They have elastic around the middle and are meant to wick away sweat so hopefully I am onto a winner. There was no way in hell I was gonna ask hubby to buy me Thorlos(s?) I later told him that the good ones are $30 a pair and his eyes bulged.

Anyway, I pulled up really well after yesterday. I only did 30mins on the bike today though. I mixed the tension up between my usual tension & the hardest one. I didn;t time how long I did each for and I didn;t care how many kms I ended up doing. My main aim was just to gets the legs going and warm them up for a big stretch session afterwards. I think I must have stretched for longer than I was actually on the bike for LOL. I will be doing some crunches later, I have been doing two sets of 40.

Oh I also got a cheap $10 stopwatch today so I can time my runs better and add time to my turning around point once a week. Hubby is keen to get me the Timex Speed/Distance watch I am after once he gets his tax check. You gotta be happy with that!

A lovely girl on the forum suggested I take a dip down the beach this morning, Thank god my legs pulled up fine and I got out of that one but it is something I will remember as my runs get longer. Can't wait till summer when I can do some water running/walking on my rest days. Crissy you will have to come along. Easy to do while watching the kids play in the water.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Pelican Park - 8km **WHOO HOO**

That's right baby......8km. And if I really want to split hairs, and I do, it was actually more like 8.5km.

I met Crissy at the foreshore at 2pm. I was planning on trying for an easy paced 6km with a little chatting. We started at a nice pace and I was chatting away quite hapily but managed to give myself a stitch as I do when I talk too much when I run, so I had to force myself to shut up and concentrate on my breathing so I could get rid of it. We did the first two laps in the opposite direction that we both usually run in. When we had just about finished the second lap I said to Crissy "should I try for 8km?" She expressed her concerns but then said that at the pace we were going it shouldn;t be a problem. I said I would tell her how I felt near the end of the third lap. At this stage my left foot was aching, have never had that before. Anyway I ended up going for the fourth lap, I felt we ran most of the run at a very even pace, the last lap seemed to go a little faster at times. I did do my usual bolt to the finish. Crissy knows what I am like and said to me "take off when your ready" I mutted something about being surprised if I had it in me but as usual I found some reserved energy to pick up the pace at the end and bolted to the car. Ooooh thats my fav part of any run.

I loved todays run. It may have taken 56.20 mins but it was a very comfortable, enjoyable and theraputic run. And it means alot to me to know that I CAN make 8km. I am definately gonna enter that Fun Run now.

BLISTERS: I used the blister block things I have and then wrapped one layer of sports tape around my foot to keep the blister block things in place, they have a habit of moving. I did feel some burning on the bottom of my left foor while running but it was tollerable. Both blisters are alot bigger now but not causing any dis-comfort. I think the pop & dry are in order though.

Thank you so much Crissy for letting me tag along today. I hope I didn't slow you down too much, I do love running with you and had a ball today. It's even mroe fun stretching with someone else...even if we do get weird looks from passers by. I hope to run with you more regualry.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Exercise Bike - 50mins

OMG, will this child EVER SLEEP. She had me up a few times last night and once I am awake I find it hard getting back to sleep. This morning when Hubby got home from work I could only grunt to greet him. However knowing full well that I had Mothers Group and I would not be able to resist Kate's home baked tasty treats I knew I had to put in a huge effort this morning.

I jumped on the bike and started peddeling at my usual tension but my legs were really hurting and tired so I knocked it down a notch, no point in making them worse. 30mins of this then I felt like doing more and I wanted to make it really hard as my legs were well & truely warmed up so I cranked the tension as high as it would go, I have never used it on this setting and didn't know what to expect and to be honest was just stuffing around. It was bloody hard but I loved it and stayed with it for 10mins. Definately gotta work that into my bike sessions for now on. Then I did a 10min easy peddle to get the legs loose again and cool down. I made sure I stretched really well after todays session, I have been having many niggles and I wanna take care of my legs. I described the pain up the top of my thigh to a mate of mine who is a very experienced runner and found out the muscle is called Hip Flexor, today I started the appropriate stretches for that muscle. However this arvo I have been feeling a fair bit of pain in the same spot again so maybe the hard peddle was not the best idea OOPS PMSL.

After the bike and stretch I did my Ab, core & pushups. Then a quick shower while my daughter chatted to herself in her cot after only having a short morning nap, then we were off to Mothers group. I went looking for some new socks after Mums group in Sports-co, the guy in there was CLUELESS and their sock selection was CRAP. Hubby has aggreed to take me shopping on the weekend as I have been told that 90% of blisters are caused by socks.

