Monday, August 21, 2006

Monday 21st August - Nuns Walk 6km

Again gonna make this one quick as I don't have much time to sit here. First I will appologise for the stats in the last entry, I just copied & pasted them from the email I send Crissy and it came out all funky. I will try to figure out a better way to post them sometime.

Anyway here are the stats for todays run:

1st km: Time=6.00.67....Dist=1.009....Pace=5.56....Speed= 9.9 (6.00.67)
2nd km: Time=6.22.62....Dist=1.052....Pace=6.03....Speed= 9.8 (12.23.29)
3rd km:. Time=5.35.74....Dist= .946....Pace=5.54....Speed=10.1 (17.59.03)
4th km: Time=5.37.90....Dist= .967....Pace=5.49....Speed=10.3 (23.36.93)
5th km: Time=6.07.36....Dist=1.036....Pace=5.53....Speed=10.1 (29.46.29)
6th km: Time=5.28.50....Dist= .994....Pace=5.30....Speed=10.7 (35.12.79)

Hmmmm, I hit 5km in 29.46.29, my goal has been to get my 5km runs in 30mins or under. Does this count as reaching my goal or is it void cos it was in a 6km run. I can;t help but get a little excited about reaching my goal but cos I reached it while not really trying to as such it just doesn't seem right. Also why am I able to run 5km in under 30mins while running 6km but not while I am actually trying to in a 5km run?

Also may add I did the same as last wednesday and parked at fisheys beach, I much prefer running in the opposite direction for the first half of the run. The change seems to have done me good, I feel I have been running much better the last few runs.

May also add that I beat last weeks 6km time, not by too much but still I beat it which is nice. Well we are off to take poppy to the park now, toodles.

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