Friday, June 29, 2007

It's a.......................


Ryan Cameron arrived on June 23rd at 4:05pm weighing 7lb 12oz. He was just over 2 weeks early. After getting off to a shakey start we are finally home and setteling in.

My waters broke on the Thursday night and after stop start contractions Friday and Friday night we agreed to have the drip put in on Saturday morning. Ryan arrived 7 hours later but only after getting his shoulder stuck and a difficult delivery. The labour and birth was much much better than my last, I used Gas to take the edge off the contrations in the last few hours, I was much more in control and it was all much more active. I had skin to skin contact with my price as soon as he was born and cut the cord myself.

Unfortuneately my milk was slow coming in once again and Ryan lost way too much weight and turned Jaundiced and became dehydrated resulting in him needing to be put on formula and what little milk I was able to express while he was placed in a humidicrib with the lights on. He was finally well enough to come home yesterday and we are breastfeeding, suplimenting with formula and EBM and pumping. It is all very exhausting but hopefully worth it, I am hoping to achieve what I couldn't for my little girl.

The birth took it's toll on my pelvis and I am in more pain now than I was by the end of my pregnancy but have been given the go ahead to start walking as soon as the pain eases. My stomach muscle separation came back together quite well and the midwife was super impressed. I thank a stronger core and wearing belly tubing 24/7 from about 20 weeks.

My wonderful hubby was amazing during my labour and took turns with the midwife in massaging my lower back every contraction as I leaned over a fit ball, my back was bruised from thier massaging the next day LOL. He constantly told me how proud he was of me and how well I was doing and kept giving me that extra push everytime I started tiring. For someone who hates gore he coped extremly well and I am super proud of him.

We are now a very happy complete family of four, I think that will be it for us. My body just hates pregnancy and my babies keep ending up in bad positions for birthing, Anna being posterior and this one having his hand above his head and his shoulder getting stuck. We are extremly blessed with two beautiful babies and I personally think that going again may tempt fate. I do get a high from birthing though and this time I am left with the most fond memories from what I will forever consider the most amazing experience of my life.

will be back with pics.

Monday, June 11, 2007

36 Weeks

First off here are two of my most recent LO's. The first one is using a template made by Rhonna Farrer found at The second is using a kit made by Amy Teets called Sun Porch and I got it at
So, 36 weeks this pregnancy EVER going to end? I have to say I am pretty grumpy these days. I am sore and extremly uncomfortable. I can not exagerate how uncomfortable I am. I am just not one of those women who enjoy being pregnant in the last trimester. How anyone can enjoy being this big is beyond me. I am dying to go for a walk or a ride on my stationary bike, the three of us went to the local market on Sunday and I was actually having a comfortable day and I could have walked around there all day. It just felt so good to be out and mobile. I didn;t even mind the braxton hicks that I copped every 5 steps I took LOL.
The baby's head engaged last week which has contributed to the uncomfortable and extremly heavy feeling. I am experiencing all the lovely pre-labour symptems and just have my fingers crossed this baby comes the same time it's sister did and doesn't make me wait till I am 40 weeks or over. At this stage with Poppy she was born in 2 weeks and 2 days.
Not much else happening here. Been crocheting like crazy and finally got the baby blanket finished but wont post a pic till baby is born (it is gender specific). I am obsessed with making beanies and I think I should have one for every possible head size this baby could come out with.
Poppy is doing great, she wears me out though but is very helpful when I need things picked up. She is becomming very good with her colours and can count to 11. She is also very good at comforting me when I am having a "moment" and says to me when I am crying "you ok Mum mum?" followed by "it's alright" as she pats me on the back or gives me a cuddle. I hate not being able to run around with her or rough around on the floor with her. First thing I am gonna do when this belly is gone is roll around on the floor with her and play chasey with her....then I will sit with her at her table and play playdough with her......I don't fit at her table any more.
I am sure hubby is just as over this pregnany as I am. I am sure he is sick of my moods and me not being able to do much around the house due to my pelvis. He is still a champ though and a decent cuddle with him can make everything seem soooooo much better. We just wanna meet our baby now, not long to go but it sure is going SLOOOOOOOOOOW!!!
Anyway that is it for now. Baby has hicups and it is very irritating. Time for a drink of water me thinks.