I finally have a plan of attack for this 8km Fun Run. I am to increase one run a week by time. So next week I am to run a further 5mins past the half way mark increasing my run by 10mins, the next week 6mins, the next 6 again then the next 7mins. Tomorrow I am aiming for 6km with Crissy. I hope that the blisters and leg niggles hold off for that run.

The spellchecker on here doesn't work cos it's a pop-up and we have pop-up killer so those of you who are "spelling police" will just have to build a bridge.

Oooh Oooh, we are getting a skylight put in our Kitchen & Dunny tomorrow. Just had to add that cos I am very excited.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Nuns Walk-5km **Best run in AGES**

I really couldn't be bothered running today. This morning I felt cold & tired and just wanted to go back to bed but somehow I managed to get my gear on and once in those Adidas stripes I can't help but feel motivated. Mind you I had to sit about for a while waiting for hubby to get home from his meeting but once he got home I was out of that door. Actually I was really looking for my "me time" by this stage as little "A" was refusing her morning nap again.

I decided to use the stopwatch on my phone today, I set it up....hit start, then threw it back into the car and shut & locked my door as quickly as I could all the while counting seconds it actually took me to get jogging so I knew how many to deduct off my finishing time (11 secs). I had the ipod with me but didn't have it on to start with; I just wanted to wait till I had my rhythm before I turned it on. I really wanted to concentrate on keeping a steady pace today and keep my breathing under control, this meant I had to slow myself right down and I find that really really hard. At the start I kept taking off but kept pulling myself back and tried to pretend I was running with Crissy and I had to stay at chatting pace. This seemed to work a treat and I managed to find my rhythm quite quickly today. Each time I felt I was going faster I pulled myself back and reminded myself how much more comfortable the run will be if I manage to hold a steady pace, I turned my Ipod on once I felt comfortable but had it down low so I could still hear my breathing and foot strike.

I couldn't believe how great I felt when I turned around at the 2.5km mark and even jumped to hit a branch of a tree I ran under while doing a little "Whoo Hoo" At this point I knew that if I could keep the pace the same and keep low breathing I would breeze this run without struggling at all. I didn't care how long it would take, I just wanted to enjoy it and not feel the urge to give up at all.The only time I faulted was when I was approaching a young guy walking in front of me, he was wearing a hoodie and had one hand in his pocket. I suppose we are all paranoid these days and I just wanted to get past him as fast as I could so I found myself bolting past him and I kept bolting till I felt I was far enough ahead of him to relax. Once I felt I was on my own again I made myself slow right down and gain control of my breathing again. I managed to find that rhythm really quickly again which surprised me. I was approaching the same spot I always seem to struggle at and want to quit. It is a steep incline and gets me every time but today I breezed it by slowing down and concentrating on the breathing. Once I got past there I knew I was gonna ace the rest of the run and even allowed myself to pick up the pace a little. I finished with my usual horse like "bolt" to the car and again fumbled with my keys to get to my phone. 32.36 was my finishing time. I was guessing it would be more like 35-36mins as I went so much slower but it goes to show how much faster your overall time will be if you actually manage to keep a steady pace. That would make my run at least 30secs faster than usual, maybe more as I haven't used the stopwatch before. My runs always seem to take 33mins but who knows how far past the 33mins I finish at. It could be 33.02 or 33.59 for all I know. Today’s run was the first one in ages that felt great. I ran like I used to. I can't wait till Fridays attempt at 6km with Crissy.

BLISTERS: I got some new blister bandaid thingies, they are the Elastoplast brand and they are CRAP. They move with the heat of your foot and for the last half of the run I could feel the one on my left foot getting worse. Dunno what I am gonna do about these bloody things.

NIGGLES: Even though this was my fav run in ages I have to say there were plenty of niggles. I had one down near my ankle in my right leg, one in that same spot under my hip (upper thigh) in my right leg and a shin niggle in my left leg. Oh and a pain in my right knee on the outside. Hopefully they are all due to getting used to running again.

Now I am going to do my crunches, core work & push-ups. That is if the little darling has finally gone to sleep. I have been having trouble with her day naps and it's is driving me a little bonkers. Plus after finally giving us about 6 nights of sleeping though (she has been getting us up a few times a night since birth pretty much) she decides to get me up at 11pm last night and 1am the night before. Just when I got used to sleeping properly.

