Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Plenty of peddeling!

Is that even a word....Peddeling that is? Anyway still no running but I am loving my bike. I went for a small walk on Sunday then had a 40min session on the bike yesterday and again tonight. It was hot today but the beauty of the bike is I can have the fan going on me while I use it.

I am trying so hard to watch what I eat. I have been filling up on plenty of fruit and water. I sooooo wanted some chocolate pudding tonight and I just happen to have a portion in the freezer but decided to jump on the bike instead and it worked.....craving gone. I love that bike LOL.

I HATE running in the heat....I would much rather run in a cold wind and rain than the heat! As summer approaches I think the only way I am gonna get back out there is really early in the morning. Why don't I wanna run anymore? I know I love it but I just would rather lock myself in the house and use my bike than go out in public and make a fool of myself.

Crissy I think I need you to come & jog with me!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

John Mayers new Album!

Don't listen to the bad reviews, I am telling yas all that John Mayers new album is a peach. I absolutely love it and listen to it several times a day. Last night I uploaded it to my Ipod so now I have some wonderful more mellow music to jog to. While I was there I removed some old stuff I don;t listen to anymore.

No jogging this week due to the wet weather and me not feeling the best, however there have been a few mothers group events and even a girls night here at my place Friday night and I have been shoveling the naughty food in and when I went to put my fav pants on yesterday they were way too tight.......un-wearable so I have to pull my head in and get back out there. Last night I did a nice 40min session on the bike, was very enjoyable till the idod went flat. I can run without music but I can't sit on a startionary bike without music. This morning Poppy & I are going to go for a nice long walk to the park maybe then to the shop. I bloody forgot to stretch after the bike last night and my legs a a tad tight and need to be stretched out. It's meant to get hot today so I would like to go soon before it gets too hot.

So that's it, this lazy fat cow has nothing much to report. Hubby has a couple of days off during the week so maybe ill be able to get out for a jog Tuesday morning. I wonder if my running gear still fits my fat arse LOL.

WOuld still like to do the SIS #3 but I think pride will stop me from entering.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Nuns Walk - 30min jog.

Well, miss Poppy has been waking us up at 5:30am on the dot for the last few mornings AGAIN.....this morning I decided I would get up at 6:30 and head out for a jog. We had plans this morning then Hubby would be off to golf so it was my only chance and I was takign it. The weather was perfect this morning.......No wind at all. I parked at my usual spot but almost missed out on a park cos there were so many boats trailers in the car park....awesome morning for fishing.

I LOVED this mornings "Jog". I managed to stay at a consistant pace for most of it and fould it a little easier to pull myself back when I started to get faster. I decided to go for 30mins today cos I was enjoying it so much. At the pace I was going I could have gone all day LOL.

A very very enjoyable jog! Left me wanting more!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A change in strategy!

As the title suggests I have had a change in strategy. Due to personal reasons I have not been running for a few weeks so again I have copped a blow to my fitness. I have been hanging to get out for a jog but I have had alot of trouble motivating myself. I had NO excuses this morning as hubby was home from his meeting early, so I got my gear on before he got home and pumped myself up.

I decided that I am going to leave the GPS at home for a while and not concentrate on distances at all anymore. I need to just get out and have fun and not worry about timing my distances. I have also decided to not go as hard anymore. So pretty much I am not just jogging. I did wear my watch this morning and decided to head out for 12mins then turn around and come back. Ordinarily my goal would be to come back much faster than I went out but this time I wanted to try to come back in the same time. I did end up coming back faster but on the way out has a fair amount on inclines so that is understandable.

I would also usually sprint at the end of my runs but have decided to stop that for a while aswell.......it was really hard for me and I can see it's a habit that will be hard to break. Slowing down in general was tricky and I had to keep pulling myself back but this is what i want to do for a while. I figure that maybe if I keep it really easy and pressure free for a while then I wont lose my motivation as often. It's worth a try anyway.

Anyway my wonderful spunk of a hubby was nice enought to take Anna & I to the Arthurs seat challenge last SUnday. It was the first time he has been to one of these events and I don't think it overly excited him but the poor bugger gave up his ritual SUnday bacon & egg breaky to be there with me......now that is LOVE! Unfortunelatey I missed Crissy crossing the line. She proib got lost amongst all the other runners who had already finished who were lining up for their goodie bag. It was a debarcle and if I were actually running I would have been really cranky at killing myself to get up that hill only to have to line up to actually cross the finishing line. Me thinks the organisation of the event could certainly be improved. Since I started running I have wanted to have a go at this event but I am not wondering if I really do want it bad enough......I don;t like hills and this is the mother of hills.

Well that is is from me for now. YOu Ausrunners can see why I have been so quiet on the forum lately.....If I don't run, I don't post.