Friday, June 30, 2006

Friday 30th June - Pelican Park 8km

I have been hanging for this run all week, I was looking forward to seeing if I could beat last weeks time BUT I had mum's group today and even though I promiced myself I wouldn't eat anything there, cos it's all naughty food, I still managed to walk out of there with a full belly AAAGGGGHHHHHH "I have to run in less than 40mins" I said. The girls found it amusing. Anyway I meet Crissy at about 3pm after dropping my girl off at Mums.

We were both not into it today, I think we both would have rathered been anywhere but out in the cold. Crissy started out really fast and I had to tell her to slow down. I am nursing a sore leg and thought it really important that I eased into the run, plus all that naughty food wasn't sitting well and I was worried about puking. As it was I got a stitch almost straight away and it took me about 1.5laps to get rid of it. After the second lap Crissy had a MRTH which called for an emergency stop for her but I kept going, we made plans that she would run the opposite way when she was finsihed and meet up with me that way. I used the time alone to get my breathing back on track without talking.

The last lap was a good one. We picked up the pace and talked a little about how well we are doing, we both struggeled to be there today but we made it and were on our last lap, even so I admitted that if someone were to dangle a bottle of JD in my face I would have stopped right there and then. It felt good to know we were gonna make it. We even managed the sprint to the car (my fav part, yes I have mentioned that before.) We were meant to do this run faster than last weeks, I decided I would be happy to just make the 8km today and didn't care if it was faster or slower but on that last lap I decided I really wanted to finish faster. Our finishing time was 53:45 mins. That is almost 3mins faster than last week. WHOO BLOODY HOO!

Great feeling, we had a nice stretch and a little chat but it was freezing so we didn't hang about too long. We were toying with the idea of a drink at the pub but I had to collect my daughter and hurry home to see the hubby before he left for work.

My legs are a little sore as is one of my shoulders. I have decided not to go to Mums group before a run EVER again. I am just waiting for the little one to go to sleep then I think I will hit the spa with a glass of red.

Thanks Mum for looking after the girl today and thanks Crissy for being there. I think we both pushed each other mentally today and we needed it.


Crissyjt said...

omg, the turtle thingy... my laughing sounded like an alcoholics!
Lucky we made an appt for this run as we both nearly didn't do. BUT.. we did do it. So yay to us!!

Stu said...

(Says: Karina)
I have decided not to go to Mums group before a run EVER again.

Yer right!!!

Well done on the improvement, keeping working at it slowly, don't think it all has to happen each time! There will be good & bad days!