Have been busy printing out some pics of her today, I am going to do a scrapbooking page dedicated to her "Worthog Face". Most of you reading have seen this but those of you who are thinking "What The?" My daughter is a classic at pulling this face, she scrunches her whole face up and bears her gums. Not the most attractive look but very entertaining. If I can figure out posting pics Ill post one.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Pelican Park - 6km **OUCH**

Yep, that's right......I did the 6km. But it certainly wasn't a great 6km. I took off from my car and was really trying my hardest to go as slow as I could. As I went around the first bend I headed into the sun, it was low and in my eyes and I realised I had forgotten to put my visor on. It was also this point I realised I forgot to grab my Ipod. The first lap (2km) was pleasant and I managed to get my rythym before the end of the lap but I do have a problem slowing myself down. The second lap I started to get hot so I took my long sleeve top on and tied it around my waist but cos of the material it's made from it wouldn't stay tied up so I had to carry it. It was really annoying. About half way though the lap I really started struggeling with my breathing and my legs felt like led for some reason. I was experiencing pain just below my right hip at the fromt of my leg and I suppose I was kinda limping. I was also starting to feel blisters re-forming on the bottom of my feet even though I had put plasters on. It was pretty obvious nearing the end of this lap it would be my last and I was really agro that I would have to come in here and say that I only managed 4km. Anyway I thought I should at least finish strong so I put in the extra effort and kinda sprinted to the car. Once at the car I threw my top in, grabbed my water and had a little walk around. My legs were sore right up the top.

I was really really peeved that I didn't make it and decided it wasn't good enough so I put my water away and headed off for the last lap. I just figured that I would take it really really slow just so I could come in here and say I completed 6km but I found myself running faster than the first two laps and by about 1/4 into it my legs were pain free. However the bottoms of my feet were burning where I was blistering and I was picturing them bleeding. I really picked up speed and for some bizarre reason actually found it easier to breath the faster I went. I knew this was my last lap and gave it pretty much everything I had. I was really puffing by the time I was approaching the car and was concentrating so hard on not dying (lol) that I ran straight past it. PMSL.

The whole 6km took about 38mins and I am certain the last lap took no longer than 10mins (I actually thought it was less but I must be wrong) which is really really freaky. The 38mins is including the little break I had before deciding to start running again.

I think I will only try 6km again on Friday. Today was a real struggle and I have some pain in my shins. If I can manage to increase my runs by 10% each week then I should be able to do over 9km by the time of the Fun Run (in theory sounds good huh!)

CHILLS: Omg, everytime I run I suffer chills for the rest of the day. I will jump in the hot shower and slowely turn the cold water off till it's just hot water and I still wont warm up. When at home I rug up in super warm clothes, ugg boots and my fleece dressing gown and will still shiver for ages. This can't be normal. I went to Mum & Dad's after my run today as they were looking after litte "A" and even with a full change of dry clothes I could not warm up. Dad recons I should mention this to the doc next time I am there, it could be a blood pressure thing.

Must also mention that I did manage to do the ab work, core work & push-ups I said I was going to do last night. I should do some tonight once little "A" is in bed if I remember.

Oh I almost forgot, once I stopped running I could really feel the nastyness in the bottom of me feet. I went to the bakery Crissy works in but was having trouble walking. Once I got mack to my parents I was dredding looking at them. I was expecting the plasters had moved and bunched up but they were still in perfect tact in the exact spot I put them in. Damned if I know what is causing these bloody blisters.

Oh and Thanks Em for your kind comment. Your a sneaky one arn't you? But that's O.K. as I said i was gonna tell you about my blog in a few weeks anyway.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Lazy Days

OMG I feel soooo lazy today. I have done No Exercise. The only reason I have come in here to post actually is to put my goal for tomorrows run "out there" so that while I am running and wanna give up I will be able to say to myself "you can't quit cos you have posted your goal and you will hate yourself if you have to go in there and say you failed".

So I have made plans to leave my daughter at my Mum & Dad's house tomorrow lunch time and I will attempt to jog 6km. which is 3 laps of the foreshore. If I make it I don't think there will be much stopping me from heading into the Bakery that Crissy works at and telling her I made it lol.

