Monday, August 07, 2006

Forum Sigs/Showing off.

I finally taught myself how to make signatures for the parenting forums I use this week. I am really happy with my efforts. I must have the most beautiful baby in the world LOL. Looking back at her newborn photos makes me clucky. She makes me laugh most of the day, she has started to turn around in circles and then falls over, she dances infrom of the telly when ABC kids is on or dances infront of the stereo when I have the radio on. Actually I often turn to check on her in the car and she is bopping on her car seat while the radio is on. She is 16months in a few days, I am loving this age.


Em said...

What a sweetie. I love the big open mouthed smile little kids do, so genuine and happy.

My gorgeous god kids visited my on Sunday and Aden (3 and a bit) had the seat belt off and was climbing over his sister to get to me barely seconds after his mum stopped the car. I love him and his sister to bits.

But no, not clucky myself, the best bit is giving them back when they get narky :-) I'd make an apalling mother, no patience at ALL.

Scallywag said...

Lovely Karina!

I'm with you on the clucky thing!

Hey yeah - I'll run on Friday with you:)