Friday, June 23, 2006

Pelican Park - 8km **WHOO HOO**

That's right baby......8km. And if I really want to split hairs, and I do, it was actually more like 8.5km.

I met Crissy at the foreshore at 2pm. I was planning on trying for an easy paced 6km with a little chatting. We started at a nice pace and I was chatting away quite hapily but managed to give myself a stitch as I do when I talk too much when I run, so I had to force myself to shut up and concentrate on my breathing so I could get rid of it. We did the first two laps in the opposite direction that we both usually run in. When we had just about finished the second lap I said to Crissy "should I try for 8km?" She expressed her concerns but then said that at the pace we were going it shouldn;t be a problem. I said I would tell her how I felt near the end of the third lap. At this stage my left foot was aching, have never had that before. Anyway I ended up going for the fourth lap, I felt we ran most of the run at a very even pace, the last lap seemed to go a little faster at times. I did do my usual bolt to the finish. Crissy knows what I am like and said to me "take off when your ready" I mutted something about being surprised if I had it in me but as usual I found some reserved energy to pick up the pace at the end and bolted to the car. Ooooh thats my fav part of any run.

I loved todays run. It may have taken 56.20 mins but it was a very comfortable, enjoyable and theraputic run. And it means alot to me to know that I CAN make 8km. I am definately gonna enter that Fun Run now.

BLISTERS: I used the blister block things I have and then wrapped one layer of sports tape around my foot to keep the blister block things in place, they have a habit of moving. I did feel some burning on the bottom of my left foor while running but it was tollerable. Both blisters are alot bigger now but not causing any dis-comfort. I think the pop & dry are in order though.

Thank you so much Crissy for letting me tag along today. I hope I didn't slow you down too much, I do love running with you and had a ball today. It's even mroe fun stretching with someone else...even if we do get weird looks from passers by. I hope to run with you more regualry.


Crissyjt said...

Am glad to be of assistance.
But hey.... when women get together, how can it not be enjoyable. Getting to bitch about everyone... only joking!
Am looking forward to our next one.
Oh and i need to get entry form of you.

Stu said...

Well done on making the 8k run, you must be very proud of yourself!