This week I am aiming for Run Monday (6km)....Tueaday - Bike, core, ab & upper body work........Wednesday - Run 5km......Thursday - Bike, core ab & uppper body work........Friday - Crissy has suggested I run with her at the foreshore and to just run for as long as I can obviously aiming to get as close to 8km as I can (AAAGGGGHHHHHHH PMSL). Oh well what's there to lose? I will make Sat or SUnday a rest day. Depends on how my legs pull up. I hope my legs allow ,me to do all I have planned actually. Especially Fridays run. I really enjoy running with Crissy and am looking forward to seeing what I can do.

No I feel crap about not doing anything today so I am gonna do two sets of 40 crunches and a few core exercises, ooooh and some pushups (im aiming for 15 first set and 10 second set.)

Just had to add that I bumped into a cousin today. I used to have a fair bit to do with her as a kid and it was great to see her and her lovely family. She actually married a mate of my brothers, it was great to see him too. We have swapped details and I am hoping we keep in contact and get the kids together on the odd occasion.

Crissy I am hoping you find my attitude a little more possitive today!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Exercise Bike-30mins

First of all I am really peeved cos I had just about finished my post when this damn Puter crashed. AAGGGGHHHHHHH

Anyway now I cannot be bothered going into as much detail, so here are the basics.

For morning tea I had some Choc B'day cake but felt bad about it and after a mini battle in my own head I decided I wanted to spend the "Me time " I had this arvo after putting my daughter down to bed for a mini workout. I did 30mins on my Recumbant exercise bike, I was aiming to be able to do 7km on my old fav setting as I was averaging 7.5km when I was using it several times a week about 2 months ago. Unfortunately I only made it to 6.84km and I was very dissapointed, I hate not reaching goals. I did manage to burn 341cal though not that it really matters cos I would have to peddel on the bastard all day to burn off the amount of cals that are prob in that cake.

I am not doing Baby Boot Camp anymore and I have noticed that my core strength is slipping and I was even wondering if I could manage a full body pushup anymore so today I decided to test the waters.

I started with a "V"sit and managed to do it for a full minute which was not bad but my second attempt was not as good and I piked at 40seconds. Then I decided to do some planks and managed 2x50seconds. Again not as bad as I was expecting but definately not as easy as they used to be and I can't do it for as long or as many as I used to be able to. Now the push-ups. Not that I ever used to be very consistant with them but I was getting better at them before I went all lazy and stopped working out all together, anyway I was not expecting to be able to do any more than two PMSL but I did manage 10 and will do another 10 after I finish this post along with another set of crunches. Now the quality is not as good as it used to be but once I get my core strength & stability back they will improve.

Then there are the crunches. I do my crunches on the fit ball and I used to do 2-3 x60 but along with everything else I not done them in such a long time and I only managed 30in one go but as mentioned just before I will do another set after this post.

I also did some upper body stuff with my resistance tube and again I was not able to do what I used to be able to do. I didn't want to push anything today, I was not aiming to prove anything to myself (except for with the bike), I just wanted to know what damage I have done and give myself a base to start with so I can build back up to what I was doing again.

I am looking forward to being strong again, especially my core strength. I know I am capable of doing this it's just getting off my butt and doing it.

Now my daughter has just come in with a rather smelly bottom so I must go and do my mummy duties and change yet another pooey nappy.

Just had to add this last thought: What is the obsession with post counts on forums? Did I miss something-I just don't get it. It just doesn't excite me, am I the odd one out? Crissy, I know you understand but surely we are not the only ones!

Friday, June 16, 2006

Nuns Walk-5km

Wow, & I thought that running required alot of's this blogging caper. I am so up for a veg out on the couch but thought I had better post in here instead before I forget how I went today LOL.

Anyway I ran at my usual spot this morning, I had to wait till Hubby got back from walking the dog then he opened his B'day presents then I left the baby with him while I headed out for my run. There seemed to be alot of people at the track today and it sort of threw me, I have a nasty habit of getting nervous running infront of people and as a result I go alot faster than I should. Today was no acception and as there were so many people about at the start of my run I just knew I was heading out too fast and I was gonna rue it. I kept telling myself to slow down and breath through my nose deep into my belly but it just wasn't happening for me. Eventually I was alone and was able to slow down and almost gain control over my breathing but was still feeling very unco-ordinated. I decided to turn off the Ipod and concentrate on controlling my breathing and have to admitt I improved once I turned it off.

