Sunday, August 06, 2006

Saturday 5th August - Nuns walk 45 mins

I have not run since the Bay run last weekend. My legs were trashed for a few days then I got a nasty case of the "Can't be bothereds" I finally pushed myself out the door yesterday.

I has a visit from my Boot Camp Instructor Kylie on Friday. I havn't seen her for a while and it was great to catch up. She was keen to run with Crissy & I yesterday but something came up and she couldn't make it. Kylie if you read this I have to say that you didn't miss out on much. Crissy & I both stuffed up and it was an ordinary run.

First of all I have been so excited all week about finally getting my watch and getting out and having a go of it, I finally get off my arse for a run and the bloody thing isn;t working the way I think it should. The watch just kept beeping at me. Crissy & I must have spent at least 30mins trying to figure it out, I just wanted to take it off and stomp on it. I had a zero tollerance level yesterday and wasn't in the mood. Anyway we ended up leaving the arm band part that picks up the satelites in the car and took off without it. So I was wearing a $150 stop watch. I even said to Crissy "Great, I am wearing a $150 $17 Stopwatch was good enough for this". Anyway I am sure that my frustration and tension was not doing me any good and I was trying to relax my shoulders but my whole body felt very very tense.

Not long into the run my calfes, ankes & left foot were hurting. My left foot pulled up sore after the Bay Run, under the arch and it was aching as I ran yesterday., It was also sore on top of the foot where you bend it. Crissy was also experiencing pain in her left leg (I think) we are thinking Hip Flexor.

About 22mins into the run I told her that I may have to stop half way to stretch, we were planning on doing 30mins out then turning back. I have only ever done that once before, stopped halfway through a run to stretch. I don't like to do it but will if I have to and I knew I was gonna have to. Crissy said she was thinking the same thing for her sore leg and then as we approched a lookout we decided it was as good a time as any. Stretching my calfs I could really feel it, they were sore & tight. I did some Quad stretches aswell as they were a little tight. Crissy was trying to stretch hers out aswell. Not the easiest place to stretch, I was worries about her injury as I had it a little while ago and it was a shocker, hard to stretch. She has the City to Surf coming up so she is gonna have to sort this thing out ASAP.

ANyway after discussion we decided to turn around there and then after our stretches and head back. So instead of 30mins we only did about 23.30. Initially my legs felt a hell of a lot better, but then I got a stitch (not breathing properly) and as I shortened my stride to breath though it my legs started hurting again. At this point I was wondering why I was bothering at all. Who was I kidding, I am not built for running, I have never been the sporty type, I should have stayed home infront of the telly where lazy people belong. **sob sob*. LOL. I yelled back to Crissy "You know what? I am not in the Fing mood to work through this stitch" I just wanted to stop but kept going for some reason. I decided to pick up the pace a little and lengthen my stride, the change in breathing pattern must have been what I needed to get rid of the stubborn stitch cos it went quickly after that. I was really enjoying the slight increase in pace and my legs felt much better. Doesn't it suck when you find your Rythem and start to really enjoy a run when your not far from finishing! So that's it, the rest of the run was nice for me. I was worried about Crissy's Hip thingy while we were running up hill but she said it was the same. She mentioned something about taking off at the end and I told her that I am not going to today and my foot was hurting and I didn't want to risk stuffing it, I wanted to be able to run Monday. I then told her it wouldn't be a good idea for her either with her hip thingy and she agreed, she prob thought I was an idiot for even thinking it.

Anyway as usual I took off at the end, I did hold back a little but couldn't help but take off. It just happens. We fisnished off with some nice stretching in the park then took off to collect our offspring. So it was a crap run but at the same time it ended nicely. Once Hubby came home he looked at my watch for me and said I had the zone alert switched on and that's why it was beeping at me. I pretended to understand what he was talking about.

I think for the next few weeks I will just stick to 5km runs (at least the next 3 runs), I need to get my routine back.

Oh forgot to add my finishing time. I got 45:50 on my watch but I forgot to stop it when we were stretching so our times were different. We are guessing it was about 7km. If my Bloody watch worked I would have knoen exactly how far....AAAAGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH


Stu said...

You are such a techo geek aren't you??? OMG read the book woman!


Peahen said...

I read the book many times smartarse.

Never said I was good with technology, infact I did tell Chris I was gonna have probs with this thing. You will be happy to know I went for a nice walk with it today and have it figured out. It's a peach. Will post about it later.....if I can be bothered. **ROLLING EYES**

Crissyjt said...

PMSL. We sound like old whinging women!
The one thing i am thinking, is hey... at least we got a cardio work-out. Lol