Monday, August 07, 2006

Monday 7th August - Nuns Walk 5km

I loved todays run. I have been hanging for an enjoyable run for ages. I was just saying to Crissy on Saturday that I am gonna stick to the 5km runs for a week or two, I have been struggeling with running and I miss being able to run 5km without niggles or struggle. I also really want to get my 5kms under 30mins and have not been working towards it.

So this morning I was excited to get out for my first run with my new watch. I was aiming for 5km in 32mins, the way I have been running lately I thought I would be lucky to make it but had to set myself something to work for.

AT the start of the run I felt shocking, thought I had no pain I think I was anticipating it. I felt really awkward and as if I was running on the spot LOL. I get the same feeling at the start of most runs.

The pain never came, all I could think about was the pain in my legs on Saturday and I was dredding it happening again today, but it never did. My legs felt great for the WHOLE run. I couldn't have been happier and I am sure I was grinning like a dork thorugh most of my run.

I decided to hit the lap button on my watch every km, I wanted to see what it did. Of course I would not know till I got home to play with it. I really liked having it on the distance setting, I did have a look at my pace a few times but decided it was best to keep it on distance and just occasionaly glance at it so I would know when to hit the lap button and to know when to turn around.

Turns out the 2.5km mark is a tad bit closer than I have measured out in my car. Not surprising I suppose seeing how the road is straight and the track has some bends in it, still it felt weird turning a little before I usually do, felt like I was cheating.

Before I knew it I was on my last km, I felt like I was picking up pace without even trying to, and of course as usual I know I picked it up near the end but I didn't sprint like I usually do. It was more controlled I think.

Anyway here is all the data from my watch.

1st Km: Time=6.18.56 Pace= 6.14 Speed=9.4
2nd km: Time=6.07.19 Pace=6.09 Speed=9.6
3rd km: Time=6.13.86 Pace=6.09 Speed=9.6
4th km: Time=6.15.95 Pace=6.18 Speed=9.4
5th km: Time=5.42.75 Pace=5.42 Speed=10.4

The 4th km is the one with all the inclines in it. It's the one that if I am struggeling I will feel like giving up in. I was not surprised to see it almost my slowest km. The pace & speed are averages of course. I am pretty happy with that last km.

My husband is tormenting my child so I have to go, I have had to listen to her cracking the shits the whole time I have been typing. Think it's time to open a can of Whoop Arse.

Oh should add that yesterday I went for a nice long walk with the watch to try to work it out. Maybe that is why my legs were so good today, cos I stretched out any niggles yesterday.

OMG: I almost forgot to add that my finishing time was 30.38.31....Gotta be happy with that when I thought I was being cocky setting out to finish in under 32mins. Oooh I like this font!


Crissyjt said...

How exciting! Look at that pace. Under 6min k's. See!
Go you good thing!

Scallywag said...

go Karina go! Love your work - I am proud. Under 6min k's - what a champ you are!aaccmpp