Anyway I didn't actually find my rhythm till I turned around after the 2.5km mark but it didn't last long and I was struggeling at the slight incline part which didn't feel so slight today. I was starting to feel tighness in my left shin and my legs were generally really tired. My legs have never felt this tired before and I was cursing not using my bike in my training lately at this stage in the run. I really wanted to give up while getting up the hill but kept telling myself how pissed I would be with myself if I did so I kept pushing myself and telling myself to slow down my breathing. It was quite cold and the cold air was hurting my nose so I would alternate between breathing through my nose & mouth.

Finally the path flattened out and I knew I was not too far from the finishing point. I knew I would make it and found a rhythm again, then I approached the magic spot in the path that all pain seems to dissapear, breathing comes easily and I am flying weightlessly. I felt like I flew to the car, my fav part of my runs. I got to my car and fumbled to un-pin my car key from my pants while jogging on the spot. I got into my car and dived for my phone to check the time. 9:56.......It took me 33mins again. I know this is not the most conventional way to time runs but it is all I have for now. I threw my phone and may have said a swear word or two, slammed my car door then had a little cool down walk before doing my calf, hamstring & quad stretches on the lookout that overlooks the bay.

Not a great run but a tick in the box lol. I was thinking of running a 4th run this week on Sunday but I have decided against it, my shins are tender and I have blisters on the bottoms of my feet. I really have to get back on my bike as I think it is the key to my leg strength. It has been a while since I used it and my legs are feeling very weak. So maybe tomorrow will be my bike day and I will rest Sunday, or maybe the other way around.

As for the rest of the day I had mothers group and ate naughty food then we had our Niece over and we sang happy B'day to hubby followed by some naughty choc B'day cake, then we opened the 9th Island bottle of Pinot Noir that hubby got for his B'day and ordered Thai Takeaway (from fav Thai restaurant Thai Makong in Mornington). I think the only thing I feel good about eating today is my bowl of Just Right for Breaky and my two cups of Green Tea and water I drank.

Now we are either gonna play cards (and use the automatic card shuffler I got hubby for his B'day) or watch "Walk The Line". Either way I am having a wonderful night and it's not over yet hehe.

Last thing I wanna put in here is that there is a Fun Run coming up in Mornington on the 30th July, it's an 8km one but I would love to be able to do it. I really wanna say "Im gonna make this my goal" but setting goals freaks me out cos I am so scared of failing.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The time has come.

As the title states the time has come for me to finally get a blog going. Cafe PeaHen will be my little place that I can record my progress with running, family stuff and even personal thoughts that I need to get off my chest. I don't know when I will actually tell anyone about this joint. For now it's just for my own benefit and I feel a little vunerable having my crappy running progress "out there" for anyone to read but never mind Im gonna give this a go.

After just finding my "Lost Motivation" I am finally back to running. I was managing 5km easily before I lost the plot and am now finding that 5km a struggle. Infact my first run after having my "break" I didn't even make it and had to walk some of the way, but every run is "a tick in the box" and one step closer to getting back to where I was and even if that run is crap it has to be better than sitting on my bum watching Kerry Ann. There we go, thought for the day "a crap run is much better than no run at all" having said that, today's run was actaully the best I have had since taking time off. My Ipod was flat so I didn't have it with me but enjoyed the quite and used the opportunity to listen to my breathing and try to correct some of the bad habbits I have let myself get into, like shallow breathing through my mouth instead of low breathing through my nose. Anyway my breathing was much better today but I really need to get back into the low breathing exercises I was doing before. I still seemed to struggle and get stitches at the same point I have the last 3 runs but I managed to breath though it and didn't give up. There seems to be a point in the track, near the finish, that my stitches seem to dissapear and my breathing gets easy. Just goes to show how much of this running caper is a mind thing. I seem to go from struggeling and wanting to give up to sprinting and breathing easily and feeling like I am flying all the way to the car. Anyway the 5km took me 33mins (approx). It used to take me 30mins so I have alot of work to do.

I am getting muscular pain in a very strange place and again I have it today after my run. IThe best way to descripe it would be for me to put my hands on my hip bones then move my hand in towards each other slightly and bingo, that is where the pain is. It hurts to touch and after Mondays run it was hurting to sit back in the "V" sit position. I have never had this before and am hoping it is just due to me tencing up while I am getting back into running.

A few niggles in my left leg, sort down my calf and down to my foot. Nothing serious.

Well my first post seems to be a novel. I will leave it at that for today. Im off to do some crunches, hubby just got out of bed so time for a cuppa and a cuddle aswell.